Suspect In Drive-By Robbery Of Amish Teen Captured

Following yesterday’s report of a drive-by robbery of an Amish teen in Jackson County, Ohio, a suspect is behind bars. Good work by law enforcement and an unnamed local citizen:

Authorities have successfully captured the suspect believed to be involved in the armed robbery of an Amish teen in Jackson County. The arrest came following intensive efforts by law enforcement, culminating in the apprehension of the suspect in Pike County late Friday night.

A crucial tip from a vigilant citizen led Jackson County Sheriff Tedd E. Frazier’s deputies to the Beaver area in Pike County, where they swiftly mobilized in collaboration with the Pike County Sheriff’s Office.

Through coordinated efforts, the suspect, identified as 30-year-old Jason Daniel Holloway of Beaver, was taken into custody. Furthermore, investigators located the suspect’s truck during the course of their inquiry in West Portsmouth.

The alleged incident unfolded on Thursday, April 11, when Holloway reportedly accosted a 16-year-old Amish teen on Cove Road, brandishing a firearm as the teen traveled with his horse and cart. Demanding the victim’s wallet, Holloway subsequently fled the scene.

As expected, the guy was quickly caught.

Jason Daniel Holloway, 30, of Beaver, Ohio

Holloway faces a single county of robbery, with further possible charges pending. If he actually did it, as authorities believe, he potentially ruined his life for what was probably pocket change.

There are still people out there who believe the Amish are easy marks. Maybe it’s the craving for drugs, or desperation, or just bad character that leads them down the dark path to making dumb decisions like these. I don’t know.

For any would-be robbers of the Amish out there, this is the public service announcement you need to read.

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    1. john

      amish robbery

      He is not a rocket scientist. He is like a lot of people today that post things on the internet or call 911 for nothing that they pay for the rest of their lives. For the few dollars he stole it will cost him the rest of his life.

    2. Kensi Blonde


      He has an Amish beard though? Weird.

      1. Ann the Least


        More of a neck beard which is popular.


        Correction-not an Amish beard

        The beard is never trimmed and goes up to the sideburns. It is not permitted to be ever cut.

    3. K.D.

      Update: Amish Teen Robbed

      Yay!!! He was caught quickly & hopefully he has learned a
      valuable lesson. Too bad this will follow him the rest of his
      life, but that’s what happens when you break the law. Score
      one for the good guys who mobilized quickly to find and
      apprehend him. Thanks for the update Erik.

    4. J.O.B.

      Sadly, many people who commit crimes like this don’t care. They might say they are sorry. But on the inside they are only sorry they got caught. What he did was sad and pathetic.

    5. john

      a question

      I have a question about the beard length for the Amish as it was mentioned they never cut the beard but I have seen many Amish who appear they have cut or trimmed their beard. If they let it go would not all their beards be below their waist line?

      1. Erik Wesner

        Yes it’s a misconception that (all) Amish don’t trim their beards. Many do especially in the more progressive communities. But I think that like head hair, facial hair has an “expiration date” – eventually the hair falls out after it maxes out its length. And I believe the max facial hair length is shorter, not to mention that facial hair is usually curly or wavy which means it doesn’t hang as low as straight hair.