Sugarcreek, Ohio: Feelin’ Beechy


Sugarcreek is the first tourist oasis you hit as you head west from Interstate 77 towards Holmes County.  It’s known as the ‘Little Switzerland’ of Ohio and hosts a big Swiss festival at the end of September.  It’s also where the Budget newspaper, a popular Amish/Mennonite publication, gets published.

A lot of local Amish work at the brickyard which straddles the main road through the village.  Buggies pass through all the time as Amish go about their business in town.  But on the whole it seems a lot more sleepy compared to Berlin in the heart of the settlement.  Not a bad place to get a shoo-fly pie, though.

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    1. I chose your blog for a Thinking Blogger Award. The announcement post is on my blog post for Sept 7th. There is no obligation to pass it on as I can see you are very busy.

    2. Does Beechy Drive have anything to do with Beachy Amish?

    3. Thank you G. I am honored that you chose my blog.

      John, probably not this specific drive but Beachy/Beechy/Beachey is a common last name among the Amish and was the last name of the bishop associated with the original group.

    4. Kaile

      Do you know of any opportunities for young English women to like spend a week in an Amish settlement? I’m really interested in the Amish way of life and think I can get a few pointers from them. I don’t agree with alot of the “traditions” of man myself. I also need a cross cultural experience to graduate from my college. Thanks!

    5. Finding an Amish host family

      That’s great that you would like that experience, Kaile. I would think the best way would be to set it up informally by asking around in a settlement if you’re near one.

      Another way might be to place an ad in a paper such as the Budget out of Sugarcreek, Ohio advertising your interest; the national edition of the paper is widely read by Amish and Mennonites across America and that might be a way to find a family that would be interested. I hope you are able to do it and let me know how it goes if you do.

    6. Your site has been nominated for the Thinking Blogger Award. My blog entry from September 7th has the announcement. I know you’re busy, so there’s no pressure to forward it.