Success Made Simple is the first practical business guide based on Amish ideas.

9,000 Amish businesses thrive throughout North America.  This book examines why, and what lessons they can offer modern business owners.

It reads a bit like this blog does, chock full of anecdotes, stories, and 16 sidebars covering everything from the ‘Amish miracle heater’ to why you’ll find 47 David Yoders in one community.

I appear throughout as a supporting character, but the 60 Amish contributors, from home builders to accountants to furniture craftsmen and a buggy maker, are the focus.

Amish share ideas on management, marketing, efficiency, and keeping focus on big picture ideas such as family and community.  Donald Kraybill has kindly written a nice foreword.

And, there’s a lot of Amish dialogue.  Humorous, insightful, straight-shooting.

The half-dozen Amish friends and acquaintances who have read it already have given reviews ranging from ‘rock solid’ to ‘rave’ (if I can be so un-humble as to describe them in such un-Amish terms).

Ditto non-Amish who’ve previewed it-and what’s been surprising, and pleasing-that includes both business owners and non-business types.

And, I received only minor Amish scolding for a handful of early-draft errors, so I think I’ve managed to keep myself out of trouble here!

Ohio Amish solar lighting shop

Amish-owned Solar and lighting shop, Holmes County, Ohio

I’ll be posting more later, but if you’d like to guarantee a copy (and get me some brownie points with my publisher[!]), check out the pre-ordering option on Amazon (you’re also guaranteed the lowest price, should it drop between now and release on March 22, 2010).

I’ve also just noticed Amazon has slashed the price 34%-over 8 bucks off the cover price-so if you’re planning to, now may be a good time to pick it up cheap.

Regardless whether you are a business owner, interested in entrepreneurship, or not so much, I think you’ll really enjoy this book. It was a lot of work, and a bit of an adventure, to research and write it over the past three years.

And let me just say, I more than appreciate your support.  This blog is a labor of love-and a lot of fun-but without you to read it and interact with, it wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable.


Amish-made cheese

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