So you want to join the Amish

One thing that sets the Amish apart from many Mennonite groups, and for that matter most other religious bodies:  they don’t recruit.

Amish typically neither condemn nor encourage attempts to join.  They may seem a bit discouraging towards the idea.  If the subject comes up, usually you hear something like ‘if you don’t grow up Amish, it’s really hard to do it.’

Occasionally, you run into an Amish person with a name that just doesn’t ‘sound’ Amish.  That’s often a clue.

It frequently happens that non-Amish who join stick it out for a little while but leave when the novelty wears off.

I’ve only met a very few that have joined, and that’s out of literally (literally literally) thousands of families met while selling books in their communities.

I regret not having a chance to get down to the nitty-gritty about it with the joiners (What’s it like?  No, what’s it really like?  What do you miss most?).

One was a teacher.  Another works in a factory.  A third, fairly fresh convert raises and sells mums.  He supposedly fell for an Amish lass while on a visit to the community.

Asking another ‘native’ Amishman in his community about the newbie, I was told, almost wink-wink jokingly, that he seems to be doing alright (so far), as if the underlying idea was ‘is he gonna make it?’

But this guy, and the other people around him were supportive as far as I could tell.  In fact, the outsiders who have joined and ‘survived’ seem to garner a bit of extra respect.

Apparently, one way it works for interested parties is that you first come to live and get put to work for a certain length of time, just to see if you can hack it on that end.

Then there are the teachings and language to pick up.  Amish adolescents readying themselves for baptism normally attend prep courses led by church ministers.

One New Order Amish couple I met had adopted five non-Amish children.  They found a Pennsylvania Dutch tutor to teach the kids the native tongue.  I suppose that would come in handy for non-Dutch adult converts as well.

Some converts are from similar-minded faiths such as this Mennonite -background fellow, which may make it easier, but others come from different branches of Christianity.

The teacher-convert was apparently originally Catholic, as was well-known Amish historian David Luthy, whom I often mention in this blog.

616444_car_keys Apparently this teacher-convert said he found living without a car to be the most difficult.  That’s not surprising.  For me, I think car and electric would be the hardest.  Clothing, hairstyle, hard physical work I’m pretty sure I could swing.

But that might be looking at it the wrong way.  One Amishman has suggested that seekers approaching the Amish solely through the lifestyle angle–the buggies-and-beards rustic appeal of it–are missing the point.

The whole idea is not to live in a strange cultural world for it’s own sake.   By itself, that gets you nowhere.  Rather it’s all about living what the Amish feel is most important:  the words and teachings of Jesus Christ.

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    1. alyssa

      To Jerome again, or anyone really who has connectons with the New Order Community; I want to be a pastor and live a life that helps others come to Christ. The Amish life would be ideal for ME.Not for the countless thousands out there who need our help in knowing Christ. Did you know that the tribes that live isolated–when they don’t hear about God that they will die and go to Hell?? So I am not saying that the Amish life would be bad;all I say is that how selfish can we get when we only live for ourselves and not for Jesus?Remember, He came to serve so that we might live.

    2. I. Walker

      Anyone considering joining such a group should consider that being legalistic misses the whole point of Christianity. Christians are supposed to live as free men and women, and the traditions of men, taught as religion, are in fact an abomination, as stated by Paul. The man-made rules are really the Amish and Mennonites’ biggest downfall. They reduce religion to sheer pettiness. Christianity is really a state of mind. No outward sign of faith or display of faith is valid in Christianity. The Bible teaches that followers of Jesus will not be known by how they look but by how they live their lives. They will even “socialize” with sinners in order to be a good example to them, and to help them, not separate themselves to the point that they are “hiding their light under a bushel”. In fact Jesus’ own words state that he came to save sinners, not the righteous, implying that if you are living in a righteous manner you are doing what you were meant to do, thereby “pleasing God”. Another big danger is in literalizing the Bible. There are far too many contradictions and vagueness for this to be possible, and cross-reference applications could not be made (e.g., bringing Lazarus back to life could be analogous to the power of the Christian faith to bring back someone to “life” no matter how “dead in sin” he or she was. Finally, religion nearly always treats women as being inferior to men. They are the ones who give birth to us all. Any religious point of view that deems women as inferior should be avoided. As philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson stated, “All orthodoxy is error”.

    3. Tanyasue

      I’d like to have a pen pal with a person my age; I’m a 17 year old girl living in California. I went to visit an Amish community I think in Indiana a few years ago, and I still can’t help but think about how there is someone who is my age, who lives in the same country as me, and is living a drastically different life from me. I’d appreciate being emailed back, for I don’t know if having a pen pal is even possible. If you know of any girl who is my age in the Amish community that would like to have a pen pal, please email me back.

    4. v. ogden

      miranda wont feel like a shining star once the reality of her dream comes true. she will be up before the sun, working all day in the home, and going to bed late. after serving dinner to the family and praying she’ll get a few hours rest. she wont really be considered much of a child in most amish community’s but, pretty much a woman since she’ll be sixteen very soon. she wont be free like she thinks. life will be dedicated to serving family and god, its not really about individually shining or feeling special, quite the contrary you must accept modesty and be mus’nt think yourself special in any way, you’ll ignore most of your own needs and care for god and those around you. comfort , rest and convenience are words you wont use often unless describing the past. if those are your only needs, to work hard, love god and care for family then amish life is for you. oh and in case you didnt know there are no tampons or sanitary pads in amish country 🙂

    5. v. ogden

      oh by the way im not trying to dissuade or be negative, its just that i had an opportunity some years ago to watch a documentary of folks who thought beyond a shadow of a doubt that they wanted nothing more than to be amish. they were granted the opportunity and lets just say there was more to it than books could describe. one young woman was just crying with her head in her hands because she had gotten less than four hours sleep before having to be up to do “her” chores. another couldnt stand the way the old wooden house she lived in did nothing but creak at night, and yet another who claimed she loved cooking cited her reason for breaking down was that she didnt realise that women spent the entire day preparing meals entirely from scratch…she hadnt left the kitchen besides to eat, and after painstakenly preparing each meal for hours it was gone in moments- lol, she was overwhelmed! just some points to think about.

    6. Eugene

      I’ve been looking into joining the Amish lately and I’m looking for a female who wants to do the same. It’d be nice to talk, I’m 26 y.o., my email is

    7. Hello…
      i am from europe..never been to america, i am 31 years in military and i really have enough of this life..i always admire Amish and i really want to spend some time with them to see if i fit in..i have that feeling..and maybe find myself a nice husband…do you have a tip where to start? Have a nice day

    8. Heather Rhodes

      I grew up in Northern California, moved to Minn.
      for a while then to norther Az. I’m so inspired
      bywhat the Amish represent. I’m 43, female and a single parent with 2 highschoolers at home. But
      once their there out of the house I’ve always
      said that I’m going experience life with the Amish (either temp. or perm.)I’m always reading
      about them and if anyone has any great ideas
      I’d love to hear them!! P.S. If someone else
      hasn’t mention it The Connection is a pretty
      good Amish newletter two. Good Luck! Heather

    9. jessie

      i am 16 years old.. alot of amish work for my dad so i am around then quite a bit..i am in love with an amish guy that is twenty.. we have been dating for a year..we wanna come out and finaly tell people we are together but we are gonna wait till im 18..i wanna convert to amish so we can marry when im of age.. i realize i would have to wait to convert but how would i go about it? …

    10. jessie

      i am 16 years old and i really wanna be amish …. alot of amish work for my dad so im around them alot.. i first wanted to become amish when i was 14.. im catholic and pretty happy with my faith but its jus not enough.. the comitment the amish have to the bible church and family blows my mom always tell me to study to show thy self approved. i interpret that differently then her as is study the word to show thy self approved.. i want that dedication the amish have to the church land and family.. i not only want to become amish for the dedication but because im in love with an amish guy.. weve been dating for a year now and wish we could come out and tell everybody we are together but we cant.. we are waiting till i turn 18. then i am planning to convert and marry him.. is this possable? How would i go about doing this?

    11. Abagail Woelk

      Ow! I,am so pleased, happy and inspired with you all! You are amazing. I have since I was forteen envied the amish and mennonite. There was just something about them that i wish I had, but never did. The way they dressed and presented themselves, and the lifestyle they lived. I have been raised my whole life as a Seventh Day Adventist. I am asuredly convinced through deep study hat Saturady is Gods true sabbath and it was not changed, and that unclean meats or not permittable. Some people believe that he changed these. But it also says in the bible that Gods word never chages. He is the Alph and the Omega. the Biginning and the end. It alos says at the end of the chapter in revelation that God says that no one should add or take words from this book {God’s Law}. Us as Adventists believe in Ellen White who was Gods last day prophet. She councils on modest dress, and the simple liveing. I really similar to me of the Amish life style and the way they lived. I started to wanting to dress like them, and I have been inspired through God that this is the right thing to do. I really and have alwaysed loved these people. I know I have been trully convicted in my heart that I need to reach these people. They have so mush right, they have everything right. The only thig that I am concerned about is their sabbath and I think.. their eating of unclean meats. I,am not saying that God is going to judge them parshly or they should be condemed for it. Although I do think god is calling me to go to a big community and live the lifestyle, and witness to them. I do realise that this might be difficult, but through God anything is possibe. I strongly believe in this! I this takes me to live right ousdie the community and witness, then thats what i,am going to do, and I do wish to marry a man of the same passion from them, or who is one. I,am willing to give up everything and follow God even if it means living this lifestyle,to which I know with faith I will lokk forward and be happy with. I srongly advice you guys to do waht you convicted in you heart to do. Just always remember to pray strongly to God with an open heart, search you hear, and the scripture for truth, andreally eat healthfully and maybe fast for a couple of days so that you will be open mided to how God is speaking to you,and so you will know the direction he is guiding you to go! i wish you all the best of luck!!! And please pray for me!
      I will pray for you all!
      Please email me!
      I would really like tou share and talk with someone with the same goal and conviction! Please!

    12. Can foreigners become Amish? I’m from India but settled in Chicago. Of course I’m a strong Christian. Nice article by the way!

    13. Rita

      I have lived among the Amish all of my life. some of my best friends growing up were Amish (in school). I do not understand why a lot of you think that you need to give up cell phones. Tons of Amish here in Holmes County have cell phones. I am sure like us they try hard to live according to the Bible BUT they DO have the same problems as the English. You really need to live among them before you decide to become one. You can be just as religious without living as pilgrims. I will admit that I would rather live beside Amish than anyone else. Religion is not about just about a way of life (clothes, no TV, no cell phones, no cars). I am English and I have not had a TV in over 12 years because I feel it has nothing good to offer and my time is worth to much to sit in front of a TV and waste it. I have hung my laundry on a line out back all my life and I have big gardens. If you want a simple life then Holmes County is a great place to get it BUT you do not have to become Amish to live right.

    14. Ginger Ahlbin

      I have tossed around the idea of joining the Amish faith for about 10 years now. At first it was a desire to escape the world, and I suppose it is the same now, but a different kind of escape. As I see it, the world at large is doomed, there is no knowledge of the TRUE spirit of God and therefore there can be no obedience to it. As I have gotten older it just becomes more apparent that humanity will not change. I know in my heart of hearts that if any ‘religion’ on this planet has that knowledge and obedience right, it is the Amish – work hard, help your neighbor, trust in God with all your being. What once was just a curiosity has turned into a feeling of immense urgency. But how could a single mother who cannot ‘breed’ further be of any use to the Amish? I am not afraid of hard work or getting dirty (I love it in fact) and my son has a genuine spirit of giving (at 5 he picks through his toys with the intention of donating them). I have traveled from Washington State to Colorado, to California, Idaho, Tennessee, Miami, and now Texas trying desperately to find my niche. God truly does set his own people apart. If anyone can help guide me to a near settlement so that I may put in a week/month/year/lifetime of service, I have provided my email at the end of this posting. I will truly miss my electronic doohickeys but I can’t imagine a life more fitting for my son and I. I’m currently in San Antonio, Texas. I have a car, not a great one, but God seems to smile on my travels so I have no doubts that I will make it. My email is if you know of any Englishman friendly settlements that could use another sister in faith. Thanks.

    15. Joseph

      I think the Amish people are great! I admire them for rejecting the decadence and material things of modern society. They truly live life to the fullist. I wish I had what it takes to live in their community.

    16. Anke Smit

      Hi, Im from SA and wanyt to know how I can join the amish?

    17. Jeff

      i want to marry a amish women over 30 & live her life style..Im 45/single/ & I live in Ky.
      I have a great job w/ the State & I looking for a single christian amish women to marry,w/ or with out kids..


    18. steve

      Really. I wanna join an amish community. An its really not for god. It is because I wanna be one with the land I wanna support me to support me to support who I can to live life. I am so sick of normal society i tell my friends every day. i wish an emp is to dropped. -.-. just wish i could find and honost place to BE!. -.-.

    19. steve

      Denki? Danka? du bist ist der apful?

    20. inmyopinion

      From the time I was young I was very fascinated by the simplicity and peacefulness of the Amish. I have read a number of the Beverly Lewis books. However, now as an adult I see things a little differently. I still believe that the Amish are “good” people who for the most part want to please God and I admire their ability to live without the conveniences that a lot of us live with. However, it seems that a lot of people who are looking at them from the outside are missing the point of the New Testament. Jesus Christ came and died on the cross to save us from having to make sacrifices in order to gain acceptance into heaven. Nothing we can do, no amount of living a life of sacrifice, doing without, or following certain rules, will save our souls or help us to reach heaven. Jesus already paid the price for those who accept him. The Amish, while wonderful people and very “spiritual”, have missed that point. They believe that following their rules are necessary in order to get to heaven. According to Jesus you can only have one master. Either he is Lord and tells the truth, or he is a liar. I choose to believe him, and to still admire the Amish and anyone else who is able to live a simple life without the luxuries of our day. But even those who live with luxuries, as long as they put Christ first and live for him, will be right there next to him in heaven.

      1. Daryl

        No Steve, you have missed the point. The Amish do not follow rules because they believe that following the rules will save them. They follow the rules because God wrote them in the New Testament and they believe that obdeience to God’s Word and not the ways of the world will save them. As Jesus said, ‘if you love Me, you will obey my commands’.
        Those who claim the name of Christ Jesus and do not follow the commands of the NT, are the enemies of God and doomed to everlasting damnation, for they have forsaken the narrow path of salvation to satisfy their lusts of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life.
        Yes Steve, if you believe that you can live as the secular world does, enjoying a secular lifestyle and the fruits thereof and still be saved, you are under the greatest deception ever.
        Come out from among them and be ye separate. What do you not understand about this verse. see James 4:4 also.

        1. Daryl


          @inmyopinion not Steve, sorry Steve.

    21. Ann

      I still feel uncomfortable writing on this. My grandmother, Mary, who is English, invited me to her house for a visit, and sat me down in this chair in front of the comter. I am a mere twelve year old, and this is my first time out of the Amish community. She told me I should comment on this article. I must say I’m impressed with comters. But I’d rather live with my family on our farm. I wish luck to all those interested in joining the amish community.

    22. Ann

      i am 11 and i have always wanted to be amish but i never thought i would get the chance until my mom said WE ARE GOING TO BE AMISH!!! We are moving to an amish community in pensylvania. its the old order. i am sooo excited! mom is half german so shes teaching me the language, and i just gave away all my t shirts and jeans. mom made me a blue dress to match my eyes. were moving in one month!!!!!

    23. Kevin

      I have a question. I want to join a amish community but I do not know how to contact them can some one help me at.

    24. Daniel

      I have always admired the amish ways of life and I have the highest respect for their life style. I know that I wouldn’t make it as a true Amish and besides I could never get my wife to switch with me, but I was wondering if you know of anyone that would allow me to stay with them for a few weeks and live the life of the Amish. What direction would you recomend me to go to gain trust with an amish family that would allow me to stay with them for a while. I would like to do it durring planting season or harvest time so that I could really learn how to do what I consider the hardest work.

    25. Jim

      To those that want to join the amish. I was raised amish-mennonite and I to thought it would be good to go join the amish but as I stopped to think more about it it seems clicky and thats not what it is about for me its about going back to the simple way of life no hustle and bustle city life just good hard work that makes you feel good at the end of the day. What I am saying is find a place that will allow you to make a living so you can support yourself or your family and just give up your now way of life like the amish if you can hack it that way you should migrate to there area to make it a bit easier. By the way after leaving there way for 15+ yrs I wish I could have the old way back it was alot nicer family is what it is about unlike the english where money run a family I hate that it ruins alot of people. Yes I will be doing just what I am suggesting in the near future and getting back to Gods way the way we all should go but unfortunatly many wont. God bless you all make him first and it will all work out for good.

    26. Ive only ever met one amish family, it was a old man and he was traveling on a bus with his wife and I assume daughter who was about my age at the time(I was 17 she appeared to be 15ish) It was in indiana and at first he sat with his wife and had his daughter sit with me(there were no other empty seats) But he decided he didnt like that idea and made his wife sit next to me instead. I just looked at her and smiled. Then the guy decided he didnt like that seating arrangement either and finally he sat next to me instead. It was an awkward thing but I just minded my own biz and read my book. He talked with me a bit, it was just simple small talk but the impression I got was that I was like a heathen to him who was only interested in corrupting his daughter or wife with my heathen ways. I kinda felt bad for them since one of them were forced to sit next to a heathen. Of course Im not that way, just didnt like being treated as if I was.

      I suppose this is how they would treat you if you were trying to join their community. Acting nice but at the same time locking their women up to keep them away from your tainted souls.

    27. Evelyn

      Miranda, did you get adopted?

    28. Aleksandr

      Is it possible to become Amish if you are an Atheist as long as you accept the morals and ideologies?

    29. Lolita

      I was just reading this and I do want to go to an Amish community, but I am worried about expenses and everything. I can come up with the money to move there, it is just when I get there WHERE exactly would I live. I have tried to look online to find out what all I would have to do to get a home there but the details on moving into an Amish community are very vague. Please respond and tell me what I should do.

    30. Sandro

      @Craig: no one has to judge over another, only god can do this, because he looks into our hearts, so don’t think bad about the old amish man, maybe he had some bad experiences with the so called “english”?
      personally i like to read about the amish life, but i think i wouldn’t convert to the amish, simply because of my allday life with the things i use, it would be hard to abandon my computer or the telephone or other electric things in life.. but generally i love the country life, which i’m living here outside the next bigger city..
      @Erik Wesner: thank you very much for this informative and wonderful page about the amish, i really enjoy reading it, may god bless you all here and greetings (viele gruesse ) from germany – sandro

    31. Garai

      Erik if you could send my any info about the lifestyle of tha AMISH LET ME KMOW IF YOU’LL EVER BE IN ARKANASAS


    32. Robert

      I live here in Alberta,Canada I’ve been very interested in the way the Amish live on the farm.I was raised on a farm going back years and I remember some of the things we lived with out,such as power-gas-indoor pluming-running water except when it was my turn to get it from the well pulling it up with a pail,its a hard life but it can be done.
      I would like to meet an Amish family in Canada some day, if any one knows how I could do that I would like to here from you. I know that there suppose to be Amish groups in southern Ontario or Montana U.S.A
      I feel that people have alot to gain by knowing more about there way of living.
      Hope to here from some.
      Thank You

      1. Riz And Meike

        Want to join or volunteer in a Amish community

        I’m looking for an Amish community. If this ad is coming from an Amish (or similar) community, I’ll appreciate if you can get me in touch with them. My German friends (and may be me as well) want to spend some time volunteering in their community and hopefully learning finer and important things in life


    33. irene

      amish lifestyle is very interesting

    34. just an observation...

      Alot of people are curious about joining the Amish. For 99% of people it wont happen. Most people have an idealistic view of the Amish. Once all the “differentness” of the lifestyle wears off, alot of people have trouble staying. Imperfections and also serious flaws in the community arise and people either quit altogether or perpetually “community/church hop”. This can be seriously damaging to any children involved. I have personally witnessed children who become seriously lost and confused about their identity as theyre parents drag them from lifestyle to lifestyle. Is Jesus really in their hearts of these parents?? Or are they seeking a quaint “picture perfect” life? These seekers as they are known, are therefore regarded with some suspicion. In the Old Order community of my husband’s parents there is alot of that. If you are interested in living a lifestyle becoming to the Lord, there are many other less conservative plain churches out there. One example is

    35. just an observation...

      Also no its not possible to be Atheist and Amish. The reason behind the way they live is a literal interpretation of the Bible, along with traditions. Do not attempt to think you can join the Amish unless you really truly believe in 1st Corinthians 11 and Romans 12:2 Also you cannot just “join” the Amish. You must relocate and ask permission to attend church with one of your Amish neighbors. Or submit a letter to the “Budget” requesting a penpal. Get to know everybody and everything SLOWLY. Attend church for 2 yrs before asking for membership and baptism.

    36. Deborah W

      I have been interested in the Amish culture for several years now. I find in what I have read life in an Amish household to be very close knit and rewarding. The Lord Jesus Christ to be the center of all things along with the values of the family unit. What a difference the world be if we all put our faith first.

    37. sherry

      To Jerome Bollman
      hi my name is sherry, I don’t want to became amish but i would like to be friends with them I live in Tennessee and I come to Holmes County a few times a year to visit is there a way i could meet this amish family or even write to them. I have a very nice amish lady that we write to each other but she is in IN I really would like to get to know some in ohio also like i say there is always room for friends. thank you sherry

    38. Bill Rushby

      The two small horse-and-buggy Brethren groups may offer a possible church home for some of you who would like to join the Amish. These Brethren fellowships have experience with converts. “Old Order German Baptist Church” (Covington OH) and the “Old Brethren German Baptist Church” (Camden IN and Trenton MO). Both are English-speaking groups, and they are thriving.

    39. Boris

      Greetings 🙂

      Neither a christian nor an American here.
      Yet I’ve always found the writtings of christ inspirational and it truly seems that you are in harmony with yourselves and the world around you, though I understand there is also alot of hard work behind that.

      Good luck in your future endeavours as an independent self-sufficient community!

    40. Mario

      If you want to “live” Amish, then give up all your modern conviences first—can you really do that? And probably a wee bit more important is you should have some kind of faith in God maybe???

    41. Georgia Peach

      To: Just an observer
      I have to agree with you. It sounds like alot of these people think that this is some romantic type place to be and myself after reading tons of amish books thought that myself but it’s not at all true there is nothing romantic about it. Getting up really early to prepare food and then cooking and cleaning all day I just don’t know. To the women and girls out there you must realize that your husband will be the head of the house and you will do as you are told no matter how you feel about it, if you disagree he may decide not to talk to you at all for a long period of time I am talking months. I can understand why men would want to join they have all the say about everything. But to convert and marry Amish will open your heart to a whole new kind of hurt.

      My understanding is that they live this way in order to be closer to the Lord and follow his commandments and I think this is wonderful and the world needs more of this. However, the main reason you should want to take such a huge step would be to get closer with the Lord and follow him. It should have nothing to do with any romantic thing you read in a book. After all, you can live the same as the Amish without joining them. Look into the Foxfire books and it is very informative on the things you must do. People should really try adjusting to leaving without things before they get caught up in the notion that they can become Amish. If you are reading this, it is a bad sign!! because you would never be allowed to have a computer or use one. When you go shopping visit the fabric store instead and try making your own clothes. If you like to draw attention to yourself you are sure to get lots of looks in your own community when you start dressing Amish. And don’t think the looks stop when you have joined a community because they do not. A simple trip to town will turn into a side show for all the tourist.
      Now if you adjust to all the changes in your own home and life and want to take it a step further I say go for it. But read up on the facts not Beverly Lewis or Wanda Brunstetter which are both wonderful authors of Amish books but paint a romantic look on the lives of people they write about.

      I guess to sum it up. The main reason to become Amish would be to able to worship with people who share the same beliefs you have. To join for any other reason you are sure to fail, if you truly believe that is the way the Almighty wish for you to go then he will see you through it all. Just keep seeking him for guidance. Good Luck to you All

    42. Melissa C.

      Let me start by saying that I don’t believe at all that living Amish would be easy. In fact I think that it would be a lot harder then living in the cities. I have known about the existence of the Amish for a long time but have only recently become interested in the thought of joining an Amish community.

      I’m a Christian woman and I love God with all my heart, I want to live exactly as God has told people to live and I believe I am doing just that. Each day I feel myself getting closer and closer to God and as a result I have become more and more disgusted with the world around me. There so much sin in the world and it’s become a norm and is encouraged in main stream media. I have stopped watching most TV shows and stopped listening to a lot of popular music. I mostly watch educational programs and listen to Christian music and smooth jazz without words.

      Now, I also realize that Amish people sin too. There is no perfect place in this world, and I’m not trying to find it here on earth. That place is with God, the place that all devout Christians are trying to get to. With all that said, the biggest reason that I don’t think that I could join the church is because I’m African American. I have a strong feeling that the Amish would make it hard for me to join, not intentionally, but it’s just human nature to see my extreme differences from the group and question my motives. Plus I’m young (29) and unmarried, I also doubt that anyone in their community would want to marry me because of my race. But I could be wrong, if so could someone correct me.

    43. Gisa

      Hello Melissa, don’t the members of the Beachy Amish really look colorful?

    44. magdalena

      What a long and itneresting discussion popped up here! You don’t have to be Anabaptist or Quaker to live Plain. We do it and we are Anglicans. We have lived without power or indoor plumbing, burning wood and growing our ow food at times. We don’t right now; we probably will again as circumstances allow. Plain is a growing movement in the world, inspired by the dedication of the Amish and Old Order groups.We are people who want to live simply and in harmony with God and His creation. Yes, we practice headship (the husband heads the household) and although that can be a big step for modern people, it isn’t bad. Even couples who are not under headship come into a lot of conflict – maybe more! And as for whether African-Americans would be welcome in an Amish chuch: Well, most Plain people are pretty nonjudgmental about appearance. If you were looking for community and support as you might have found in a conservative Southern Baptist church, you would find it in an Amish community. I know there are black and native people who have joined the church, so you wouldn’t be the first. The biggest barrier for most people would be joining with a group that spoke Deutsch – the old German dialect still used in some communities. It is not easy to join the Amish, they don’t want it to be easy, as some writers here have commented. It is a huge commitment. And that’s what it should be to join any church group. If you have interest in being Plain, check my blog for more information.

    45. lupe higareda

      i want to move in with amish people and become all amish….please help,..let me join y0u

    46. Deb

      I respect the Amish,for the way they stick together when someone needs a home, they way they grow everything they eat, and the plain clothes, but one thing, I don’t agree with shunning, anyone. that is not a christian way, Jesus said if you do not forgive others ,he will not forgive you. so how can that be christian at all….Would you shun your child ,husband friend ,for ever by the whim of a elder? I could not…

    47. Deb

      Oh, and what would you do if You died and went before Jesus and he shunned you.. think about it….we can live plain, do with out the luxuries of life, and be like the amish, without converting to them…. just be yourself…. if you want to live like that do it.. but trust in our Abba Father, he makes plans for your life,God bless…

    48. mike

      hi my name is michael and i want to live according to the bible and do the will of god. i beleive joining the amish can help . i think the life style would be tough but i can do it . i have tatoos ive did some stuff like partying and stuff. will they except me with tatoo and stuff?

    49. eli

      Hi, I want to live amongst these people, is it realistic that a family would adopt me, i want to work on a farm and thereby make my living, no money, just a place to stay, the sweetest most bustling home, is this realistic, how do i go about doing that, i live in ny and can drive to pennsylvania, would that be better………

    50. Fran Maynard

      Hi, I was wondering if someone can help me find an amish community in Upper Michigan? I have read a lot on this subject and I have wanted to join an amish community for years. I am 19, and have my hair dyed. The dye will eventually wear off though, is that ok?
      Anyway, if someone could help me with this, it would be much appreciated.