Slice Of Amish Life: New Year’s Ice Hockey

In this slice of Amish life, young men play ice hockey on New Year’s Day.

This is Barren County, Kentucky, which has several Amish communities.

The photos were taken in 2018.

We don’t have the full view, but I’m curious what they are using for goals. Are they some sort of hockey nets or something simpler?

The photos were taken by Don Sniegowski (via Flickr). Happy New Year.

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    1. John D

      Ira wagler

      I just heard the news that Ira Wagler has had a serious health issue and there is a go fund me page set up for him.

    2. Roxanne B

      Ira Wagler GoFundMe

      Not sure if this is permitted on Amish America, but here’s the GoFundMe link for Ira Wagler:

        1. Bert


          ill be at his cousins in wisconsin for the summer i mean iras cousins

    3. C.J.

      Ira Wagler

      Surprised at this news, but wondering WHY nothing has been mentioned
      I went to his Go Fund Me page to learn this just now.
      Does anyone know HOW he is doing after all of this time?
      Amazing that nothing has been mentioned over the past, almost 6 months, about a guy that I had believed to be quite well known! I am kind’a surprised that this happened back in July, then he was moved home from the hospital in September, but I haven’t heard anything until now?
      UPDATES, anyone?

      1. I wondered similarly as I hadn’t been much in touch with Ira since we did something on his book last May/June, which sounds like it was shortly before the incident happened. I went on his Facebook page and there are photos of him celebrating the holidays and he seems to be doing okay going by the posts. I don’t go on Facebook a lot and no visits to PA so I probably missed any updates in this odd year. Reading the GoFundMe it sounds like the condition is serious but good to see the signs of Ira appearing to be doing well on FB.

    4. James

      Parke County

      There are Amish hockey players in Parke County, Indiana, also.