Rules of a Godly Life is a concise devotional read by Amish.  Last week we looked at what it has to say on speaking evil.  I thought I’d share another today.  This is rule #11, from Section 3 (“Works”):

Rules Godly Life DevotionalPractice modesty in the wearing of clothes, and have nothing to do with pomp and luxury in raiment. It is great vanity to spend as much on one suit as would ordinarily be required to clothe two or three persons. When you become old and think back to the time when you sought to adorn yourself, you will feel only regret that you once loved such vain display. Read much in God’s Word and you will find many warnings against pride. No other sin was punished more severely. Pride changed angels to devils. A once powerful king, Nebuchadnezzar, was transformed into a brute beast [to eat grass like an ox]. And Jezebel (a dominant queen) was eaten of dogs as the result of her pride. II Kings 9:30-37.

I cared a lot more about how I dressed when I was younger.  I guess that’s not uncommon.  I hated clothes shopping, but was actually pretty picky about what I put on.  Amish people, for obvious reasons, have less of a problem with that.

These days I’m not at all concerned with wearing the nicest or most fashionable clothes. I do think it’s important to maintain a good appearance.  Frankly, though, today’s styles sometimes shock me.

The question of appearance extends to tattoos.  Going by how much I see of them, tattoos are at epidemic levels.  It’s gone well beyond a small hidden design that used to be the extent of it.  Forearms, calves, even necks are drenched in blotches of ink.  And not just males’.

Will people regret their tattoos 10 or 20 years on, or will they be “normalized” enough that they won’t carry a stigma?  I do not know, but I’d hate to have to wear an ugly mark on my body as a permanent reminder of youthful folly.

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