It’s always interesting to see international media coverage of the Amish. Attention can come from places you wouldn’t expect.

On that note, Taste of Pinecraft author Sherry Gore appeared on a recent episode of the Ukrainian travel program Орёл и Решка (Orel i Reshka).

This is a Russian-language program viewed by millions throughout Russian-speaking countries.

The gist of the program is that the two celebrity hosts flip a coin at the beginning of each episode (this is where the program name, Орёл и Решка – literally Eagle or Tail, the equivalent of heads or tails, comes from).

The winner of the flip travels lavishly with all expenses paid on the gold credit card. The loser gets $100 to survive on.

I spoke with one of the producers when they were setting up this Florida-themed episode and happily they were able to arrange the Pinecraft visit on a tight deadline.

In this case, Kolya was the loser so he had to make do on a strict budget, while his show partner Alina ate at top restaurants and stayed in the finest hotels.

Kolya ends up traveling to Pinecraft and bumps into Sherry outside Yoder’s restaurant.

The bit with Pinecraft and Sherry starts at about the 20:20 mark (with English subtitles):

Amish-made cheese

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