A month ago came the sad news of the deaths of an Amish mother and father in a Virginia car-buggy accident, leaving behind eight children without parents, and hospitalized with their own injuries. Since that accident, the organizer of one of the fundraisers for the children has given several updates. First, on October 22, Elmer Zook wrote:

Thanks to everyone that has donated, the support is absolutely incredible, it’s hard to put into words the gratitude we feel as a family of the support we have received. As a quick update, we are nearing our goal of 160k which was our goal to payoff the mortgage. I will however keep increasing the goal on this account and the funds donated to this account will go into savings funds for the children. On Thursday 10/21/21 all children were out of the hospital and able to attend their parents funeral.

There are photos accompanying the update, including of buggies at the funeral and the parents’ graves.

On November 1, Zook shared the following on the progress of one of the children:

A quick update, what a difference 2 weeks can make. The first 2 pictures are of Marion the 3 yr old that was life flighted to the hospital and on Saturday as I was helping the kids do the chores she insisted on helping to milk the cow. Members of their church all came over to split firewood for their winter heat. The support and generosity of everyone has been absolutely incredible and it’s hard to express our gratitude. To everyone Thank You!

Finally, just yesterday he shared the happy news of reaching a milestone for the children:

Wow… people’s generosity is absolutely amazing! We are so thankful for everyone’s support and contribution to the Esh family. As of an hour ago we reached our goal of 200k! I expect to let the fundraiser up for a short while longer and if you want to make additional contributions to the Esh family you can contact me and I’ll give you an address to send funds.

Good for them. Not much other news here on the other children and where they will end up, but I assume they will be adopted by someone from the Virginia community or back in the Lancaster home settlement. Prayers for these children in recovering from this immense loss and that they will end up in a good home.

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