Submerged in the final days of manuscript prep, head swimming through shops and fields and barns, a little article on bovines caught my eye.

‘Farms downsize with miniature cows’ in the LA Times discusses the benefits and banes of smaller breeds such as the mini-Hereford or mini-Jersey.

Apparently the diminished versions get more bang for the buck when you look at the meat-to-feed ratio.  Suckers sure are cute, too.  Though cuteness might not necessarily be a plus when it comes to raising animals on Amish farms.  And low-slung udders make for sore knees and cricks in the back, it seems.

Miniature horses abound in Amish America.  Don’t recall ever seeing a minicow, though.  Sounds like it might fit with the Amish small farm aesthetic, size-wise, anyway.  Have sent the article onward to Anonymous Amish Person (AAP)  for possible commentary.

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