Minicow revolution?

Submerged in the final days of manuscript prep, head swimming through shops and fields and barns, a little article on bovines caught my eye.

‘Farms downsize with miniature cows’ in the LA Times discusses the benefits and banes of smaller breeds such as the mini-Hereford or mini-Jersey.

Apparently the diminished versions get more bang for the buck when you look at the meat-to-feed ratio.  Suckers sure are cute, too.  Though cuteness might not necessarily be a plus when it comes to raising animals on Amish farms.  And low-slung udders make for sore knees and cricks in the back, it seems.

Miniature horses abound in Amish America.  Don’t recall ever seeing a minicow, though.  Sounds like it might fit with the Amish small farm aesthetic, size-wise, anyway.  Have sent the article onward to Anonymous Amish Person (AAP)  for possible commentary.

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    1. Helen Parnell-Berry

      I’ve just finished Plain Diversity (as recommended by your good self). It’s really opened my eyes to the different sub groups under the Amish umbrella. Thanks for putting me on to that, Erik. I’m now eagerly awaiting your book and will be putting in an advance order with Amazon as soon as you give me the nod.
      Hope all is well with you. Which side of the big water are you on at the moment?

    2. You know, “mini” everything is really taking off. I just saw a commercial over the weekend for Jack in the Box and their mini burgers or whatever they are, and they used mini cows in the commercial. I meant to Google it to see if they were a real thing and then I got your post! Too funny. Yep, they’re real.

    3. Erik Wesner

      Hi Helen, I just finished my manuscript last night…thanks for the kind wishes, I am in PL at present, will be back in USA next month or early Aug.

      Beth I think you are right, the smart car is stateside now, it seems mini is big.