Look Inside This Southern Ohio Amish Home (30 Photos)

I happened to visit this smallish Ohio community a couple of weeks ago. So it was neat to happen across a home for sale in this settlement just a few days later. The settlement at Oak Hill in Jackson County has grown to four church districts in size in the 20 years since its founding. I met several friendly Amish people there, including one from Holmes County and another who originated in Ashland County, if I recall correctly.

The community is not the plainest either, which you can see by these photos of the home’s interior. Overstuffed furniture, inspirational writing on the wall, and other aspects of the decor suggest a more progressive Amish abode. Here’s the description (listing no longer online):

SPECTACULAR! best describes this spacious quality Amish built home, from top to bottom, inside and out. This home offers 7 bedrooms and 2 full baths. not to mention a full basement & open attic area. The large country kitchen hosts custom hickory cabinets and farmhouse sink. Main floor has beautiful wainscoting & solid hickory doors. Flooring throughout the home is beautiful vinyl planks. Outside you will find blacktop driveway, fenced pasture, fruit trees, 30×40 barn with 4 stalls, 2 – 12×21 lean to & upper open area. 14×40 bldg, 12×12 bldg +. This is a true Amish home heating with wood stove, house has been wired for electric but would need finished. WORKING SAWMILL BUSINESS NEXT TO HOME IS ALSO AVAILABLE WITH TURNKEY BUSINESS & EQUIPMENT.

Let’s have a look inside.

Note the furniture and overall look of this living room including the rugs.

The kitchen.

You can see one of the wall texts in the vein of religious or inspirational sayings in this room. Those have been showing up in more progressive Amish homes in recent years.

Looks like some coffee fans here. I haven’t seen too many all-black refrigerators like that. It most likely runs on liquid propane or natural gas.

More evidence of coffee fandom – note the text over the sink. Also looks like a smoke alarm by the light hook in the ceiling.


A glimpse at the attic.

Down in the basement we find a canning stove.

Table tennis and second basement kitchen area.

They look to be nicely stocked up, though I’m not seeing any canned bacon.

Wash zone.

Back outside.

Nice place. So it’s seven bedrooms, two bathrooms, 3,672 square feet on 8.63 acres. What are they asking?

This home is up for sale now for $450,000. The agent is Mark Cenci of ERA Martin & Associates.

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    1. plain isn't so plain here

      This seems to be in a surprisingly liberal community, as you say.

      How often do we see tropical plants, such as the rubber tree in front of a window?

      1. Well I don’t know about that plant – I don’t know much about plants, but it didn’t jump out to me as particularly fancy or exotic, more a regular houseplant. Some of the wall decor strikes me as fancier.

      2. Yoder in Ohio

        In our home, quite regularly, ha ha! My wife keeps a collection of “exotic” plants on a stand in front of one window and there are a few low-light plants in other areas.

    2. Terry from Wisconsin

      Nice house

      For most of my life I’ve only known conservative Amish. Our visiting inside was most often sitting on chairs or benches at the table. Never any upholstered furniture to be found. A rocking chair or two would be a comfort. Everything was “plain” not fancy.

      Seeing this house with it’s contents makes me think at first, it wasn’t Amish. There are no heat shields on the ceiling for a lamp to hang. The Ashland cookstove in the kitchen is the same we have in our kitchen. The cookstove in the basement is a Kitchen Queen. The two washers side by side was a new one for me. With all the bedrooms they must have a large family. Seeing different colored curtains on the windows got my attention! Our Amish friends had either blue or black curtains. The living room furniture was a shock too! I’d say it’d be a great family/house to visit in!

      Erik, You know how I am about the lack trim inside, and some of the upstairs bedrooms are missing it. Having that nice of a home without trim, just ain’t right! Just sayin…

      Well Erik, It’s now 2022 and I don’t know how much longer the bed and breakfast offer will stand! On 2/8 I’ll be running the backroads in the Kingston/Dalton settlements. đŸ™‚

      Grace and blessings,


    3. Jeremiah

      I can’t say without asking friends but I think Oak Hill started from the Dan churches Holmes County, and some probably came from Ashland (as you noted) which fellowships Ashland. I didn’t notice a buggy in any of the pictures but if they lack a storm front then the conclusion is almost certainly correct. I was there once and they struck me as progressive Dan people.