Linda Stoltzfoos Update: Uncle Mervin Says “Thank You” (Video); Search Continues; August 8 Prayer Ride

Linda Stoltzfoos‘ uncle Mervin Fisher is responsible for the search Facebook page and has been the public face of the family, despite not knowing Linda personally. Though of an Amish background, Merv is not a member of an Amish church. This means he can deal with the media in ways that many of his Amish relatives would not.

Merv appeared in a video interview with WGAL. In it he discusses the response of the community and expresses the gratitude of the family. “The awareness has been amazing and the support from the community and outside has just been unbelievable,” Merv says. “First and foremost is to say ‘thank you’, on behalf of Linda, on behalf of the family.”

In the video we also get visuals of people searching for Linda.

Searches, which last week had been described as “postponed until further notice”, were happening again as of several days ago.

Mervin is also helping to organize a “prayer ride” for the Stoltzfoos family. The event will be “to show support for the Amish community, and appreciation for first responders and investigators.” The ride will take place August 8th in Ephrata, with an 11 AM event start and 1 PM ride start.

Linda Stoltzfoos disappeared nearly six weeks ago, on June 21st, on her walk home after church. Justo Smoker was arrested several weeks later for her kidnapping. Linda remains missing. Authorities have asked for information and home surveillance footage from residents of five Lancaster County townships.

Linda Stoltzfoos

Smoker’s vehicle, a 2007 Kia Rio

Contact details if you have information: PA State Police – 717-299-7650 or online at the FBI tips page.

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    1. Mike Hoh

      Support for Linda and community

      A strong sense of community and faith builds stock in our fortitude against evil. We can strive for common decency and watch over our vulnerable and neighbors

    2. Jamilee


      I suggest a www prayer for her return chain prayer line