Leola produce auction; joining the Amish

Leola produce auction joining the Amish

Leola in Lancaster County is host to a daily produce auction, and these days it’s full of shades of orange.

Orange–and yellow, brown, and red, in the form of pumpkins, gourds, indian corn, and the like.

Local Amish and Mennonite farmers bring their produce to buyers in the early AM.

And they get it there different ways, including the tried-and-tested dual-horsepower wagon.


Blog reader Marcia is doing some research on an interesting topic–joining the Amish–and she’s got an unusual question for Amish America readers.  Click the link and check out the very last comment (second comments page) if you’re curious.

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    1. Marcia

      I am nearing my first experience with an Amish Auction. My husband and I hope to attend this afternoon to buy a load of small pumpkins for the Bellbrook/Sugarcreek Education Foundation (one of many committees I am a member of through my work). Our annual fundraising event is October 19 and pumpkin painting is one of the most popular activities. My in-laws run a produce stand in town – farm only a few acres and attend the Amish auction near Rocky Fork Lake (about 1 1/2 hours from here) regularly. I am looking forward to attending!

    2. Helen Parnell-Berry

      Erik, I’m having a senior moment. I can’t find the link that you mention. The one where Marcia has an interesting question for your readers.
      By the way, your blog has been fantastic these past few weeks (as it always is) while you’ve been home among the Plain People. Bryel, by the way, is willing to send you a copy of her thesis on travellers. Just give a few weeks to get settled in her new place and she’ll be in touch.

    3. Hi Helen,
      Great to hear from you again. I probably didn’t explain it as well as could have–it is the ‘joining the Amish’ link in the preceding sentence of that last paragraph.

      And I’d love to see the thesis whenever she has the chance; you can direct her to my email link if you like.

      Best to you and thanks for your kind comments!

    4. Marcia

      Helen – I can’t find my comment either when I click the “Joining the Link” – I do not see how to get to the second page. Feel free to email me at marciatreadway@woh.rr.com and I’ll share my question.

    5. There is a little arrow to click on at the bottom which takes you to page two of the comments-probably should have explained that as it is pretty small and actually not so obvious!

    6. spring flower auctions

      i would like to know the dates and times for flower and produce auctions being held at your Produce
      association in Leola, PA

      1. barbara garrod

        spring flower and produce auctions

        last year I attended the Cumberland Valley Produce Association Auction to buy flats of flowers and plants.
        I would like to know if there are any comparable auctions in the Lancaster County area that would be closer to my home.
        I live in Manchester, PA

        1. Produce, Plant and Flower Auctions

          There is a sale called Sunyburn Produce Auction on the York County Side not far from the Norman Wood Bridge (rt.372) at 101 Atkins Rd, Airville, PA 17302. It runs Mon, Weds & Fri. Monday starts at 1pm, Wed & Fri starts at 9 am. They always have a nice variety of in-season fruits, veggies, plants, pumpkins, gourds, and other things. Quantities are from large to small. Great for home canners as well as resellers of produce. I buy a lot of produce to can or freeze there. You can get anything from a small box of produce to bushels to skid lots.It’s a nice sale run by an Amish Family.