amish knitting basket

Adair Faust (Ethridge Amish photos) shares one more photo along with an Amish Gingerich anecdote:

I stopped at a roadside stand at the Gingerich house on MacDowell Road (I mention the road because there are zillions of Gingerich mailboxes all over the area – see below). Mrs. Gingerich, a wonderfully cheerful, energetic, and friendly lady, came out and we chatted while I bought bread and fried pies and a beautiful basket made by one of her sons and his family … In the course of chatting, Mrs Gingerich let it drop that she has 103 grandchildren!!! No wonder there are Gingerich mailboxes everywhere and the settlement is expanding!!

Great-looking basket.  And 103 grandkids–doing pretty well in that department, don’t you think?  Makes me wonder which Amish Momy or Dawdi holds the current grandkid record.

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