fiveI’ve enjoyed writing these five points lists the last few months, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them.

We’ve done one per week since January. They’ve been some of our most popular posts. If you missed any, here they are from oldest to most recent:

The 5 Friendliest Amish Communities
5 Outdated Technologies Amish Still Use
5 Things You See at an Amish Church Service
5 Unconventional Amish Health Practices
5 Amish Businesses You Should Visit
The 5 Amish Buggy Colors
5 (More) Reasons Why The Amish Fascinate Us
5 Places Where Amish Shop
The 5 Largest Amish Affiliations
5 Common Features in Amish Homes
5 Occasions When Amish Sing

What other topics would make good posts for this series?

Trish in Indiana has already given us one good idea (“Technologies People Are Surprised the Amish DO Use”).

Your ideas are welcome in the comments. Thanks as always for your feedback!

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