Delaware Market Shut Down; Amish Faulted

Spence’s Bazaar is a flea market/farmer’s market in Dover, Delaware. The market has a significant Amish presence including some popular food outlets. This is a nice account of the place, which has an 85+ year history.

Image: Spence’s Bazaar

Delaware State News now reports that they have been shut down temporarily, and you get one guess what it has to do with:

DOVER — The owners of Spence’s Bazaar announced on their social media pages Monday afternoon that the entire facility will be temporarily closed due to violations of the state’s COVID-19 restrictions.

They wrote, “We are working on a reopening plan and once it is approved, we will reopen. Once that happens, we will let you know!”

Calls to Spence’s this week were not returned and a woman answering the phone declined to comment.

The Merchants of Spences Bazaar Facebook page said it was disappointed that the facility will have to close, as are the many people who work in the downtown Dover area who travel to Spence’s for lunch at the Amish market.

Photo: daisyferret1

A post on the Merchants of Spence’s Bazaar Facebook page suggests the Amish are to blame:

Terrible announcement that has to be made today. Due to complaints about the Dutch Amish vendors not wearing masks properly we will be shut down. “This is the whole facility”

This is not news anyone wants to hear except for I guess the ones that made the complaints. Many of the Dutch Amish are from the country and do not watch television or get scared from the news. It is hard for them to understand what our country is faced with. We will announce when our opening will begin Again. Til then it is just a continuation of how horrible 2020 has been.

The suggestion here is that the Amish either don’t understand or are not as scared, and thus they were not complying with requirements, generating complaints from some people.


There was also a follow-up post pushing back at criticism they have faced:

Yesterday upon releasing the unfortunate news that all of us vendors inside and out of the building have lost our incomes and livelihood a couple of Karen’s felt the need to play Monday morning quarterback. I have seen comments and I have seen shares where people have said not only do we deserve to be shut down but how dare we put it all on the Amish population and act like they are stupid. These opinions are incredibly toxic and do not know the whole narrative to everything that has been going on.

Another comment from whoever is running the page suggests that the Amish simply get more attention by their nature – and this may have been partly what led to the complaints:

Another large problem in the involvement of this aside from a Karen or two is perception. The Amish are a major attraction and people watch them while standing in line intently. At my shop I only have no more than a half a dozen people in my shop at once. But imagine if it was 6 times as many waiting to be waited on that they watch my every move every second.

No word on when this market will be deemed “safe” or worthy enough to re-open. I’m sure those whose livelihood hangs in the balance would like that to be sooner than later. When it does happen I’d bet a mask will be glued to each and every vendor’s face. At least for awhile.

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    1. Rhonda

      Terrible News

      I had not read that article, yet, but it’s sad news for everyone involved. Sorry to hear about some spiteful comments. Please, don’t use the term Karen. It’s a very broad and humiliating generalization used to define middle class white women and it’s not good for people actually named Karen. Let’s call them what they are, nosy, judgmental jerks with no life.

      1. Deborah Rouse


        I agree that people’s names shouldn’t be used as derogative memes. There is too much of this happening, as though one must follow along with the crowd rather than thinking for one’s self! Everyone sounds the same……
        My sister’s name is Karen.

      2. Levi

        Got a few Karens commenting here. I like using Karen rather than cursing. Using Karen is not as bad as cursing, and neither are as bad as someone who acts like it is their responsibility to tell other people what to say and do; like a Karen does. You know what they meant by using Karen in the article, so as a Karen I’m telling you to not do that anymore because I don’t like it.

        1. Deborah Rouse
      3. Clu Carradine


        This article completely lost me at “Karen”, which is a sexist, ageist racist term being slung around now to describe a sanctimonious busybody. Isn’t there enough hate in the world to go around?

        1. alber baker

          market shutdown


          please continue to stay safe.

        2. That term was part of a quote from a vendor.

      4. Jer


        …….”nosy, judgmental jerks with no life.”
        You just described my neighbor across the street. Her name is “Karen”.

    2. Masks

      I frequent an Amish run Store here in Ohio and the sign on the door warns shoppers that the employees do NOT wear masks. Whatever happened to Jesus words at Matthew 22:39 where he says to love your neighbor as yourself. I certainly wouldn’t want to make others sick, and they should be considerate enough to wear a mask so they don’t make me sick. Humbleness was not being practiced at Weaver Foods. And of course it is my decision whether to endanger myself by going in, taking a chance that no one is carrying the virus. People have lost their compassion all because they don’t want someone telling them what to do.

      1. Henry and the Great Society

        When I was in town a few months ago, all these city folks had their faces wrapped up in medical gauze strapped on with rubber bands. I was wondering to myself who was selling them all these manufactured goods. The good folks told me they were protectin themselves from a virus that came from abroad. Whoever sold them on this story deserves a gold medal. I will stick to my draft horses and homemade clothes. I don’t need no Wuhan designer fashion. Concerning loving my neighbor as myself, I thought about asking these city folks who they’re listenin to. But decided it probably ain’t none of my business.

      2. Holly


        Sandra and all the rest of you: If you’re so scared of catching something that has a 99%+ survival rate, you really need to just stay home. The people that own the store have the prerogative and right to NOT wear masks. Don’t shop there. Go to the big box stores where it’s required.
        Masks are satan’s muzzle. Any God-fearing person knows this and will not block their God-breath with a mask.

        1. alber baker

          market shutdown

          that’s what people did.

          that’s why the market closed.

          that’s why this virus has such consequences.

      3. booboo

        then stay home. let freedom ring

    3. Lisa Mills

      Market Shut down

      While I sympathize with those losing their income, the only way to help control the virus is to wear a mask. Social distancing and washing the hands frequently are not enough. Some people are healthy spreaders simply through sharing their respiratory droplets during sneezing, coughing and laughing. People who don’t wear a mask could also be incubating the disease but still feel healthy. Religious beliefs and cultural practices are not exemptions from following CDC guidelines. The Amish want their market open again? Easy. Wear a mask.

      1. Joseph


        Hello. I live in a community where the Amish Drive tractors. The Amish here believe that the laws don’t apply to them when it comes to our health. And I think that’s what you are dealing with their. Amish have their own set of rules or should I say guidelines. I’m not picking on the Amish I’m just stating a fact. But in all fairness and one’s health. I would not buy anything from them if they aren’t going by covid standards on safety and health.

        1. Compassionate Karen

          This isn't just about "their" health...

          Of course they have a right not to take blood transfusions, vaccines, medicines, etc., but they do NOT have the right to endanger the health of other people under the guise of religious beliefs. If they go anywhere outside their own homes and businesses where non-Amish are on a regular basis, they should wear a mask. They’re kind and thoughtful people; why wouldn’t they want to be kind enough to help protect others who believe differently? Those who believe in the science? If nothing else it’s common courtesy on the very lowest level.

          They’re not being asked to inject themselves or swallow a medicine that’s being forced on them. They’re being asked to keep their germs to themselves so that others can have a chance to survive this awful pandemic.

          Someone said “why worry about a disease that’s 99% non-lethal.” That’s all well and good unless you’re in the other 1%. Or unless it’s your mother or your grandmother. What a cavalier, ignorant attitude.

          This isn’t just about “their” health; it’s a worldwide crisis, for Christ’s sake.

          1. Deborah's friend Karen

            Just quit it

            Can’t we all just coexist? This is so provoking, unnecessary and overcomplicated of a way of thinking about this health crisis. Just stay home. If you want something from a business, try to contact them and see if you can get it a less traditional way.

            If you have a problem with what Amish believe and how they want to live their life then don’t associate with them, but you it’s very juvenile and ignorant to shut down their business, or ridicule them for sticking firmly to their beliefs and lifestyle.

            You should be ashamed of yourself. You should focus more on living your life better and not trying to tear others lives down.

            I really hope this finds you all well

    4. Jim Gas


      How sad indeed. Just think we could all avoid getting sick if we would all wear masks. If you believe this I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. Wake up!

      1. Majorie Story

        Wear a mask!

        Do you cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze? Same principle applies to COVID.

      2. Compassionate Karen

        Seriously, Anna and Marjorie?

        You have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell me; and COVID-19 is “just another strand of the flu?”

        Shame, shame, shame on you both. Your attitude and espousing comments like that in public may very well result in someone else’s death. People spreading the virus who don’t have symptoms may be safe and secure, but it’s the most contagious thing we’ve seen since the measles, and much deadlier to people who aren’t bulletproof.

        You’re too important or uncomfortable to wear a mask properly ~ so so that someone else might be safe? Pray for forgiveness, and wear a mask.

        By the way, do us all a favor and consider contraceptives.

        1. Compassionate Karen

          Apology to Marjorie

          I beg your pardon, Marjorie. That should have been addressed to Jim and Anna.

        2. alber baker

          market shutdown

          your comments are spot on. in more way than one.

          please continue to stay safe.

        3. Jerry

          Compassionate Karen

          Sounds like a Karen!

          1. alber baker

            market shutdown

            please continue to stay safe.

      3. kimberly warner

        Delaware Market Shut Down

        Yes, there is no concrete proof that masks protect anyone! In fact, people who wear masks get sick more than those who don’t. If masks really worked, than why are people still getting sick?

        1. alber baker

          market shutdown

          if the answer to your question was known, that person would be the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

        2. Compassionate Karen

          Do the math, check your sources, and study some science...

          Dear Jerry and Jeff and Kimberly:

          It is doctors and nurses fighting on the front lines, risking their own lives, and reporting these deaths. When you disregard the actual SCIENCE of wearing masks, washing hands, and keeping your distance, you make more work for them, and it results in more people dying.

          You’re “tired of all this Covid” stuff? Well, boo-hoo-hoo. That sounds more “Karen-ish” than anything else I’ve seen here. The fact that it’s increasing instead of dying out is due to the outgoing President’s complete and utter failure to address it early, then telling people it was “fake” and people like YOU believing him. Why would you believe anything said by the most prodigious liar living?

          I give up. I just hope I never have to be near any of you who think you’re smarter than scientists who are studying the actual virus and its effects on human beings.

          Good luck, namaste, and…love…Karen

        3. alber baker

          market shutdown

          please continue to stay safe.

    5. DeeDee Brown

      I enjoy Spence’s Bazaar and the Amish

      While I lived in Dover,De 1987-2004 I frequented Spence’s Bazaar regularly. I always brought out of state visitors here too. It is such a fun and quaint place to visit. The Amish people are very friendly and helpful to customers. Their stands are popular in the area and a big plus for the community. I imagine if a meeting would have been held ahead of shutting down, the Amish would have complied. I now live in Missouri and have a portrait of Spence’s hanging in our house. It has happy memories attached to it.

      1. I was glad for this article at the least to be made aware of the place. I like places with history and with the Amish aspect that sounds like a great combo. I’ve been visiting some Delaware Amish daughter settlements lately but maybe it’s time to find a way back to Dover in the near future.

    6. So sad!

      This is sad indeed! I know how many of the Amish & Mennonites make a living for their family from selling things at these kind of markets. I’m so done with this covid stuff!! So done with the masks! The Amish have had covid in massive numbers and they know that it’s just another strand of flu.

      1. alber baker

        market shutdown

        “right is right no matter how many people are against it.
        wrong is wrong no matter how many people are for it.”

        William Penn


    8. C.J.

      Any Karen? Some Karens?

      OK … being on the NW side of the USA, I have never heard that term used before!
      I think you folks may be saying (“A Karen”) a term used in your area for a bossy, busybody, know-it-all person who likes to gossip????
      Am I right, or have I missed the point?
      Why wouldn’t a popular place like that just call it what it is….. a Covid outbreak, or some customers/vendors who refuse to wear a mask, social distance, wear gloves, or whatever the problem is, that has caused the closure?
      Please clue us in over here ~ thank you!
      (My name is not Karen)

      1. alber baker

        market shutdown

        this isn’t complicated stuff is it? you got it right and stated it in a way that if you can read, you can understand.

        thank you

        please continue to stay safe.

    9. Jerry


      Facts- USA Death Rate
      2017 8.580 1.240% growth
      2018 8.685 1.220%
      2019 8.782 1.120%
      2020 8.880 1.120%
      As you can see, the truth is there were no more deaths than average despite what the media wants you to believe.

      Opinion- Anybody who thinks masks help even just a little bit, spend way to much time believing the junk the media wants you to believe. If your wearing a mask, you doing more harm to your lungs and weakening your immune system. Not only that, who in his right mind would sneeze into his/her mask and keep wearing it.

      1. Jeff Baker

        Jerry is Correct

        I agree with you Jerry – The death rate across the USA and the whole world is no different than the last few years. The deaths from the common Flu are at practically zero in 2020. The TV and Newspaper media are an indoctrination and not an education. This is a Political agenda to reset the entire world to one government-one monetary system-one religion and so forth. It’s not working an as more people wake up to this truth this absurdity will stop.

    10. alber baker

      market shutdown

      “right is right now matter how many people are against it.
      wrong is wrong no matter how many people are for it.”

      -William Penn

      if an”eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” was the prevaling concept of living our lives in 2021 so many would be blind and toothless. what a travisty of God’s love and generosity to all of His children.

    11. Amanda Bates

      I have frequented the Amish stores and bakeries in NE Wisconsin more so now than ever before. I want to support their local businesses. And, I APPRECIATE that they don’t wear masks and that I don’t have to either. We are called to TRUST God and that is what I choose to do. And, I believe that is what the Amish in my area are choosing to do as well.

    12. thom

      If your assertion is correct that “a mask will be glued to each and every vendor’s face. At least for awhile.” then I would say the state’s tactics worked out pretty well. They warned people and laid out the rules. People didn’t think they were serious so the state showed that they were, and the vendors will likely comply to regulations now. Seems like a lot of money and angst could have been avoided in the first place. With the same final results.

    13. J.O.B.

      Hypocrites tell others to wear masks

      If you are afraid of Covid, then you shouldn’t be going to a crowded market.

      Social distant also means STAY HOME and don’t go to a crowded market and complain about others!

      If you are not afraid, then enjoy life. Fresh air, outside, being active. It’s much healthier than living in fear of something that is not as deadly as the media business tells you. Then again, the media gets ratings, money, for scaring you. So believe what they tell you if you want.

      As for you mask wearing people,.. being over-weight means you are more likely to have a covid-related death, as well as heart disease, cancer, etc…

      So how many of you mask wearing people lost weight? Eat healthy? Exercise/active everyday?

      You insist others wear a mask?


      I insist you lose weight!!!! I insist you stop drinking!!! I insist you stop smoking!!!!! I insist you stop eating junk food!!!! I insist you stop driving your car which pollutes the environment and kills!!!

      Hypocrites: Tell you to wear a mask as they eat another cheeseburger, clogging their arteries. Because death from hearth disease is just fine…as long as they were wearing a mask. Sigh.

    14. Walter Boomsma

      Regulators regulate.

      It’s what they do because they can and they rarely stray far from doing it. I recently visited a small Amish business that shall remain nameless for obvious reasons. A sign on the door read, “Please do not wear a mask inside. Have faith in God instead.” I am certain some will attack that theology. I am not sure I fully agree with it.

      I only hesitated long enough to appreciate the fact I could choose whether or not to go inside. I did go in and spent way too much money. I did not find it necessary to call the local health inspector but I won’t be surprised when someone does. I also won’t be surprised if I am criticized for my decision. I also won’t criticize those who refuse to shop there.

      By the way, I am not suggesting that all Amish are refusing to wear masks. Another nearby Amish business was requesting masks and practicing physical distancing, etc.

      1. Point well-taken about freedom to choose whether to go into the business or not. There’s a big philosophical difference at work in this whole experience of covid.

        I do find it interesting that they were actively promoting *not* wearing a mask. I can see places not having a “mask required” sign and not caring if one is worn while inside, but that’s the first I’ve heard of a business explicitly pushing *against* wearing them. Color me curious as to which business it was, but I understand you not sharing, so I expect to remain curious.

    15. alber baker

      market shutdown

      how much more time and energy is going to be given to this event? let’s move on and find something beyond amish doing this right or amish doing this wrong. do you really think that the amish really care about what the “english” say, think or do in regards to their choices?

    16. Hucksters

      get the Italian produce guys.
      From Norristown, PA , to set up
      market stalls outside the main building.
      You’ll be open without delay.

    17. Amy Grant


      You clearly don’t know what a Karen is. A Karen is a woman who screams at the innocent store workers for refusing to wear aasl during mask mandates. They are the ones bullying teachers and screaming at anyone who will listen to their shrieking about microchips and how they are protected by the blood of Jesus so they don’t need the vaccine at school board meetings. They call those who are well informed “scared” and “sheep” for following doctors, health experts and scientists, while they follow politicians who condemn the vaccine to their constitutes, but have gotten vaccinated themselves. You sir, are a Karen.