Some very nice news came in since the Christy Otto book giveaway post went up. A reader who wishes to remain anonymous has very generously chosen to donate copies of one of Christy Otto’s books of artwork to the first 50 people who left comments on the previous Q&A post. Call it an early Christmas gift in appreciation to the readers here. Wow!

Below you’ll find the first 50 people going by time stamps on your comments.

So if you’re in this group, please send your address in to me [ewesner[at]gmail[dot]com] and I’ll get that over to Christy so you can have your book mailed out:

Carolyn Utter
Annie Joetta Mailman
Lisa Yetman
Liz Bourgeois
Susan Heim
Kathy Raderstorf
Marjorie Gagne
Anthony Shope
Adrienne McGinley
Kim Albert
Jim Potter
Warren Henry
Bill Theroux
Marlene Colebank
Karen Adolphson
Sarah Steele
John Hill
Mary at Blue Door
Barbara Bamberger Scott
Sandra Rogaskie
Maxine Diffey
Mary M
Terry Garner
Marilyn Hartman
Laurie Gurnett
Susan Boyd
CoraVee Caswell
Cindy Holland
Joseph Frey
Martha Smith
Esther Kern
Susan Abbott
Daniel Simon
Antoinette Rudge
Esther Schmucker
Al in Ky
Diane P
sheri g
Carl Crandell
Jeanne McCarthy
Kelly Di Pari
Carol Lukaszewicz
Don Burke
Alice Berger

And much gratitude goes out to the reader who is paying for this. I’d love to acknowledge him publicly but will of course honor his wish to stay anonymous. Thank you!

Giveaway for remaining commenters

So if you’re not in the first 50, we’re still going to do a giveaway as per the original plan, drawing one winner from the remaining comments.

I chose one winner at random from the remaining comments, using

The winner is Loretta Shumpert!

Congrats Loretta, send me your address and I’ll get that to Christy (ewesner[at]gmail[dot]com).

Get Christy’s books

If you’d like to get one of Christy’s books (he has three of them), they are sold at some Amish/Mennonite bookstores.

Or, you can order direct from Christy himself. Here’s the address & prices:

Christy Otto
6075 S 300 W
Topeka, IN 46571

Include a check… $13 for one book, $25 for two. Free shipping.

And if you missed the original Q&A and wondering what this is all about, Christy Otto is an Amish artist living in northern Indiana who paints and draws. You can read more here. Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen!

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