big valley auction amishSummer is prime time for auctions.  The town of Belleville smack dab in the middle of Big Valley in Mifflin County, PA is home to a long-running auction and flea market, which attracts a large contingent of Amish and English alike.

The auction is held each Wednesday year-round.  Livestock, farm equipment and many other items go up on the block each week.

The flea market features booths run by both Amish and English as well, selling foodstuffs, Amish-made quilts, produce and other items.  I had a good lunch while I was here at a good old down-home cooking restaurant, but I can’t remember the name.  A few photos from the auction grounds:

big valley auction peachey foods

Buggy parking.

big valley auction amish carriage seat

One comfy ride.  And a snack for later.

big valley auction amish buggiesThe parking lot is filled with buggies of the three different Amish groups of Big Valley.

big valley auction barnInside the auction barn.

big valley auction livestockWaiting to be sold.

big valley amish barn

An Amish barn in the Valley.


Amish-made cheese

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