Loren Beachy Chasing Amish Dream BookThe book you see here just came in the mail. It’s called Chasing the Amish Dream: My Life as a Young Amish Bachelor, and its author is Loren Beachy.

You might know Loren already from his Goshen News column “The Plain Side” or other writings. More about Loren:

Loren Beachy is an Old Order Amish auctioneer and elementary schoolteacher. Born in central Ohio, Beachy became a Hoosier at eight years of age when his family moved to northern Indiana. After attending Reppert Auction School at age eighteen, he attained his dream of being an auctioneer.

Beachy, a columnist for the Goshen News, resides with his parents and eight siblings in Goshen, Indiana, where he teaches school and conducts auctions. He is a happy member of the Old Order Amish church and enjoys fast horses, strong coffee, and hot peppers.

And here’s the description of Chasing the Amish Dream:

Life in author Loren Beachy’s Amish community brims with old-fashioned box socials, smart-alecky students, and pranks involving pink duct tape and black pepper. Meet the young women who manage to be late for church twice in one day and the man who plans to fight drowsiness by jogging beside his horse and buggy. Cheer for Beachy and his cousins in cut-throat baseball games, and join community members as they surround and support a family in their loss. With the witty warmth of small-town storytellers like Garrison Keillor and Jan Karon, Beachy invites readers into his life as a creative, wise, and wisecracking Old Order Amish schoolteacher and auctioneer.

With chapter titles like “The Pen Is Mightier than the Breakfast Burrito”, “Wisecrack Wanda”, and “How the Catfish Cleans His Teeth”, the book looks fun.

Ask Loren a Question

As we often do when new titles come around, we’ll be doing a giveaway and Q-and-A. And you get to come up with the questions for Loren.

Leave a question on this post, and I will pass them along to Loren on Monday so he can choose some to answer.

Asking a question here also gets you an entry into the Chasing the Amish Dream book giveaway.

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