An Amish teen in the New Wilmington, PA community has been charged with a DUI after registering a 0.47 blood alcohol level.

His buggy got into a fender-bender with an SUV, leading to the charges.

According to the report in New Castle News, the young man in question “faces one count each of driving under the influence, purchase of alcohol by a minor, a stop sign violation and a minor prohibited from driving with alcohol.”


Police in a criminal complaint reported that the teen admitted at the scene to having had a few drinks on his way to a wedding. Officers said two empty beer cans were inside the buggy.

Alcohol consumption is a problem in some Amish communities, and drugs are present in some as well.

To their credit, Amish parents and leaders in certain places are trying to address these issues.

To give two examples, Amish in Indiana not too long ago invited an anti-heroin campaigner in to speak to their community, while Geauga County Amish bishops also invited police to address drug use and underage drinking at an event attended by 200 Amish.

No doubt this arrest will bring a lot of shame to this fellow and his family. This certainly isn’t the first time a buggy driver DUI has happened; I point this out not to draw speical attention to this individual, but to note that the Amish certainly aren’t perfect and have their own challenges, which in some communities are greater than in others.

We’ve looked at buggy safety on many occasions on this site. It is worth keeping in mind that while English car drivers are often the ones at fault, Amish people are not perfect and have a part to play as well, something which I have no doubt most would acknowledge.

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