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Find an Amish-built shed in your state

Amish-Built ShedsAn Amish shed can be an attractive and functional addition to any backyard.  Amish storage sheds come in wooden, vinyl, metal, and other varieties, and can be customized to individual needs.  Amish sheds can sometimes be purchased direct from the builder.  Shed retailers also sell Amish products at convenient locations near cities and main population centers.

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Looking to buy online? Check the selection of Amish-made sheds and outdoor structures at our partner store Dutchcrafters.

Amish Furniture

A guide to Amish-made sheds  Amish sheds make an attractive storage solution for any home.  Amish-made sheds come in a range of styles, from popular Victorian and Quaker types to the A-frame, Cape Cod, Saltbox and other designs.  

Common materials for building Amish sheds include wood and vinyl. These portable buildings are customizable in a range of options including paint, roofing, shingles, doors, windows, and flooring.  They also come in multiple sizes to suit your outdoor storage specifications.

Amish shed builders are known to emphasize quality and a job well done.  Most Amish shed manufacturers are small family-oriented businesses with only a handful of employees at most.  Some Amish shed craftsmen sell retail. Others create their products to be sold wholesale to larger retailers.  An Amish shed can be ordered from the source and delivered to your home.  Other storage buildings and outdoor buildings made by Amish include mini-barns, garages, gazebos, and pergolas.

Amish sheds state directory

Maryland Amish Sheds

Amish Sheds MDThere are at least 20 retailers of Amish sheds in the Old line State, itself home to a sizeable Amish population located in the southern end of the state.  Find an Amish shed seller in the listings here: Amish Sheds – Maryland

Michigan Amish Sheds

Amish Sheds MIMichigan has a significant Amish presence, along with numerous Amish furniture makers and manufacturing businesses. Addresses and info on Amish shed sellers in MI can be found here:  Amish Sheds – Michigan

New Jersey Amish Sheds

Amish Sheds NJNo Amish live in New Jersey, though there are large Amish populations in neighboring New York and Pennsylvania.  Find a New Jersey Amish shed retailer here:  Amish Sheds – New Jersey

New York Amish Sheds

Amish Sheds NYNew York is home to America’s fifth-largest Amish presence. The state also has at least 18 Amish shed sellers, which can be searched here: Amish Sheds – New York

Ohio Amish Sheds

Amish Sheds OHOhio is an Amish heartland, and home to oodles of small Amish firms manufacturing all manner of products, including sheds, garages and outdoor buildings.  Find a seller of Amish sheds in the Buckeye State here: Amish Sheds – Ohio

Pennsylvania Amish Sheds

Amish Sheds PADozens of Amish shed builders and sellers can be found throughout this heavily-Amish state.  Outside of the Lancaster County area, Amish shed retailers can be found in the vicinity of Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and other major PA cities.  Find an Amish shed outlet here: Amish Sheds – Pennsylvania

Virginia Amish Sheds

Amish Sheds VAThe Old Dominion State has just a small Amish population.  However over a dozen Amish sheds outlets can be found throughout VA, in the vicinity of Richmond, Virginia Beach, Newport News, and Washington, D.C.  Search for VA Amish sheds dealers here: Amish Sheds – Virginia

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  1. Susan Scantlin

    Amish Sheds

    I live in Tahlequah, Oklahoma and my son-in-law highly recommended the Amish build sheds. I would like to find one in my area. I know there is an Amish community in or around Choteau Oklahoma. That’s where he got his at several years ago. Could you recommend a builder close by here?

    Thank you for your help.

    Susan Scantlin

  2. Trish in Indiana

    What about Indiana? I know there are shed companies in my general area.

    1. Indiana Amish-made sheds

      You’re right, Indiana needs adding here, as do a few other states. And if you have any Amish shed businesses you’d like to add, feel free to share here.

      In related news we have most of the Amish cabins and Amish barns pages up now, recently added since we first launched the Amish Business Directory.

      1. Maine, Easton (Fort Fairfield) Amish Sheds

        J & J Mini Barns make all kinds of sheds, barns, gazebos, camps, or whatever you need. Winters they make custom made furniture. Also on facebook,

        Located at 748 Houlton Rd . Easton, ME 04740

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          I wanted to get in touch with you about supplying you with American made nails.

          The quality of our product is excellent! We are a family owned business and take pride in what we do. My goals is to manufacture the best quality nails at the best wholesale prices on the market.

          We have excellent prices on our 50lbs boxes in steel or galvanized.

          Please contact me.

          Owner: Jon Will

      2. Amish Shed Builders in Maine

        Hi Erik
        There are two Amish Shed builders in Maine. One is near me in Easton, ME: Jonas Swartzentruber is the proprietor. A very successful business!
        The other is

  3. Trish in Indiana

    Thanks, Eric! I know there’s a company that has samples up at the Elkhart County Fair every year. (Amish LOVE the fair! But then, we all do. 🙂 ) I think I pick up a brochure almost every year to nurture my fantasy of having a rustic hunting cabin someday. If I find the information, I will add it here.

  4. Carrie Smith

    metal strip across the doors of our min barn

    Ladies or Gentlemen,
    We currently have an Amish Mini barn, however, the metal strip across the door has become damaged. We would like to replace the strip. do you know where we might purchase it. I know we would have to get the size of the barn doors. but we first need to find out if you even supply them without selling the entire barn?

    Thanks so much
    Carrie Smith

  5. Diann Morales

    Amish built sheds near Alabama

    Is there a builder of Amish built sheds near Birmingham, Alabama?

    1. Bill Martin

      Looking for Amish shed builders in Tennessee Amish community.

  6. Sandra Williams

    Sent wrong e mail

    I live in Highland Michigan. off 23andm59 Highland Rd. Would like a small shed built. Live in farm area on 10 acres. No shade for dog in field. Can’t leave dog in barn it’s very old. Could use barn door repair. Sliding doors stuck. 248-714-8188 Sandra Williams could use some type of shaded building in other field too.

  7. robert jarrett

    would like to become a dealer

    would like to become 1576 hwy 30 calamus iowa is where I’m located phone is 5635935232 my name is Robert thanks

  8. Deborah Statler

    Florida Amish builders, barns, sheds

    Looking for Florida located Amish builders, contractors, resources. Please help. Thanks/Danke!!

  9. Amish Sheds

    There are lots of kits that could be purchased and you’ll position them together.
    Therefore, these garages can appropriately be used to protect anything.
    How will it physically alter the landscape oon or around your property.

  10. J


    Any Amish dealer opportunities in Central Florida.

  11. Lynn Wilson

    Amish builders in Sou. Indiana near Louisville Ky

    Looking for an Amish builder to build a storage shed ASAP In New Albany IN, across the river from Louisville Ky. Looking to build 2 homes in the spring also. Or call 812 944 2151 Local builders only please

  12. Wayne Brownfield

    Any recommendations for Amish built sheds in Missouri.

  13. Looking to Become a Dealer in Texas

    We are a Christian Family Business,we sell Portable Buildings, Metal Buildings, Rain Collection.WE also Custom Build Tiny Homes & Barndominiums. Looking For New Supplier for Buildings, Gazebos,Kids Monster Trucks, Tractors & Anything You Offer. Please call 512-755-1380 or email located at 1900 E Polk St Burnet TX 78611..Thank You, Paul Flanagan

    1. Sallie L Estes

      Amish Shed Builders in Indiana

      Here are a few to start your list with. There are many more. I was able to find these in very litttle time, so I’m sure you’ll have no trouble either.

      A & L Storage Barns
      OWNER: Allen Petersheim
      2700 N 200 E, Lagrange, IN 46761
      (260) 768-8116
      Since: 01/01/1999

      Creekside Cabins
      3715 N State RD 5, Shipshewana, IN 46565
      (260) 350-1275

      Creekside Sawmill & Barns
      OWNER: Vernon Kurtz
      5765 W 400 S, Topeka, IN 46571
      Since: 01/01/1962

      Owner: Michael L. Miller
      13836 CR 48, Syracuse, IN, 46567
      Since 11/26/2021

      Owner: John D. Stoltzfus
      9860 W State Road 120, Shipshewana, IN 46565
      (574) 825-7159
      Since 01/20/2004

      Miller Cabins and Barns
      OWNER: Howard Miller
      30695 County Road 150, Nappanee, IN 46550
      (574) 773-7661
      Since: 03/01/2011

      Owner: LEROY J MILLER
      830 S Main St, Suite B, Middlebury, IN, 46540
      51425 County Road 29, Bristol, IN, 46507
      Since 01/10/2022

      Slaughbaugh Storage Barns
      Owner: Glen Slaughbaugh
      9550 W 375 N, Shipshewana, IN 46565
      (260) 768-7989
      Since: 06/01/1995

      Wickey Barns
      OWNER: James Wickey
      389 Bawden Rd, Bronson, MI 49028
      Since 05/01/2003

      Yoder Storage Barns
      Owner: Lyle Yoder
      6030 S 400 W, Topeka, IN 46571
      (260) 593-3988
      Since: 2006