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Your guide to Amish roofing contractors

Amish RoofingAmish roofers enjoy a positive reputation for work well done at a reasonable price.  If you’re looking for an Amish roofing contractor, there are numerous options based on your state (directory below).

Amish roofing companies are most often found in states with high Amish populations, namely Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana.  Amish contractors offer a variety of services, including roofing repair, new roofing as well as roof replacement.  Amish roofing crews can provide estimates for your residential roofing or other project.

Search your state for an Amish roofer:

DE  IL  IN  MD  MI  OH  PA  Nationwide

Note: Some of these roofing contractors are Amish-owned and operated.  Others are non-Amish owned, but employ Amish craftsmen. More on how Amish roofers operate.


Many Amish roofing contractors can be found concentrated in the large Amish community in Lancaster County.

Other Amish roofing companies can be found in numerous locations across the Keystone State, including near major cities such as Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Reading and Philadelphia.  Here are a few of the Amish roofing contractors in Pennsylvania:

Zook Builders
29 Timber Lane
Strasburg, PA 17579

S & M siding
547 Gibson Road
Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505

Absolute Amish Home Improvement
342 Stonepile Road
Mercer, PA 16137

View a full listing of Amish roofers in Pennsylvania, including roof repair contractors and other specialists in Lancaster County and other locations across the state.


Companies providing Amish roofing services can be found in the two large Ohio Amish communities, in Geauga County, an hour’s drive east of Cleveland, and in Holmes County, 90 miles east of Columbus.  Amish roofers from these two areas and elsewhere in Ohio can service customers in other cities throughout the Buckeye State, including Akron, Canton, Youngstown, Dayton and Cincinnati.  Some of the Ohio Amish roofing businesses:

Kline Roofing
1202 Medina Road
Medina, OH 44256
(330) 347-3601‎

Charm Builders
Millersburg, OH
(330) 470-0895‎

Matt Quinn & CO Amish Roofing
2806 Woodberry Road
Bellville, OH

View a full listing of Amish roofers in Ohio providing roof repair, new roofs, roof replacement and other services in the greater Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus areas & beyond.


Amish construction crews can be found in the numerous settlements throughout the state, with roofers among them–from northern Indiana and the Fort Wayne area, down to the small community of Milroy outside Indianapolis, to the Daviess County settlement in southern Indiana, located about 90 minutes from Bloomington and a similar distance from Louisville, Kentucky.  Amish roofing companies in Indiana include:

SJS Construction
11711 Notestine Road
Grabill, IN 46741

Pine Ridge Roofing
3435 E 100N
Lagrange IN 46761
(260) 499-4485

Amish Roofing Contractors
New Haven, IN
(260) 414-4296‎

View a full listing of Amish roofers in Indiana, serving customers in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Evansville, Bloomington, Muncie, South Bend, and other Indiana cities.


Maryland has a sizeable Amish presence in the community of 1,000+ souls in St. Mary’s County in southern MD.  Here are some Amish roofers in MD:

Olde World Slate Service
PO Box 1312
Cockeysville, MD 21030
Slate roofing specialists.  Services provided by Amish craftsmen and include natural slate repair and replacement, clay tile repair and replacement, synthetic slate installation, shingle repair and replacement, EnergyStar-rated flat roofing systems, EPDM flat roof repair and more.

D & S Amish Builders
24939 Riverview Way
Ridgely, MD 21660


Delaware’s sole Amish settlement lies just outside the capital of Dover.

The Amish Tradesmen
8071 Greenwood Road
Greenwood, DE 19950
(302) 349-5550
Amish roofing, repairing, replacing, installation and more. The Amish Tradesmen carries a full line of outdoor products and offers a variety of services such as painting, masonry, custom framing, concrete floors and driveways. 


Stutzman’s Metal Roofing & Siding
Reuben Stutzman
9736 Tobacco Drive
Clare, MI 48617
Stutzman’s sells metal roofing and siding materials (as well as horse feed). If not able to install the roof themselves, should be able to refer you to someone Amish who can.

For more, check our guide to Michigan-based Amish roofing companies, in proximity of cities including Lansing, Grand Rapids, Flint, Kalamazoo, Ann Arbor, and others.


Amish roofers and construction businesses are found in the large community at Arthur (central Illinois) as well as  in smaller settlements across the state. View our full Illinois Amish roofer guide.


The following firms provide Amish roofing services across a number of states.  Find more information on areas covered and how to get a roofing estimate by calling or at the websites listed below.

Amish Renovations
Roofing contractor with wide-ranging service area.  Skilled Amish workers provide broad services in several different states including New Jersey, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Florida, Texas, and Alabama.  Amish Renovations also offers roofing, siding, window installation, disaster restoration, new home construction and exterior home improvement.  

Amish Building
112 Coronado Dr.
Washington, IN 47501
(812) 698-9554
Offers Amish building services in the Midwest including roofing, siding, windows, home additions, remodeling, and pole barn construction.  Fill out an on-site form for a free roofing estimate. 

Amish roofing businesses

Amish Worker Roof
An Amish worker helps install a new roof

In recent decades Amish have branched out from the farm to found prosperous small businesses.  The construction industry is one area where Amish entrepreneurship has thrived.  Mobile Amish work crews provide a wide variety of construction and contracting services including roofing.

Amish roofers specialize in a variety of services, including metal roofing, slate roofing, roofing replacement, new roof construction, shingle repair, and more.  An Amish roofing contractor can be an affordable option for your roofing needs.  Contact a business above to find out more about specific services offered.

How do Amish roofers operate?

Amish are associated with traditional ways of living and restricted technology.  So how do Amish roofers and other contractors do their work? Amish sometimes form partnerships with non-Amish businesspeople to be able to better reach non-Amish markets.  A non-Amish partner can assist in online marketing efforts and in other areas where Amish activities are restricted by church standards and religious belief.

Read on to find out how Amish deal with traveling to the workplace and powering their equipment.

Traveling to the jobsite

A defining feature of the Amish is their refusal to own and operate motor vehicles. Rather than limit them to a very small geographical area, Amish have found a solution acceptable to their system of beliefs.  While Amish don’t drive cars, nearly all Amish are permitted to ride and hire them if a need should arise.

Amish Work Van
An Amish crew’s work van

As with other Amish work crews, an Amish-owned roofing business will typically also employ a driver who operates the work truck or any other vehicles necessary for the business.  This non-Amish worker may also perform construction work in addition to his role as a driver.

Since Amish do not operate the vehicles themselves, this is seen as permissible by most Amish churches.  Amish also typically do not own their vehicles, but rather lease them, providing another measure of distance from this technology.  Amish roofing contractors can travel some distance from home thanks to this arrangement, and typically go up to 2 hours away from their home settlements for roofing jobs.

Don’t Amish forbid electricity?

It’s well-known that Amish prohibit use of public electric power in their homes. However when working on job sites and at non-Amish owned places of business, most Amish are permitted to operate equipment powered from the public grid.

Since Amish do not necessarily own the equipment, or use it in a location away from the home, such use may be permitted.  The rules among Amish churches vary, and some are accordingly more or less strict.  In all likelihood, Amish roofing contractors hired by you will make use or power tools driven by a public electricity source on-site.

Amish roofer photos: Cindy Seigle/flickr; Amish work van: Tara Herberger/flickr

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    1. Peggy Butler

      Barn roof repair

      I have a 100 year old barn that has about 6 metal sheets that need to be put back and a top cap put on. I would like a quote to find out how much it will cost. I live in Cross Plains, WI or call 608-516-6818. Thank you!
      Peggy & Ken Butler

      1. Sharon Zinthefer

        Barn roof repair

        Our good neighbor,Mr. Abe Miller, is a contractor …here is his contact information:

        A & S Roofing & Construction
        Address: E1193 Grover Rd, Wonewoc, WI 53968
        Phone: (608) 983-2263

        1. Barbara E Williams

          Permanently closed

          I looked on Google and it states they are permanently closed.

    2. awning

      I am looking for someone to fix things around my home. I am disabled & fall a lot. I need an awning so the snow doesn’t fall on my stairs. I also need my driveway repaired. I live in Johnstown NY 12095 My cell is 516-398-3509. If you can help please let me know. Thank You

    3. Nanci beagle

      Pennsylvania roofer needed. Columbia County Pa

      I have metal roof bought and need Amish roofers. I am in Columbia County Pennsylvania. I need a quote and how soon it can be started.
      Thank you 570 574 2303

    4. Keri Iacono

      Metal roof and possibly siding 1,200 ft rancher

      We would like to request an estimate on a metal
      roof and also vinyl siding.

      Thank you in advance for a quick response.
      Please leave voicemail if no answer.Means
      I am at work.
      Keri Iacono

    5. Gene Koehler

      Need metal roof

      We are looking for a crew of craftsmen to install a metal roof on our small ranch home in Harrison, Ohio. Please give us a lead.

    6. Metal roof install


      I have all of the materials to put a metal roof on my 960sqft rancher. Would like to know how much to have someone install. Was going to do this myself with my father but he was in an accident and in the hospital for 10 days and can no longer help.


    7. Kathleen Monico

      Quonset Metal Roof

      My 40×60 quonset building needs a new roof installed, soon. Preferably metal. Anyone in MN available to do this?

    8. larry king

      new roof needed

      I live in Portage,Mi and need a team to remove and replace the 22 year old asphalt roof (2 layers) on my tri-level home. This will include ridge vents and replace a skylight. Approximately 30 square required including scrap allowance.

      My phone number is 269-352-8554
      location: 1336 Panama st., Schoolcraft Township (Vicksburg)

    9. Mary ann Marlowe

      Painting of rusting metal roofing

      I have a 10,000 sq. ft home in East Brunswick, N.J. with a galvanized metal roof that is beginning to rust and needs painting. Recently someone suggested that Amish Roofers would be able to do the work as the height of the house would be like a large barn.

      I would appreciate your advising whether or not there would be any interest.

      thank you.

    10. Painting

      I have a barn that needs painting and minor repairs. Do you have a company that does this. It is in Hart Mi

    11. mark w

      metal roof

      I have a small cottage on Derby Lake, near Stanton. looking for a new metal roof, it can go over the existing shingles. approximately 1,040 sq ft of metal needed. Millers Roofing is the closest but there is no contact info for them.


    12. Roman Kuchersky

      Cedar Shake Roof


      Are there any Amish roofers that live within a few hours of my area that specialize in cedar shake roofing. I need a complete tear offf and replacement. The roof is quite large 6,700 SF…so it would be worth a few hours of travel. I am willing to purchase all materials and would also be open to assist with lodging iif price is right.

      Thank you,

      Roman Kuchersky
      4710 Ardmore Dr.
      Bloomfield Twp. MI 48302
      Mobile: (248) 819-7469

    13. Roman Kuchersky

      Cedar Shake Roof


      Are there any Amish roofers that live within a few hours of my area that specialize in cedar shake roofing. I need a complete tear offf and replacement. The roof is quite large 6,700 SF…so it would be worth a few hours of travel. I would also be open to help with lodging if price is right.

      Roman Kuchersky
      4710 Ardmore Dr.
      Bloomfield Twp. MI 48302
      Mobile: (248) 819-7469

    14. Elizabeth

      Metal Roof for Garage

      Located in Crete Il 5 miles south of I80 and 1 block west of the indiana state line. Looking for an Amish Roofer to put a metal roof on a garage with approx 1700 sq foot of roof space. No peaks, valleys, vents, or skylights. Just straight panels. I can send pictures and rough measurements if it would help.

    15. Mark

      Front Porch

      Replace front porch plywood flooring with tongue & groove pine; replace cylindrical porch columns (3; replace railing, spindles and posts on porch steps; replace band that extends around side of porch — and paint all.

      Rehang and rescreen back porch door; replace treads on back porch steps — and paint.

    16. Angie

      Metal barn roof needing replacement St. Louis, MO area

      I’m looking for someone to give a quote and potentially replace large metal barn roof in the St. Louis area.

      Contact (636)278-0856

    17. Shannon Collis

      Roof Replacement

      Need 2600 sq ft metal roof replacement on house and attached garage. Just moved here from the west and understand that Amish craftsmen are the best. Please contact if you do work in the Boston/Hamburg NY area 661-490-4596.

    18. Nina (nee-nah)

      Roof Replacement and Repairs

      I need my roof replaced and repairs done to my ceiling, walls, and floors. Is anyone available in the Blair, WI area?

    19. Kevin

      Barn roofers needed

      I’m looking for a crew to put a metal roof on a farm barn.


      Wanted quote for roofer and siding . 61420 area code. Blandinsville Illinois

      Need roofing

    21. Robt Catalano

      NEED FLAT ROOF REPLACED with rubber membrane or PVC. Also need new shingles (or metal) on gable roof. One story work. 20 miles South of Buffalo NY

    22. Jim Thompson

      Barn Siding

      I am in need of a skilled crew to install metal siding on my large barn in South Central Wisconsin.

    23. Pat Mistry

      Shingle Roof Replace

      We located near Buffalo NY, we have worked with the Amish community on many project in Lancaster PA, we are now seeking help at our new hotel, we like to get a complete roof replace this year, if you are interested in this project give us a call or email me. Thank you

    24. Daniel Turchan

      Amish Steel Roof Completed

      I live in Pittsburgh, PA, my home is at least 133 yrs old. I had an Amish contractor place a steel roof on. I couldn’t be more satisfied it’s simply lovely & it really dresses up the old neighborhood where I live. Their craftsmanship is superb. They are great people, hire them if you can.

    25. Gary L.

      interested in Metal Roof for my Barn

      The barn has a gambrel-style roof. I am in waukesha county, Wisconsin
      Interested in hiring Amish because I hear they have excellent work ethics and are fair and honest. Hoping for completion by end of May.

    26. Lester W Burgess

      Need Metal Roof

      I am looking for an Amish roofer for my house near Stanton Kentucky
      Thank you
      Lester Burgess

    27. Nic Moretti

      Need Metal Roof


      We are in need of a metal roof for our single storey small house ( 1000 square ft. )

      Simple job, no odd angles, etc. Short drop to ground. The house is located in Alfred, NY ( Allegheny County )

      Thank you.

      Dominic Moretti

    28. Garry Chen

      We are looking for shingle roofing simple job, 2 and 1 store high, no odd angles, no sharp slope (less than 45 degree). The house is located in Ithaca, 14850 NY.

      Thank you very much,

    29. Nic A.

      Old Home, New Roof

      Looking for Amish Roofers in Midwest Wi area. 107 yo foursquare with pyramid room and dormers. Weather barrier and shingles needed. Roughly same height as barn.

    30. Joyce Hall

      Barn roof steel

      Need steel barn roof, Hartford, wi. Large, very tall barn. Cell: 262-707-9398

    31. Adam


      Looking for an Amish roofer in Wisconsin for a 214 ft barn roof and 40 by 40 house roof. Thanks.

    32. Kathy S

      Trying to find the Amish builders that were at my house

      Back in June am Amish builder was at my house to measure to replace my back porch. He was supposed to get me an estimate and get back to me. But hasn’t. I am located in Brackenridge pa. The group has done many jobs in my area. And I need to know if they are still going to do the job. I need it done before winter. Please have someone connect me ASAP. If they can’t do it. I will find another group. Thank you. Kathy.

    33. Jesse Olson

      Metal Roof for home in Oconomowoc, WI

      Hello, I was looking to get a metal roof to be installed on a house in Oconomowoc WI. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks, Jesse 262-719-1983

    34. Myrna L Simon

      Need quote for roofing job, Allegan, MI

      We are looking for someone to install asphalt shingles on the upper part of the roof of our house this fall or next spring. Is there an Amish roofer that works this area that would be interested in giving us an estimate? We are located at 252 Bond Street Allegan. (corner of 5th & Bond St) 269-673-7147. It is 15 sq job. There are 2 or 3 layers to remove.
      thank you.
      Dan & Myrna Simon
      252 Bond Street
      Allegan, MI 49010

    35. new metal roof

      I am looking for someone to quote me a new metal roof in the Detroit area. thanks
      phone number 248-546-3276

    36. Joe

      New garage roof portage wi

      Looking to get my garage roof replaced. The plywood is rotting Soni would need a full replacement. Portage, wi

    37. Lance Denno

      Need roofer south of Watertown, NY

      I am looking for someone to install a full new metal roof over an existing asphalt shingle roof. This is on a lakefront seasonal residence that experiences strong winds at Campbells Point Dr, Sackets Harbor, NY 13685. To be done as soon as weather permits, but no later than April 2020. Please reply to
      Lance Denno
      310 Bradford Pkwy
      Syracuse, NY 13224

      1. Jane Stocker

        Did you find one?

        Were you able to find one yet?
        Or do you have any recommendation?
        I live in Colonie, NY
        Many thanks



      amish roofers and quote needed

      i am looking for an amish roofing contact in the Irwin -north huntingdon twp. area

    39. Brian White

      Looking for a roofer in 15486

      I’m looking for a new roof in Vanderbilt, PA if you could point me in the right direction. Thanks!

    40. Kathy

      Roof Job

      Would like to know if there is a roofing company in Fl, with working Amish crew, who work at East Coast of Fl by Space Center in FL?

    41. John Bumbas

      Metal roof

      Need a estimate on a metal roof for a ranch home.. preferred Amish owned company. Reply to email

    42. Brian Dub Bennett

      Market Analyst

      I was wondering what would be the best way to get in touch with Amish Roofers that do EPDM repairs in the United States? Any assistance would be appreciated. Many Thanks

      Brian Dub Bennett

    43. Sandra Sawyer

      Roofing estimates

      Hello, Looking for Amish Roofers near Chippewa Lake, MI (est of Big Rapids, MI). I would appreciate some contact information please.

    44. Pascal

      Need Amish Builder or Roofers working in Cambria County, PA

      Please, I would like an Amish Builder or Roofers with a service presence in the area of Johnstown, in Cambria County, PA. I have a 1700 square ft home needing roof repair.


    45. Aram Asarian

      Historic Home Needs Some Amish Talent!

      I have a historic home that needs some roof work & deck work. please email me or call 202-465-2749 I’m located just south of Pittsburgh, PA.

    46. tim morgan

      Vermont Roofer?

      I do not see any listing for Amish Roofers in Vermont, although in my area (Northeast Kingdom) there is obviously a growing Amish community. I am wondering if there are any contacts in this area, and particularly are there any roofers in Northeast Vermont that can install a standing seam metal roof.

    47. margy kuisle


      Any Amish roofers bear Rochester Minnesota?

    48. George Fincutter

      roof replacement

      I live in the Elkhorn, Wisconsin area. I am looking an Amish roofing contractor to replace my roof on the house, garage, and garden shed. I would like an estimate for shingles and steel roofing.

    49. Such great info

      Reading through all the comments has been so intereting and helpful! Thank you for the great info on Amish roofing. I think you guys do the best.

    50. barn roof

      wondering if someone would be interested in repairing the front side of our barn roof have patched some spots prefer shingles over steel located in cayuga county ny