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Amish Roofing Businesses in MI

Slate Shingle Roof MIMichigan is a state full of Amish settlements, with over 40 as of 2016. Amish are traditionally farmers, but many have branched out into construction, with businesses providing roofing services, among other trades (like masonry or carpentry).

Below, a few of the Amish roofing businesses you’ll find in Amish communities across the Wolverine State. Amish roofers and builders typically travel up to 2 hours in one direction for work (by using hired drivers). The most conservative Amish do not travel by vehicle except in an emergency (but this is a small minority of the total Amish population).

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Note: The following companies are a sampling of Amish businesses doing roofing in the state of Michigan. Some may offer other construction-related services as well. Services and businesses may change, so please confirm using the contact info below for current information and details on roofing estimates, availability, etc. You can find Amish contractors doing a variety of roofing work, including metal roofing, roof repair & replacement, tile roofing, storm damage repair, slate roofing, wood roofs, and more. You can also check the main directory of Amish roofers including companies in states such as Indiana and Ohio. Page last updated: December 20, 2019


Charlotte Area (Eaton County)

The Amish community near Charlotte is within close proximity to the cities of Lansing and Battle Creek. Since Amish frequently travel up to 2 hours in one direction for certain jobs, roofers in this area could conceivably take on projects in other Michigan cities, including Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Ann Arbor, and Flint.

Tobie Yoder

John Allen Mast

Daniel Bontrager

Central MI Metal Roofing
Emanuel Herschberger
14380 North Ave
Bellevue, MI
(269) 758-3330

Ogemaw Michigan Amish
An Amish buggy crests a hill in Ogemaw County in north-central Michigan


Roofers in this area are within range of Michigan cities including Grand Rapids, Saginaw, Muskegon, Mt. Pleasant, Midland, Traverse City, and Flint.

Osceola County
Osceola County in north-central MI is home to 6 distinct Amish communities. One can be found in the area of Hersey.

DW Construction
David Wickey
913 170th Avenue
Hersey, MI, 49639
Home improvements, Roofing, Siding, Windows, Decks, Pole barns.

Montcalm County

Montcalm County, also in north-central Michigan, is the location of 3 separate Amish settlements. The community at Six Lakes and Greenville is the oldest, with around 500 Amish residents.

Miller’s Roofing & Siding
6850 Lake Montcalm Rd.
Six Lakes, MI 48886
Closed Sundays


Roscommon Michigan Amish Barn
An Amish barn in the area of Roscommon in northern Michigan (Roscommon County).

The Clare settlement was founded in 1981, and is home to approximately 500 Amish.  In 2012 the Clare community hosted the Horse Progress Days event, a showcase of horses and horse-drawn equipment popular among Plain people.

Hershberger Home Building
Jonathan Hershberger
4508 S. Brand Ave.
Clare, MI 48617
Home builder, pole barns, roofing & remodeling.

Gateway Builders  
David Byler
10002 Washington Rd.
Clare, MI 48617
Home builder, pole barns, roofing & remodeling.

Stutzman’s Metal Roofing & Siding
Reuben Stutzman
9736 Tobacco Drive
Clare, MI 48617
Stutzman’s is a seller of metal siding and roofing material.

Newaygo County

E & L Roof Solution
LaVern Miller
4304 S. Ferrris Ave.
Fremont, MI

St. Joseph County

Shetler Roofing LLC
Leon J. Shetler
62440 Nottawa Rd.
Sturgis, MI
(269) 651-1308

How Amish Roofing Companies Operate

Two of the main challenges you might imagine Amish roofers face are: transportation, and how to power their tools.

For the first matter, Amish roofers will either hire a driver, or have a non-Amish person as a worker, who is able to drive either a personal vehicle or a company vehicle like a work truck. This arrangement is acceptable in the majority of situations.

It’s well-known that Amish do not use public electricity. So what about power tools? In their at-home workshops (for example, in furniture makers’ shops), Amish use previously-electric tools which have been adapted to run on pneumatic and hydraulic power. But when they are working away from home, they need to be able to use conventional tools as they lack the pneumatic/hydraulic power source.

So Amish roofers (and builders for that matter) typically use standard tools which they simply plug into conventional power sources available at their non-Amish customers’ homes. Amish may also use generators to create power for such tools if necessary.

Are you an Amish roofer in Michigan, or do you know of one? Add your details in the comment section below. If you’re looking for help with a different kind of construction project, try our MI Amish builders guide.

Amish roofer photos: Slate roof shingles: greenenergyfutures/flickr; Ogemaw MI: melaniegow/flickr; Roscommon MI: melaniegow/flickr

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