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Amish are found across the state of Illinois, in roughly 20 locations, with the largest community in the middle of the state, surrounding the small town of Arthur. This guide is for those seeking an Amish business to do roofing work on your new or existing home or other building. Amish do a wide range of roofing work including new construction and home improvement. See our roofer list below for contact information for a number of Amish roofers in the state.

Illinois Cities and Regions – Where do Amish roofers work?

While Amish are not found everywhere in the state, Amish roof contractors do work beyond their home regions. In some cases Amish companies will travel up to an hour or two for a job. Illinois cities within range of Amish roofers include Champaign/Urbana, Decatur, Springfield, Peoria, Bloomington, and others. Homeowners in the Chicago area may also seek an Amish roofer from communities in neighboring states Indiana and Wisconsin (view our full Amish roofers guide here).

Types of roofing work

Depending on the individual company, Amish roofers do a variety of roofing jobs, including new roofs, roof repair (emergency and standard), shingle roofs, metal roofing, slate roofing, shake roofs, asphalt roofing, roof replacement, barn roofs, garage roofs, and so on. Contact an individual Amish roofing company for the types of work they specialize in. Amish businesses as a whole enjoy a good reputation for their quality of work and reasonable pricing. That does not mean that all Amish roofers are perfect, however. As with any significant business decision, take your time, do your research, and ask the right questions before deciding on a roofer.

Amish buggies travel between corn fields in the Arthur community in central Illinois. The Arthur area is known for its large number of Amish businesses, including roofers and builders.

How do Amish roofers operate?

Most Amish roofers today will have a non-Amish employee who will serve as both a driver and worker. This allows Amish roofing companies to have a greater range than otherwise would be the case if they were restricted to horse-and-buggy distance (though this remains the reality in the plainest Amish communities, where Amish generally limit their work to within buggying range).

You can reach most Amish roofers via the phone; some today are using smartphones (rules on this can vary, but often where they are considered “gray area” or permitted, they will be restricted primarily to business-hours use).

Signs displaying the wide array of Amish businesses found in one Illinois community, including one providing metal roofing. Photo by Don Burke

As far as the tools Amish roofers use, they will make use of conventional electric tools where necessary. Amish do not permit use of public electricity in the homes, though the custom around business use can vary. Construction and related fields typically permit the use of traditional electric power-based equipment, since the work takes place outside of Amish communities in a non-Amish environment. In comparison, Amish furniture and woodworking shops will often power adapted versions of conventional tools using air or hydraulic power.

As far as paying for services, payment by check is commonly accepted. Amish people and businesses do use traditional bank accounts like anyone. Some Amish roofers may be equipped to take credit cards. Cash of course is another option.

Amish roofing companies in IL

Below is a list of Amish roofers in the state. Each has a contact number. Some Amish businesses are reachable via cell phone. In other cases, you may have to leave a voice message and wait for a call back.

Evergreen Roofing
Steven Yoder
RR 2 Box 410
McLeansboro, IL
(618) 773-4256

J W Roofing
Joni Wickey
1282 Grammer Rd.
Carbondale, IL
(618) 967-6689

Precision Roofing & Coating
David Summy
445 35th Ave.
Roseville, IL
(309) 299-8298

Schrock Builders & Roofing
Reuben Chupp
370 N. CR 200 E.
Arthur, IL
(217) 543-2707

For additional roofing possibilities, you can also check our list of Illinois Amish builders for other Amish construction-related companies, many of whom may also do roofing work. Contact a given builder to confirm.

Amish communities in Illinois

Amish have a long history in the Land of Lincoln. Central to that story is the community at Arthur, Illinois, one of the largest Amish settlements in the country. Roughly 5,000 Amish call the area around Arthur and Arcola (Douglas, Moultrie and Cole Counties) home today.

This bustling community, largest in the state by a factor of 10, is full of home enterprises such as furniture and cabinet shops, retail stores, and construction and home improvement businesses.

An Amish buggy on the backroads of the Opdyke/Belle Rive, IL community. Photo by Don Burke

The rest of the state has its fair share of smaller Amish settlements, concentrated mainly in the southern and western regions of Illinois. In southern Illinois, the largest Amish location is the Ava community. This is a more progressive, New Order Amish community. In western Illinois, the biggest community is at Macomb, in McDonough County. The Amish here are more conservative and plainer than those at Arthur.

Know of a good Amish roofer in Illinois? Feel free to share roofer contact details, description, and your experience with that roofer with us in the comments below. If you’re looking for Amish roofers in another state, check our full Amish roofer guide

Image credits: pony cart – Kathy; buggy sign – Mike Goad; Arthur buggies – ShipshewanaIndiana; slate roof – Green Energy Futures

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