Here’s a nice video giving a little look into maple syrup production, plus a visit to Amish baker Emma Miller’s bakery for a baking demo and interview.

emma-miller-amish-bakerHost Robin Benzle comes to us from Burton, Ohio, which is in the Geauga County Amish settlement in northeastern Ohio.

Last week we had a look at the goods on display in Miller’s Bakery in Holmes County, Ohio. This video shows more of the process of creating sweet treats.

Emma is a nice interview subject with a friendly and warm personality.

The video is longish (13+ minutes), so here are some highlights you can jump to:

  • (1:20) – Geauga Co. tourism director Linda Nemeth talks about maple in store-bought syrup. She says store bought syrup usually contains less than 1% maple product (I assume she means the commonplace pancake syrup)
  • (2:30) – A bit on the history of maple syrup (Native Americans discovered it first; maple syrup is made only in the US and Canada)
  • (3:43) – A maple candy-making demonstration
  • (4:23) – Collecting maple sap
  • (5:11) – Boiling sap at the sugar house (“This ain’t no barn”)
  • (6:00)Beginning of visit to Amish Home Craft Shop & Bakery and interview with Emma Miller
  • (6:53) – Emma discusses how she powers her Kitchen Aid mixer (an inverter off a 12-volt battery) and starts work on the batch of maple cookies
  • (9:11) – Spooning out the dough using an ice cream scoop
  • (9:51) – Emma discusses her schedule running the bakery (4 AM wake-up, earlier on Fri and Sat). The previous summer, Emma says they “baked around the clock”, which sounds pretty intense
  • (10:31) – Making the frosting
  • (11:16) – Emma answers the question, do you ever get tired of eating sweets? (“No, I’m gonna sell it first…I eat what’s left”)
  • (12:03) – Trying Emma’s “famous maple cinnamon rolls”

I don’t know about you, but I could go for one of those rolls.

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