A Visit to an Amish Maple-Iced Cookie Baker (Video)

Here’s a nice video giving a little look into maple syrup production, plus a visit to Amish baker Emma Miller’s bakery for a baking demo and interview.

emma-miller-amish-bakerHost Robin Benzle comes to us from Burton, Ohio, which is in the Geauga County Amish settlement in northeastern Ohio.

Last week we had a look at the goods on display in Miller’s Bakery in Holmes County, Ohio. This video shows more of the process of creating sweet treats.

Emma is a nice interview subject with a friendly and warm personality.

The video is longish (13+ minutes), so here are some highlights you can jump to:

  • (1:20) – Geauga Co. tourism director Linda Nemeth talks about maple in store-bought syrup. She says store bought syrup usually contains less than 1% maple product (I assume she means the commonplace pancake syrup)
  • (2:30) – A bit on the history of maple syrup (Native Americans discovered it first; maple syrup is made only in the US and Canada)
  • (3:43) – A maple candy-making demonstration
  • (4:23) – Collecting maple sap
  • (5:11) – Boiling sap at the sugar house (“This ain’t no barn”)
  • (6:00)Beginning of visit to Amish Home Craft Shop & Bakery and interview with Emma Miller
  • (6:53) – Emma discusses how she powers her Kitchen Aid mixer (an inverter off a 12-volt battery) and starts work on the batch of maple cookies
  • (9:11) – Spooning out the dough using an ice cream scoop
  • (9:51) – Emma discusses her schedule running the bakery (4 AM wake-up, earlier on Fri and Sat). The previous summer, Emma says they “baked around the clock”, which sounds pretty intense
  • (10:31) – Making the frosting
  • (11:16) – Emma answers the question, do you ever get tired of eating sweets? (“No, I’m gonna sell it first…I eat what’s left”)
  • (12:03) – Trying Emma’s “famous maple cinnamon rolls”

I don’t know about you, but I could go for one of those rolls.

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    1. Jeff Baker

      Batteries and Power Mixer's?

      I see they use batteries and an inverter to run the mixer. How do they charge the battery?

      1. jerry

        Charging Bateries

        In South Central Pa. some use solar panels while others us gasoline powered generators. Many orders use car batteries to power the LED lights on buggies when on the highway. Older orders (Nebraska) still use blue kerosene lanterns to tag their buggies.

        1. Jeff Baker


          Thank you, Jerry

    2. My mouth is still watering!

      Those look sooo good! My mouth is still watering! I will definitely be visiting this place if I ever get there!

      1. Agreed. Maple syrup is yummy. I found it interesting to learn that maple syrup is only made in North America. I have a nice memory of collecting maple sap with Amish friends in PA. It was a bit tricky as most of the trees were growing on a steep river bank, almost like the side of a ravine. But we managed to collect many gallons.

        The lady at the beginning makes a point on real maple syrup. There is quite a taste and texture difference between the thicker artificial stuff and the thinner real stuff. However I’m partial to both on my pancakes.

        Pancakes. It’s been awhile since I’ve enjoyed a stack of those come to think of it. Maybe I’ll remedy that tomorrow morning.

    3. Judith


      Oh wow! I so much want one of those cookies and ESPECIALLY that Maple Cinnamon Roll! I wish Emma would ship them west to California!!!!! I’d pay for the shipping! YUM!