Funny Business

Funny Amish Business Signs

Says Tom: “I stopped by a very small bulk food store and enjoyed these signs. I have found that Amish folks enjoy a good joke.”

Amish entrepreneurs often do have this sort of funny business posted on the walls of their businesses. I think I’ve seen all of these (or variations) except the battery/charge one. Can’t beat that EZ Credit Plan!

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    1. Lee Ann

      Those are funny! They copied that one about the husband calling, from what most say” Your wife called.
      Having something like that in the store to bring a smile to a customers face, probably brings in more business as well!

      Wish more of the english business’s had something like this posted, would make everyone’s day.

      Thanks for posting!

    2. Margaret

      Thanks for the chuckles! They started off my day with a smile! :0)

    3. Funny Business

      I like those – I should put those on my web site!

    4. Carolyn B

      My favorite is the “Bad–tell us; Good–tell others” message. They’re right, nothing beats word of mouth referrals!

    5. Funny Business

      These had me really LOL!! 🙂

      God Bless,

    6. The IN-YOUR-FACE side of Amish business

      I have had kind of a crazy week with a home plumbing explosion among other challenges so I’m glad I can finally get into the comments here…:)

      One thing I like about these signs–which, again, are typical in a lot of Amish shops–is how “in your face” they are–the things people might want to say from time to time but propriety as an Amish person or business owner dictating that you do not.

      It’s like these typically semi-sarcastic and let’s be honest, even a little smug signs are what a flustered or annoyed business owner who has to maintain politeness would REALLY say if he weren’t needing to keep his reputation intact…well at least he might be tempted to on the really bad days 😉

    7. Al in Ky.

      I saw a sign yesterday in an Amish salvage store and it said:

      I HUNT it, I FIND it, I BUY it, I LOAD it, I HAUL it, I UNLOAD it,
      I WASH it, I SCRUB it, I PAINT it, I FIX it, I PRICE it, I DISPLAY
      it, I PAY TAXES on it. Now, how can you ask me to take any less?

      I’ve seen a lot of the signs mentioned above, but this was the
      first time I’ve seen this message on one!

      1. Hard to argue with the full-out assault of a sign like that 🙂

    8. Carolyn B

      To Al in KY,

      You need to share this on the internet with others. Specifically thinking of The Nate Berkus Show and a couple of his guest host salvage shoppers who always say “politely ask if the dealer can do any better on the price.” I think they’d get a kick out of seeing from the seller’s perspective.