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Amish Business MapSearching for an Amish business? The Amish Business Directory lists Amish companies and product retailers across North America. Find addresses and contact info for Amish stores, markets, construction firms, and other businesses and goods at the links below. Listed by state.

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Finding Amish stores and products

Amish Product DirectoryFrom modest roadside stand selling canned goods to vast retail showrooms harboring acres of Amish-made household furniture, Amish products can be found in a wide variety of venues.  You may have encountered an Amish product while on vacation in an Amish community.  You may have purchased furniture, quilts or other Amish-made goods online.  You may be searching for businesses in a specific community, or the nearest provider of a certain good to your home.

As you travel in Amish communities, you’re sure to notice roadside signs pointing the way down long farm lanes to workshops, retail stores and bakeries often housed adjacent to the Amish home.  Others will refrain from visiting Amish settlements, instead searching for Amish business signs pointing the way to venues selling Amish products online.

Shops Amish Country
Shops in Amish Country

Geographically-ordered listings in the guides included here (organized by state) are meant to make locating a seller of Amish products fast and easy.  The businesses listed here are both Amish-owned (noted when known) and non-Amish dealers of Amish products.  Addresses, phone numbers, and websites, when relevant, are provided.

Some Amish companies may have a web presence thanks to cooperation with English partners, or may rely on an English-owned website to retail their goods. The non-Amish companies listed in these directories typically maintain close relationships with Amish manufacturers, allowing them to cooperate to produce goods in response to changing tastes.

Amish quiltmakers for example create quilts in both traditional styles, but also in more modern designs, as well as related products that have become popular among English customers, such as quillows or patchwork bags.  An Amish furniture craftsman can design a new line of furniture in response to feedback given directly to him by customers, or if he is a wholesaler, channeled via a non-Amish retailer with whom he works.

In this manner Amish companies not only craft products aligned with Amish tradition, but also adapt to satisfy demands of their often highly non-Amish clientele. Interestingly, even those businesses which may seem to be strictly Amish-oriented in fact do a fair share of work for non-Amish.  For example, an Amish buggy shop may also do some restoration of turn-of-the-century era cars (a time when the “horseless carriage” wasn’t so drastically different in design from today’s Amish buggy).  Harness shops may do work for English horse owners, and horse-drawn equipment makers produce implements both for Plain farmers and English hobby farming enthusiasts.

Amish Businesses across America

The landscape of Amish occupations looks markedly different than it did for Amish forefathers of the 18th and 19th centuries.  While agriculture remains a mainstay in many Amish communities, today thousands of Amish households provide a number of goods and services via home-based businesses.  Amish business is a relatively recent phenomenon with roots in the mid-20th century, developing a full head of steam through the 1990s and into the 21st century.

Amish Cottage Business
Cottage businesses such as this bookstore support a growing Amish population

Home enterprises have filled a gap which has arisen due to high land prices and large families pricing many Amish out of the market for traditional dairy farming.  New generations of Amish business owners who, unlike their predecessors, never grew up on a farm, are founding businesses and taking over family firms in what is becoming for some a generational family tradition of entrepreneurship.

An Amish business may be as unassuming as an Amish housewife crafting candles in spare moments between taking care of household and children, to large Amish mini-factories employing dozens of workers and dedicated marketing and sales teams.

Most Amish businesses lie somewhere in the middle, existing as a small-scale means of providing a living for a single household.  Amish businesses may be owned and operated by males, females, or both in husband-wife partnerships.  Most commonly Amish men steer enterprises which employ family or neighbors in a locally-oriented environment.

Hershbergers Amish Bakery
Hershberger’s of Holmes County, Ohio is one of many thriving Amish bakeries

Common among Amish companies are businesses in the woodworking, construction, and manufacturing sectors.  Market stands thrive in the Mid-Atlantic region, typically operated by Pennsylvania Amish in and around large metropolitan areas of Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Jersey and beyond.  Crafts remain a strong sector for Amish females, with Amish women doing skilled craft work such as clothes making or quilting in their spare time and in some cases operating full-fledged full-time companies.

Some Amish businesspeople operate in more obscure fields as well.  Taxidermists, house movers, electricians (yes, electricians), accountants, health store owners, bookbinders, beekeepers and casket makers are all among the less-common enterprises occasionally seen on the Amish landscape.  Though they restrict formal education, Amish have shown a knack for entrepreneurship often coming up with creative ideas for business ventures.

When you buy Amish-made products and services, you are helping to support Amish families who have adapted to a new entrepreneurial tradition likely to persist for generations to come.  Likewise, many Amish-made products will last for generations themselves, offering value for decades to come.

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Photo credits: US Map: NinJA999/flickr; Amish worker figurine: Curious Expeditions/flickr; Quilt: maryfrancesmain/flickr; Amish woodworker: taratara69/flickr; Amish roof construction: wcn247/flickr; Amish scooter: Claude Robillard/flickr; Steev Hise/flickr

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    1. Nicole

      How to become amish

      How do you become Amish were do you sign up or who do you talk to?

      1. Robert

        Reply to Nicole, how to become Amish

        Hi Nicole,

        I thought I would try and answer your question about how to become Amish. You might want to do some research first as their are many Amish sects. All Amish are Anabaptist Christians who emphasize adult baptism. However some Amish sects are more conservative than others. For example, the ‘Old Order Amish’ settlements can be very strict and giving up modern conveniences is a must. The ‘Old Order Amish’ conversion would also include instruction in Amish beliefs, strict dress code, language, and adult baptism.

        If you do not wish extreme life style changes just yet, but still want to explore the possibilities, I would suggest associating with a more liberal Amish Mennonite community. Mennonites are still Anabaptist in nature as they stem from the same 16th century reform movement as the Old Order Amish.
        The Amish Mennonites come in many varieties from “plain people”, to Mennonite communities whose believers dress like the general population.

        Personally I think joining the Old Order Amish is not something to be taken lightly due to the significant lifestyle changes. However it is not impossible. If you wish to follow biblical teachings such as (2 Corinthians 6:14)(1 Timothy 2:8-9) and (1 Peter 3:3) you will be well on your way.

        If you would like to chat further, feel free to get in touch.

        1. Grace

          Old Order Amish

          I am very interested in joining the old order Amish church. How do I go about that?

    2. Todd

      Looking for a business

      I’m looking for a Amish business that makes a horse and buggy metal silhouette that I can put on the outside of my house. I’m not sure if this is the place to ask. I live in upstate ny(Rensselaer county area). We visit Lancaster pa a couple of times through the summer and only recently discovered Amish communities in the Mohawk valley area which is a lot closer to us. Thanks Todd.

    3. Vicki Flohr

      Looking for horse arena and horse stable demolition company

      We are looking for a reputable demolition company to take down a concrete horse arena – 16 stall horse stable building and loft – and a 2 story house. It looks to have some value to some items. Is there an Amish company who specializes in this kind of work?

    4. Vicki Flohr


      We are looking for a reputable company to take down a concrete horse arena – 16 stall horse stable building and loft – and a 2 story house. It looks to have some value to some items. Is there an Amish company who specializes in this kind of work?

    5. Roy O Mendez Jr

      Business Consulting

      Hi my name is Roy and I am a Business Management Consultant who has and continues to work with the Amish and Englishers as well to improve, people, processes, productivity, performance, and profits. As a Christian Businessman, I really enjoy working with the Amish and would like to continue adding value to any business.

      1. Randy Laskowitz


        I’m looking to get wood game boxes built..can you help..ty


          Hello from Amish Country! Our staff here in Ethridge, TN can help you. Our local Amish consign beautiful custom wood crafts here at our Welcome Center. We also provide wagon tours to visit the Amish directly to find just what you need. Call 931-321-8687 or come for a visit.

          Amish Heritage Welcome Center,
          Museum & Wagon Tours
          4001 Hwy 43 N
          Ethridge, TN 38456

          1. sheiiah mcgaughy

            Wooden Urns

            wanting to purchase 2 wooden urns, how and who to contact

          2. We ‘re from Westmoreland tn. Looking for hardwood floor made by Amish in Ethridge. If we had names of those who make hardwood floor or a location would be greatly appreciated.

      2. tashley

        business consulting

        Can you direct me to Amish location to partner with for producing and labelling my organic canned food?
        thank you

      3. William Fields

        Birch Logs


        If anyone knows of / or can point me towards an Amish family in Maine that can cut down and supply me with white Birch Logs ( not split ) in order for me to make lamps, I’d like to know how to be referred to them, in order for me to do business with them.
        I will then make a trip to Maine to contact and work with them directly.
        Thank you for your time and consideration.


    6. Need Honest Handyman in Scottsville, Kentucky


      I’m a retired lady, and I’ve recently purchased an older mobile home in Scottsville, Kentucky.

      It’s the first home that I’ve ever bought, and I did so with the intention of living here year round. Since moving to Scottsville, I’ve come to realize that the home needs a number of things attended to and repaired. So, am wondering if you could recommend an honest, trustworthy handyman, in this area, who might be able to assist me.

      Any information that you could provide to me on this, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    7. Owner Buss. since 1923

      Do you have a printed buss. Directory listing for sale or otherwise. We have been selling to lots of Amish customers for over Industrial textile products. products for over 12+ years.

    8. David and Lori. Hunt

      Horse drawn 100 year equipment

      Have suction for tons of horse drawn farming impliments.
      Hay racks
      Honey ECT ECT
      All must go
      Liberal ,ks 67901

    9. Scott Lawrence


      Do you need a driver I have a 2010 Ford SUV I am close to Chagrin Falls close to Warren close to Northeastern Ohio Amish communities looking to transport Amish workers.
      Contact Scott 216-612-3102

    10. William Brinkley

      Amish Transportation in SW MI

      New to the area and would love to be able to provide transportation for Amish in need of it. Figured this would be a great way to illicit some ideas on how to get this off the ground… in the Centerville/ Three Rivers/ Kalamazoo areas.


      Have a great day

    11. Bob Thomas (Thomas Family Morgans)

      Morgan horses for sale

      We have raised family -friendly Morgan horses for over 40 years. We often sell them to Amish families as buggy horses, foals and broodmares. Can you tell me of newspapers / magazines where we can advertise our Morgans to more Amish families? Thanks
      We would also like to know of any Morgan mares that the Amish have for sale.

      1. A place to advertise to Amish customers

        That would be The Budget, a newspaper for all Amish, Mennonite, and other plain people. It’s based in Ohio, but goes to Amish communities all over the USA. Best of luck to you!

    12. Leslie Harris

      Mennonite plumbers

      I’m looking for an Ohio Mennonite community progressive enough to allow members to be licensed plumbers and electricians. I’m specifically looking for a waterproofing company of hardworking and experienced Mennonites to do external waterproofing. I know it’s a pipe dream request, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Any replies appreciated.

    13. Lillian


      I am interested in posting my business here, but I don’t see a link. Will you tell me who I should contact to see if I am approved? Thank you.

    14. Germano


      Hello, we are an Italian family, we seek to contact your community of Amish, to offer the possibility of a joint venture or association with milk producers, to develop a manufacture of our Caramel Cream products and Caramel energy tablets, you can see and know us , with our activity in, for us family, it would be a great pleasure, to install something in your areas. Thanks and best regards

    15. Frank Martin

      Wild Wild Western Hardwood

      I have one of the largest selections of WESTERN BLACK WALNUT LOGS and Burls on the West Coast !!! This wood has every color of the sunset in it . Not just the plain Brown and Greys of the southern and Eastern variety.I would love to see what True Craftsmen can do eith thid truly BEAUTIFUL WOOD !

    16. James OToole Sr

      Crystal Cold Refrigerator

      I need information on a CC12R propane refrigerator, user manual and parts list.

    17. Don Golga

      Search of an old friend

      Coached softball with this Good Man years ago. Would like to meet up again… Came out for Community Days but he did not show.. His name is Bob Warren, he owns an ice delivery company, and people told me he drives a light blue truck with a tire on top… can anyone help.. Coached Mike Jones, and Joe Peters both deceased.. Also Mike Peters, Dave Hauser and Greg Bean.

    18. Lou Carrega

      Footwear Assembly

      Looking to assemble wool clogs. Is there an Amish shoe factory who may be interested in partnering with us.

    19. Carol Gabriel

      I have a treadle sewing machine with all attachments, a wool yarn piece of equipment and an old coffee grinder I need to get rid of in New Jersey since I am moving to Florida. How could I do t his on this site. I also have partially braided rug with all the e tar wool needed to finish it. I surely do not need that in Florida.


      Carol Gabriel
      410-491-3648 cell

    20. Michelle Sheldon

      I am looking for an Amish seamstress to make some modest very simple dresses for me. I currently have one in the style I wish to have made. At this time I am up near Cooperstown NY. Soon I will drive back South to Florida, so I could meet with a seamstress here or anywhere along the way. I of course would pay postage to mail finished dresses to me.
      I also have room in my car if 1-3 would like to join me and go to Pinecraft by car rather tgan by bus.

    21. Mark Hunter

      Several old Maytag Wringer washers for sale.

      I have 8-10 old Maytag wringer washers for sale. I’m an appliance dealer here in Wyoming. I have bought these from customers over the years. I also have (4) Maytag gas engines as well. All will need work to function properly. I will be driving from Wyoming to Maine during the first week of October.

      I also have various parts as well. Happy to send pictures.


      Mark Hunter 307-887-9999 or
      P.O. Box 938
      Afton, Wyoming 83110

    22. Mette Karlsen

      Need help locating a business person not listed here

      Good morning, Erik,
      First, let me say what a relief and joy it is to participate on this website. I really appreciate that you made this site possible, and that you keep it going so well.
      Anyway, I have been looking for years for an Amish girl or lady who, for very generous payment, would agree to sew authentic Amish clothes (of the Lancaster County more-liberal sort) and kapps for me. I did write to one girl whom I met in the Reading Terminal Market, at The Dutch Eating Place, but our correspondence didn’t go so well. If you could point me in the direction of whom and where to go to, I’d be most grateful.
      Sincerely, Mette Karlsen og Spring City, PA

    23. Jan Kennedy

      Amish Shed builder

      I am looking for some Amish builders to build a shed for me. The size would be approximately 12 x 34 14 x 30. I am in Rochester New York. Thank you.

    24. Leza Messiah

      CanYou Connect Me Directly With An Amish Cabin/Shed Maker

      How can I ask an Amish group DIRECTLY to build me a 16×18 maybe 14×18 cabin shed thing with a porch to put on my land in Western New York, near Buffalo, Arcade/Freedom, New York area and have it delivered and set up. I know there are companies that sell Amish built structures, but how can I buy directly from them? I know they are around because I see street signs with black buggies on them to help tell cars to be careful. Thanks, Leza


      do the Amish use the pedal powered grindstones for sharpening tools? if so, is there a supplier they use to buy new one? i am looking for a manufacture of new ones.

      thank you.

    26. Looking for small dog breeder

      Looking for a small dog breeder
      Eg Yorkie, maltese

      1. Bernice

        Small Dog Breeder

        I have a litter of Pomeranian puppies. No registration papers. 3 boys and 2 girls. All sables. Born October 9,2019. They will be vetted and ready for new homes after December 10, 2019. Only litter I have available this year

    27. Bernice

      Looking for Amish Horse Trainer

      I’m located in eastern Kentucky (Burning Springs area). I have a mare that needs full break training to ride and drive and another that just needs a refresher for probably both.


      custom projects

      Is there any amish groups that can build a custom wagon??

    29. Need construction work Westlake Oh 44145

      New roof grge + frame in over garage for addtion
      Need porch, sidding, gutters, siding.


      26600 Gershwin Dr.
      Westlake Oh 44145

    30. George Joosten

      I’m George Joosten from the Netherlands. I am looking for an Amish producer or supplier of flour and fresh fruit in large bulk. May I ask you if you have any idea where and how I can get in touch with such suppliers & people.
      Thank you for your time

    31. Looking for nice electric trike used

      Hi , my name is Gary. I am looking for a nice 36 v (maybe 24 or 48v)
      electric trike ,used.I have gone the Amish bike stores but found the used ones to be a bit too expensive. I need one as I have a quite serious hip condition and was hoping to purchase one directly from an owner whom is interested in selling. Sometimes loved ones may have a bike that they wish to sell,should they owner have moved or passed away.Please contact me in anyone has any info on this matter.
      773 259 8942

    32. Fallen trees

      I’m looking for an Amish business to haul off fallen and cut down trees. Trees are already down . This is in the Fallston MD area.

    33. Author

      Hi there! I would like to be connected with someone regard my book, Amazing Grace, Abounding Love, which was a finalist at the 2019 Canadian Word Guild Awards for Life Stories. The book is a memoir of freedom from depression, lies and childhood sexual abuse. Through my Christ-centred faith and understanding the peace that can only come from forgiving my father, I claimed my place as a child of God when I finally understood His amazing grace and abounding love. My hope is that your magazine(s) would be willing to include a book review in your upcoming publications, a copy of which I would be pleased to forward to you. Since this initial contact information form limits the amount of information I can provide at this time, I will certainly send more information to you once I am connected with your contact person. Thank you and God bless. Darlene Martens 519-324-2859

    34. MARILYN

      need buggy replacemane parts

      We live near Seattle,WA, and have a gray Amish buggy that came from Pennsylvania.( it was used for advertising at an Amish furniture shop in Portland OR.} it is in great disrepair. We don’t use it as a carriage, but it sits outside of our Airbnb called the Hayloft. It contributes greatly to the ambiance on our property. My husband does woodworking and makes furniture. He feels many of the wooden parts he can recreate, but especially with the canvas cover, we can’t seem to find a way to get that replaced.
      I have searched relentlessly online knowing that the Amish don’t advertise buggy parts. But keep hoping to find some connection for this,
      Any information on locating this would be appreciated!!! Thanks!!

    35. Justin Quinn


      Hello! My name is Justin Quinn and and I hope that you will welcome this idea and not take offense. I’ve gotten the chance to see and possibly sell a machine that produces filtered water and ice. Ice been thinking about it for a few months and couldn’t think of anyone or group of people who may get the most benefit from this other than a community as yours. I have all the information available for them and I’m not looking to get rich just a fair deal. Please contact me on email or at 513 208 8385. Sincerely

    36. debra finnerty

      In need of building a deck - metal roof- maybe wood siding on a mobile home

      We purchased a 14 x 70 mobile home and need a deck and a metal roof possible a siding of the home husband is disabled and I am unable to do the work we live in Macedon ny any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

    37. Need Community Contact

      Hello, I work for an agricultural research company and have a task for the fall for which I wanted to contact a community leader to see if we could hire a crew from the Amish community around Kokomo, IN. Would you be able to put me in touch with someone from that community to discuss the possibility? I can be reached via the email provided and can provide my phone number after an email response. Thank you!

    38. Jerry D Gibson

      I am trying to find someone to renovate an older Amish (Gray horse drawn buggy) that I purchased back in the winter. I would be willing to deliver it to the location of a person that could re build it like new. If you interested please send me an email.


    39. Pangborn

      need a builder for the liberty mo area. the amish build my house. We need to rough in a 2 story porch and deck and a large barn or building for tractors. 816 781 3994

    40. Susie Koenig

      Online businesses

      Is there a list of online Amish stores ? Just wondering . Thanks !!

    41. Thomas Family Morgans

      3 registered Morgan weanling for sale

      We have 2 colts and a filly for sale. The colts are black & bay and the filly is black. Great bloodlines for breeding.
      Always interested in buying well-bred Morgan mares for breeding/
      Phone us at 519 633-2390

    42. Alison


      Hi –

      We have a horse farm in Lexington KY and wanted to know if there are any Amish horse manure removal companies in the area? The manure is mixed with shavings, not hay.

      Please contact us at: or 859-215-1769 if you provide these services, thank you!

    43. Charles Snyder

      Looking for batch production of simple, small wooden chests.

      Looking to produce 100-1000 wooden chests of a simple, specific design. I see that “Amish Custom Woodcrafts” might be an option. A PA manufacturer (or northern VA) would be preferred so that I could interact more personnally. Any recommendations?

    44. Sister Su

      Looking for clock movements, parts

      In years past before I moved, I used to get an Amish Amish catalog that included clock parts, clock hands, movements etc. Now one of my relatives needs new hands and movement for her clock. Some of my cousins are also interested in the possibility of building their own clocks. Some of my cousins are also interested in the possibility of building their own clocks. Can anyone tell me of an Amish business where these can be ordered? Thank you very much!

    45. Marilyn Marrah

      Buggy wheels

      Looking for used Amish buggy wheels. Do not plan on actually using the buggy – just for a barn-look decor. Also the covering material for the outside passenger area. Ours has rotted.

    46. Sam Spade

      Looking for a copy of the Lancaster Pennsylvania Amish Business Directory

      How can I get one?

    47. Cassidy


      Hello! I’m trying to find someone in the Ohio Amish community that will break to ride a 7 year old draft cross stud, with that being said what the cost of training and board would be in conjunction with that.

      1. Sister Su

        to Cassidy

        Hi Cassidy. I pass several farms where Amish break horses on the way to visit my rural Ohio relatives, but I do not have their addresses. I recommend that you list an advertisement in The Budget newspaper, which most Amish homes receive. It is published in Sugarcreek Ohio, and their phone number is 330-852-4634.

        In your listing, be very specific about what you are looking for. Include your phone number and address, and interested Amish will contact you.

    48. Help needed to put quilt pieces together and make into quilt.

      Many years ago There were two Amish sisters that put quilt pieces together for me and did all the hand quilting.
      I lost their names and address. If anyone knows about them and if they still do this I would love to have them put another quilt together for me. If that’s not possible perhaps there would be someone else that would do this for me.
      Thankyou so much for your help.
      Grace Carlson

    49. Lauren H.

      Looking for Amish farm or butchery

      I was hoping to find fresh farmed meat to help my family. We are looking for lamb, beef, pork and dairy products. Are there any farms that sell these products near upstate New York?
      Thank you,

    50. Jay

      Play small self or one in one or more sport games

      Do Amish play sport games.

      1. Sister Su

        Amish & Sports

        Yes Amish love to work hard and play hard too. Sports are most common among youth in their free time off work. The most common sports played baseball, volleyball, and ice-skating/ice hockey, although this varies from one community to the next. Sports are impromptu and informal, playing mostly for fun and recreation rather than competition. They do not become sports fanatics or follow worldly teams.

        If you want to see progressive elderly Amish on vacation in Florida during the winter and what kind of games they play, check out this video:
        Among the elderly Amish in Pinecraft FL, the most common common sports activities are baseball, shuffleboard, bocce ball.

      2. Sister Su

        Barn in East Lansing

        You will need to call the Bontragers, but they are only about 20 miles away from you. I used to be in the same church with them 20 years ago, and they are excellent craftsmen. I highly recommend them. Check out this website for more information: