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Amish Made BasketsBaskets are among the many popular items handmade by the Amish.  You may have seen Amish adults and children selling baskets by the side of the road in Amish communities.

Amish craftspeople create baskets for the retail market, with a strong tradition of basket-making in some places. Amish sell their baskets direct to the public, but also through numerous retail outlets.  Find a seller of Amish baskets below.

Amish Basket Sellers across America



Ozark Country Market
999 Heber Springs Rd South
Heber Springs, AR 72543
501 206 0127
Ozark Country Market offers unique gift ideas and locally made products including Amish hand-woven baskets, such as the lunch basket with lid, fruit basket with scripture tag, napkin basket with liner, and hand made letter baskets.


1877 Porter Lake Drive
Sarasota, FL 34240
(941) 377-5112
(866) 272-6773
DutchCrafters features an extensive selection of hand-crafted products and furniture, made by skilled Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania Amish workers.

Among the array of items carried by Dutchcrafters, their hand-woven baskets include a variety of styles for different uses such as the window box, picnic, candy, flower, cracker, hanging baskets, pie carrier with lid and divider, tissue, step, bathroom brush basket, Amish oak basket trees with hooks to hang baskets, and more.

Yoder’s Gift Shop
3434 Bahia Vista St
Sarasota, FL 34239
Yoder’s Gift Shop carries a broad choice of Amish-made items including Amish quilts, handmade baskets, or hand-painted saw blades and gourds.


Murray McMurray Hatchery
P.O. Box 458
191 Closz Drive
Webster City, IA 50595
Amish egg and apple baskets available, made from solid and high quality materials by Amish from Missouri. Each of their baskets is signed by its maker. Amish baskets come woven plain.


Amish Country Heirlooms
1304 Tuscola Blvd. Unit 14
Tuscola, IL 61953
Amish Country Heirlooms specializes in a full line of handcrafted Amish furniture. They provide a range of Amish made baskets as well, manufactured by Care N Share. Vast array of styles and designs including step, round gathering, laundry baskets, toothpick baskets, bread, fruit, or woven purse baskets with leather handles, handi baskets, pie baskets with strap handles, or lazy Susan styles.


Amish Furniture Crafts Decor
21th Centry Net Sales
3740w 350N
LaGrange, IN 46761
Fruit baskets, napkin, silverware baskets, tree basket holder, serving tray baskets, casserole baskets, pie carriers, lazy Susans, bread baskets with or without divider available. Each is made by skilled Amish workers.


Detweiler’s Country Store
12825 Priceville Road (Highway 728)
Cub Run, KY 42729
(270) 524-7967
Hardware and variety store, features shelves of old-fashioned candies and bulk food supplies, Amish clothing, homemade baskets, crafts, and grocery items.

A Taste of Kentucky
11800 Shelbyville Road
Louisville, KY 40243
(800) 444-0552
A Taste of Kentucky offers a vast array of southern Hardin County Amish-made baskets perfect for different use including utensil, picnic, fruit, apple, napkin baskets or salt and pepper baskets. Each basket is hand-woven and signed in the bottom by its maker.


Works Of Heart
1 Water Street
Caribou, Maine 04736
(207) 492-0860
Works Of Heart provides locally made Maine products such as glass items, gifts,  primitives, pottery, wood products and hand-woven baskets made by an Easton, Maine Amish family.


My Dreams Country Store
26530 Three Notch Road
Mechanicsville, MD 20659
(301) 373-2006
My Dreams Country Store features a big selection of Amish-crafted furniture and home decor.  They carry a variety of products such as candles, gifts, lights, lamps, decorative plates, and hand-woven baskets.


Log Cabin Crafts
Townsend, MA 01469
Log Cabin Crafts offers online sales. They carry Amish made products including baskets such as double pie carriers, picnic, step, nest or lazy Susan varieties.


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Amish Retail
16191 Clayton Avenue
Coates, MN 55068
Amish Retail features a broad selection of products such as a full line of furniture, home and kitchen accessories, breadboxes, cookbooks, cutting boards and more including a range of Amish-made baskets, picnic, bread, fruit, hamper, mail baskets, pie carriers, laundry, casserole, and serving tray baskets. Wooden and collapsible baskets available as well.

The Village Depot
90 2nd Street NW
Harmony, MN 55939
The Village Depot carries a range of Amish-made items such as quilts, baskets, foods, gifts or collectibles. Each of their baskets is hand-woven and signed by its maker.  Amish baskets come in various colors and different styles including hamper, folding baskets, organizer, melon, step baskets or kleenex holders, and many more.

N & S Baskets
Noah Swartzentruber
16806 County Rd 10
Osakis, MN 56360
Reed baskets available.

Amish Country Co-Op Farmer’s Market
43368 County Road 23 South
Bertha, MN 56437
(218) 924-2520
A range of Amish products including a collection of baskets hand-woven in Todd County, Minnesota.

New York

The Wood Carte‎
1063 State Route 9
Queensbury, NY 12804-1375
(518) 793-7655‎
The Wood Carte‎ specializes in hand-crafted Amish made furniture.  They also provide a range of accessories including baskets, lamps and clocks.

Pickens General Store
83 State St
Heuvelton, NY 13654-4127
(315) 344-7950 ‎
Pickens General Store carries a wide ranging choice of Amish furniture and crafts including hand-woven Amish baskets available in different styles, such as table top lazy Susan, picnic baskets, serving baskets, storage and organizational baskets. Each item is hand-made.

Amish Collections
24 West Main Street
Gowanda, NY 14070
(716) 241-7300
A broad choice of Amish-crafted baskets available including hamper, candy, flower baskets, business card holders, pie carrier with painted lid, serving tray baskets, large step baskets, silverware baskets, waste baskets, casserole, bread, bun or cookie baskets, napkin, fruit or cracker baskets and many more. 

North Dakota

Amish Country Furnishings
Bismarck, ND
Provides an online store where they feature a full line of furniture and crafts. All of their products are made by Amish using high quality materials and woods. Amish Country Furnishings also carries a range of hand-woven baskets including picnic, waste, step, wall-shelf baskets, wagon baskets, silverware baskets, hamper, tulip baskets and more, available in a variety of colors.

Garbel’s Furniture and Floring
112 N Main St.
Crosby, ND 58730
Carries a broad selection of furniture made by different manufacturers including the Simply Amish furniture line.  They also feature wooden baskets made by Simply Amish craftsmen.


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Amish Basket Weaver
4111 Highway 43N
Ethridge, TN 38456
Features casserole baskets with plywood bottom and handles making them perfect for transporting sheet cakes or casserole dishes. Casserole baskets are available in two styles: woven (either plain or with dyed accent colors), or narrow braided Sea Grass (which come in navy blue, red, blue, wine, and green). Collapsible baskets, made from solid oak, in various styles and shapes available as well. All of their products are Tennessee Amish-made.


307 Gray Street Bowie
76230 TX
Woolgatherings features an online store with a wide ranging choice of baskets and other crafts made by an Amish family from Lamoni, Iowa. Their selection of hand-woven baskets includes various styles such as the pie-shape snippet basket, cutter basket, hooking, sewing tool chest, lunch baskets, market basket, nesting baskets, picnic baskets and many more.

Mission Del Rey
2200 N. Yarbrough Dr.
Suite B #177
El Paso, TX 79925
(915) 440-2140
The Mission Del Rey store is located in Southwest, Texas and offers a broad selection of items from rawhide lamp shades, rugs, Native American home decor, pottery and baskets to Amish-crafted baskets. Picnic baskets, lazy Susan, cookie, dinner roll, pan cakes or spice baskets available. Each is hand-woven by Pennsylvania Amish craftsmen.


Native American Vault
75 E Center St. 1
Springville, Utah 84663
Native American Vault has an online store. Some Amish-woven baskets such as picnic, fruit, napkin or pie baskets available.


Authentically Amish Fine Furnishings‎
4609 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22304-2505
(703) 212-9890‎
Specializes in a full line of dining, bedroom, office or kitchen furniture among other home decor items including Amish hand-made collapsible baskets.


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Note: Please double-check business hours of Amish baskets dealers listed here. Business locations and availability can change. Amish-owned businesses will always be closed on Sundays; non-Amish quilt dealers may be open. Not responsible for changes to the above information.
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