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Amish Business MapSearching for an Amish business? The Amish Business Directory lists Amish companies and product retailers across North America. Find addresses and contact info for Amish stores, markets, construction firms, and other businesses and goods at the links below. Listed by state.

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Finding Amish stores and products

Amish Product DirectoryFrom modest roadside stand selling canned goods to vast retail showrooms harboring acres of Amish-made household furniture, Amish products can be found in a wide variety of venues.  You may have encountered an Amish product while on vacation in an Amish community.  You may have purchased furniture, quilts or other Amish-made goods online.  You may be searching for businesses in a specific community, or the nearest provider of a certain good to your home.

As you travel in Amish communities, you’re sure to notice roadside signs pointing the way down long farm lanes to workshops, retail stores and bakeries often housed adjacent to the Amish home.  Others will refrain from visiting Amish settlements, instead searching for Amish business signs pointing the way to venues selling Amish products online.

Shops Amish Country
Shops in Amish Country

Geographically-ordered listings in the guides included here (organized by state) are meant to make locating a seller of Amish products fast and easy.  The businesses listed here are both Amish-owned (noted when known) and non-Amish dealers of Amish products.  Addresses, phone numbers, and websites, when relevant, are provided.

Some Amish companies may have a web presence thanks to cooperation with English partners, or may rely on an English-owned website to retail their goods. The non-Amish companies listed in these directories typically maintain close relationships with Amish manufacturers, allowing them to cooperate to produce goods in response to changing tastes.

Amish quiltmakers for example create quilts in both traditional styles, but also in more modern designs, as well as related products that have become popular among English customers, such as quillows or patchwork bags.  An Amish furniture craftsman can design a new line of furniture in response to feedback given directly to him by customers, or if he is a wholesaler, channeled via a non-Amish retailer with whom he works.

In this manner Amish companies not only craft products aligned with Amish tradition, but also adapt to satisfy demands of their often highly non-Amish clientele. Interestingly, even those businesses which may seem to be strictly Amish-oriented in fact do a fair share of work for non-Amish.  For example, an Amish buggy shop may also do some restoration of turn-of-the-century era cars (a time when the “horseless carriage” wasn’t so drastically different in design from today’s Amish buggy).  Harness shops may do work for English horse owners, and horse-drawn equipment makers produce implements both for Plain farmers and English hobby farming enthusiasts.

Amish Businesses across America

The landscape of Amish occupations looks markedly different than it did for Amish forefathers of the 18th and 19th centuries.  While agriculture remains a mainstay in many Amish communities, today thousands of Amish households provide a number of goods and services via home-based businesses.  Amish business is a relatively recent phenomenon with roots in the mid-20th century, developing a full head of steam through the 1990s and into the 21st century.

Amish Cottage Business
Cottage businesses such as this bookstore support a growing Amish population

Home enterprises have filled a gap which has arisen due to high land prices and large families pricing many Amish out of the market for traditional dairy farming.  New generations of Amish business owners who, unlike their predecessors, never grew up on a farm, are founding businesses and taking over family firms in what is becoming for some a generational family tradition of entrepreneurship.

An Amish business may be as unassuming as an Amish housewife crafting candles in spare moments between taking care of household and children, to large Amish mini-factories employing dozens of workers and dedicated marketing and sales teams.

Most Amish businesses lie somewhere in the middle, existing as a small-scale means of providing a living for a single household.  Amish businesses may be owned and operated by males, females, or both in husband-wife partnerships.  Most commonly Amish men steer enterprises which employ family or neighbors in a locally-oriented environment.

Hershbergers Amish Bakery
Hershberger’s of Holmes County, Ohio is one of many thriving Amish bakeries

Common among Amish companies are businesses in the woodworking, construction, and manufacturing sectors.  Market stands thrive in the Mid-Atlantic region, typically operated by Pennsylvania Amish in and around large metropolitan areas of Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Jersey and beyond.  Crafts remain a strong sector for Amish females, with Amish women doing skilled craft work such as clothes making or quilting in their spare time and in some cases operating full-fledged full-time companies.

Some Amish businesspeople operate in more obscure fields as well.  Taxidermists, house movers, electricians (yes, electricians), accountants, health store owners, bookbinders, beekeepers and casket makers are all among the less-common enterprises occasionally seen on the Amish landscape.  Though they restrict formal education, Amish have shown a knack for entrepreneurship often coming up with creative ideas for business ventures.

When you buy Amish-made products and services, you are helping to support Amish families who have adapted to a new entrepreneurial tradition likely to persist for generations to come.  Likewise, many Amish-made products will last for generations themselves, offering value for decades to come.

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Photo credits: US Map: NinJA999/flickr; Amish worker figurine: Curious Expeditions/flickr; Quilt: maryfrancesmain/flickr; Amish woodworker: taratara69/flickr; Amish roof construction: wcn247/flickr; Amish scooter: Claude Robillard/flickr; Steev Hise/flickr

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    1. Shirley Smith

      Searching for a friend ..


      For several years now I’ve been trying to locate a friend and her family who converted to Amish. They live in Michigan, and I believe they joined a church not far from Flint.

      They joined the Amish church sometime between 1997 and 2000, but I’m not sure of the exact year.

      The woman’s name is Denise, and her husband’s name is Greg. When last we spoke, Greg was running a trucking business for the Amish. They had three daughters, two of which were named Samantha and Amanda. At this moment, I can’t recall the third daughter’s name.

      I lost their address, and would love to find them and reconnect. I’ll be happy to give you my mailing address if you like — just let me know.

      Your assistance in finding Greg’s business or their home address or the web site of his business would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you.

      Kind regards,
      Shirley Smith

      1. Don Curtis

        Greg and Denise Rich


        I asked my son, Mark, who is Amish if he knew of these people. He said that he did. Greg and Denise Rich came from the “outside” and joined the Amish church at Evart, Michigan. Since that time they have become a part of a Beachy Amish community in Kentucky. He will try and find out their address for you.

        1. Searched with correct last name;

          Business name Pt Trucking LLC Evart, Michigan
          Michigan address and phone given on “”
          It’s a start!

          1. Shirley Smith

            Thank you, Paul, for the business name. I’ll check to see if Greg is still working there as they’ve moved from Michigan to Kentucky.

            I appreciate your help!


        2. Shirley Smith

          Greg and Denise Rich

          Hi, Don:

          Thank you (and your son, Mark) so much for your information — it’s sparked other responses, too, and I should be able to contact my old friends soon!

          I’m glad you got their last name right .. don’t know why I had it as “Lee” — that may be Denise’s middle name. Silly me 🙂

          I now know their last name; where they were and where they are. I’m not sure if Greg still does the trucking business thing, but I’m sure I’ll find out soon.


      2. Marcus Yoder

        In the Amish Mennonite directory is Gregory W. Rich and Denise. Address is 927 Decker rd. Clarkson, Kentucky 42726.

        1. Shirley Smith

          Hi, Marcus:

          Thank you so much for Denise and Greg’s new/current address! I can hardly wait to be back in touch with them!

          This information is invaluable to me.


      3. Mark Wagner

        Amish near Flint

        Drop me a note, I know several Amish in that area of Michigan.

    2. Veronique


      I look for a list of the Amish which make draft horse harness. They are many communities and we get lost easily.


      1. Veronique we plan to add an Amish harness category in the near future.

        1. Melissa

          Amish in parkersburg wv

          I was wondering if there is any Amish settlements in Parkersburg Wv?

          Looking for close amish foods and such.

          Thank you

          for any help you can give me.

          1. Amish in Letart, WVA

            There is a community at Letart, which looks to be about an hour from Parkersburg. One of our readers visited and shared a few photos and info on this small community:

            There is another even closer, at Palestine, that looks like it’s within 45 minutes. These are small communities so don’t expect Lancaster County, though you may find a few Amish businesses. Our reader reported that there is a small store selling bulk foods in the Letart community, check the post link I shared above for more.

      2. Tom

        harness maker

        I farm with mules so have looked for harness makers. I found several aroune Shipshawawna IN. My harness maker is P&R harness, 4650 SR 5, Topeka IN 46571 or you can leave a message at 260-593-2821. Good luck with your search.

    3. Shirley Smith

      Still looking . . .

      Hi, Erik:

      I know your comment wasn’t for me, but would you have anywhere in your listings the names of Amish trucking businesses? Greg Lee, the husband of my friend, Denise, runs such a business for other Amish.

      I would very much like to find him/them, and would be grateful for any information you might pass along.

      Thank you.


      1. Hi Shirley, I am sorry I don’t have that info. Maybe you could check in an Amish publication that covers the area where they are located?

    4. Shirley Smith

      I don’t know the exact location, Erik. All I remember is that prior to joining the Amish church and moving into a community, I think they lived in or near Flint, Michigan. Denise told me once, but I didn’t write it down and have forgotten.

      Is there a specific Amish business directory for that area?

      Thanks 🙂

      1. Shirley I don’t know if there is a business directory specific to that area; the Michigan Amish Church Directory published by Abana Books does list some businesses however. I just checked the 2010 edition and there were no businesses of that type listed.

    5. Kitchen Queen Stove

      380 and 480 Model UL Listed Cook stoves;
      Duane Miller
      4258 West CR 650 N.
      St. Paul, IN 47272

      1. Kitchen Queen

        Can you tell me if Duane Miller is still in business of building stoves and his phone number is still 812-662-8399?

        Thank you very much!

        1. Kitchen Queen

          Yes, that should be his current number.

    6. Hitzer Stoves and Pumps

      Wood and Coal Stoves
      Manufacturer of Heller-Aller hand and windmill pumps and parts.

      Hitzer Inc.
      269 East Main
      Berne, IN 46711

    7. Welding; ASME Certified

      Welding / Fabricating Farm Equipment, Boilers, Traction Engine Repair and Rebuilding, Pressure vessel welding (propane bulk delivery truck) ASME tank and boiler pressure testing.

      Ed Stauffer
      2370 Conestoga Creek Rd
      Narvon, PA 17555
      (610) 286-0391
      Will do steam vessels for hobbyist, but Amish equipment used on farms comes first.
      Ed’s traction engine is also threshing and operated by him at Shirktown yearly reunion.

    8. DS Machine

      Wood and Coal Stoves, Boilers and Water Heaters;

      238B Old Leacock Road
      Gordonville, PA 17529
      Phone: (717) 768-3853
      contact dealers for sales

    9. Maybe.......

      If you want the rest of the Amish stove builders you should ask,

      Pioneer by Suppertime Stoves
      Vaughn Range Boilers
      Ed Semmelroth is friends with these builders and pictures all the Amish built heating products for sale on his website at

      The Kitchen Queen website is also Ed’s. Duane the owner didn’t know his product was on the web until I told him. But he’s OK with it and will do business directly as well.

      These builders are horse and buggy, so they take a check by mail and get your parts and products out when they dooo.

      1. Thank you for all these Paul, when we get pages up for the appropriate category I’ll be sure to add them in.

        1. Kiirsa

          Cook stove for sale

          Hi Erik,

          We recently moved into a house that has a mealmaster cook stove. We do not need it and I wanted to sell it. I was wondering if you could give me the addresses of some Amish publications so that I can advertise it? The stove was never used and we don’t have a need for it. Thank you.


    10. OldKat

      Amish Scooters & Croquet sets

      Erik: I can’t remember which of your readers told me about this company, but I think it was Dr.(?)Richard Stevick.

      Anyway, as of 2011 they were doing business as Groffdale Machine Company, 194 Groffdale Road, Leola, Pa 17540. Phone 717.656.7657

      I never got around to ordering one, but their scooters look like they would be an absolute blast to ride. Our town has some nice little rolling streets and I can just see myself nearly killing myself on a scooter flying down one of them. Nevertheless, I think I am going to do it anyway!

      1. OldKat

        Ordered a scooter today!


        I contacted the people at Groffdale Machine Co. yesterday and they are still very much in business. In fact the price sheet that they sent to me in 2011 was still in effect, except that shipping had gone up $2.00. I ordered one today, which is my Christmas present from my wife and son to me. , I know, we do things in a somewhat unorthodox fashion in our family.

        The surprising thing (to me) is that when I was talking to them on the phone on Monday they asked if this order was for a Christmas present. When I told them that it was the man said that he could not 100% guarantee that it would arrive in time for Christmas, because they have so many orders coming in.

        So I asked if he was Plain & he said that he was. Then I asked if scooters are used in his community … again he answered in the affirmative. So I asked: “Are more orders coming in from Amish folks or English folks for Christmas?” He said a lot of English do order from them, but most orders are for Amish people. So I confirmed with: “And these are for Christmas presents?” He said: “Oh, yeah”

        I guess Christmas gift giving is a bigger deal in some Plain communities than maybe I thought it was.

    11. OldKat

      Amish (made) harness shop

      I know of a non-Amish owned harness shop, which only sells Amish made harness. They were in the Pacific NW somewhere, maybe Oregon, but the lady that owns it relocated to the Dallas, Texas area to be near her daughter and grandchildren … I think. When I can find her contact info I will post it.

    12. OldKat

      Amish (made) harness shop ... update

      Here it is:

      Chimacum Tack, 524 W. Main, Crowley, Texas 76036
      David and Janie Amdal
      866.383.0370 or 360.301.1317


      I talked to Janie several months back and she tells me that she has An Amish harness maker somewhere in the mid-West that makes harness to order for her shop. Seems to me that she said that she has been doing business with him for quite some time. If you are in the market for that sort of thing check it out.

      1. Thank you Oldkat, harness and scooter pages coming!

    13. connie beck

      amish in wisconsin

      i am looking for a furrier that is from wisconsin that travels for horse shoeing if you could help me that would be great.

    14. Dena

      prices on billing a buggy

      Could u tell me where I could get some prices on getting a buggy built like one I already have. Can send photo of it

    15. Financial Crisis


      I’m a student from Belgium making a paper about the Amish and their economic activities. I have a question for you.
      How can you explain the success of the Amish business? Because we had an financial crisis. Did the Amish feel the same financial crisis as we Europeans did, why not?

      I hope my questions are clear.
      I apologize for my written English.

      Thank you
      Lawrence Carletto

    16. Dash Henson

      Pole barn and chicken coop

      I am looking for a team of builders in the Amish community to build a pole barn and chicken coop (small-my first year). My husband and I are an older couple who are still active, but have no knowledge in this field. We live outside of Helena on Canyon Ferry Lake. About 25 miles out on 20 acres. Does anyone have a contact or suggestion?
      Your help is most appreciated.

      1. Linda

        Dash, are you in Montana? There are Amish in Lewistown/Moore, and Beachy Amish in Gold Creek, MT. They may be about three hours away. Are you willing to post a phone number, or email your phone number privately to Erik?

    17. Angela Lee

      Amish Poultry

      I visited an Amish Farm many many years ago in the thumb of Michigan to buy some fresh poultry. I can’t recall exactly where it is, but would love to go back there. Does anyone know any Amish farms/communities in the thumb of Michigan and where they are located exactly? Thanks in advance.

      1. Amish communities in Michigan thumb

        Hi Angela, check this article with over 450 settlement listings across America including Michigan. If you scroll down there is a map, and what looks like 2 Amish communities in the thumb of Michigan.

    18. maggie

      help with leather goods

      I’m looking for some help making leather accessories. Does anyone have any referrals? Several people have told to research work in the Amish regions but I have no idea where to start. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
      Thanks in advance!!!

      1. Amish leather workers

        Maggie, a little late here, but FWIW quite a few Amish do leather work. We’re going to have a feature post on one of them in Indiana on the blog here soon (Silver Star Leather, 6875 N 800 W, Shipshewana IN 46565, Phone: 260-768-7958).

        Just offhand, another leather business, if you’re in Ohio is RW Leather (4415 County Road 114, Sugarcreek, Ohio 44681, Voice Mail: 330-852-3801). I have met both owners, Silver Star does more exotic leather work.

    19. Tim

      Wagon wheels

      I purchased a old buckboard wagon and the wheels are in need of some repairs. I want to use this for my photography studio. Know of any Amish that do this type of wheel, its a wooden hub 36″ metal rim

      1. Linda

        Buggy Wheel Repair

        Tim, maybe this will help.

        from 2011
        M&M Buggy Works
        Buggy Wheel Repairs, Buggy Restoration
        Neal Borntrager
        N375 Meyer Road
        New Holstein, WI 53061
        920-894-2198 Outside phone. Let it ring. No Sunday sales.

    20. Textiles

      Can I get listings of manufacturers of textile related products, like tarps, bags, etc.

      Thank You,
      Richard Miller
      Lancer Textiles, Inc.
      (800) 786-6383

    21. Margie Funke

      Where Amish shop?

      I am trying to find a business directory of shops that actually cater to Amish and Mennonite. I work for a Christian Publisher and the stores that I have found that sell to the Amish do quite well with our children’s books. My problem is finding these stores across the country that have a large Amish and Mennonite clientel. Can you help me locate these stores? Thank you in advance.

      1. Where do Amish and Mennonites shop?

        Margie there are many variety and dry goods stores where Amish shop and which have books. We have plans to add these to this directory but it will be a little while.

        Gordonville bookstore in Lancaster County, Gospel Bookstore in Berlin, Ohio, and Pathway Publishers in Lagrange Co, IN are three of the strictly-bookstores patronized by Amish which come immediately to mind.

        1. Margie

          Where Amish Shop

          Hi Erik,
          Just wanted to touch base with you on the addition of stores that actually cater to the Amish. If you are not able to add these to your Business directory at this time, is it possible to list the dry goods stores,general stores, or houseware stores in those communities. The stores that you recommended to me are actually accounts with us at the present time and do quite well with our children’s books. Recently you visited Choteau, Oklahoma and mentioned Creekside Sales there in the community that sells to the Amish. I was able to contact the owner and have already sent him free review copies of some of our books and look forward to doing business with him in the near future. I really appreciate seeing these stores mentioned in your articles on the communities you visit as they are leads for me in obtaining new business in my territory. Thank you in advance for your help.

    22. Horse and Wagon for transportation on 8/2/14

      Greetings, We have two events in Port Sanilac on this day – a Blue
      ‘s Festival and Civil War Days at the Sanilac County Historical Village and Museum. We would like horse and wagon transportation offered – they are located approximately three blocks from each other. Please advise. Susan Gill 248 875 9282

      1. I’d advise you to contact your nearby Amish directly–but it’s doubtful they would do this sort of thing b/c providing horse transport for non-Amish is not really something Amish do, outside the large settlements with buggy ride businesses.

      2. How do I contact the Amish directly in that area – Sanilac County MI. Thanks, Susan

        1. Amish business - Sanilac County, Michigan

          I always recommend to go visit one of their businesses and ask about what you’re interested in. Again I’m doubtful about this but you’re welcome to try.

          Amish in Sanilac County are around Brown City & Marlette area, also there is a separate second settlement which covers Sanilac, Huron, and Tuscola Counties.

    23. Amish home baker

      Hi, I am a Chicago-area food writer and am looking to meet/talk with an Amish person in n. Indiana who is a good bread baker! I am working on a bread book of the midwest, and am certainly willing to make the drive from Chicago. It’s a short interview, and we would need the baker’s recipe to run with the story.

      Peggy Wolff

      1. Mark

        bread maker in northern Indiana

        Schregers Kettle in Shipshawana, is a first class bakery

        Also Risen Roll in Middlebury, is just as good

    24. Amish Businesses

      I can tell you a little secret that when looking for an Amish business. They aren’t allowed to use the word “Amish” in the name of a store because that would be capitalizing on their religion to market their goods.
      If you see a store with the word “Amish ” used in the name then they “MIGHT” sell “SOME” Amish made goods, but it’s not an Amish owned or operated store so the store is probably a rip off.

      1. Non-Amish-owned businesses selling Amish products

        That’s only partly true. Generally it’s correct that very few Amish businesses have used “Amish” in their business names. But Amish feel differently as to how much to reveal about their background in a commercial context.

        Some will reference their Amish status in company literature for instance. Some are very much against using the Amish name to market. Others fall somewhere in between.

        But just because a store uses “Amish” in its name doesn’t mean it’s “probably a rip off” as you described it. Many of those businesses are benefiting Amish producers by marketing their goods for them in places Amish otherwise wouldn’t be (internet). Both sides are winning in that case. Many Amish are also okay with 3rd-party non-Amish retailers advertising their goods with the Amish name attached (even though they wouldn’t do so themselves).

        You do hear stories of some less scrupulous establishments that might take advantage of the name and try to pass off non-Amish products as “Amish-made”. But many are selling legitimately Amish-made products.

    25. Dan Stark

      amish sawmill

      I am looking for a sawmill near by edmore that may be interested in some red pine that I’m cutting and thinning. I have an endless supply on my tree farm and would like to meet someone from the local community that would like to do business. Possible uses for furniture and lunmber depending on there needs. If you could point me in the right direction that would be very appreciated. Thanks

    26. Al in Ky

      Amish hardware stores might be another helpful category. I’ve shopped at ones in Arthur, Holmes County, Hart County, Ky., northern Indiana, etc. I don’t have any addresses at present, but would be on the lookout for them if the category was added.

    27. Amish made leather leashes wanted

      I operate a family based dog training and breeding business in California. I’m looking for an individual or business who I can order custom Amish made leather dog training leashes and collars in bulk from. If anybody on this forum can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

      Brent Cooper
      Cooperhaus K9
      (408) 426-6779

    28. Beth in Lincoln Co MO

      horse services

      I have an 8yr old mare and all we can do is walk her she is very friendly and we would like to get to where we can ride her. I have been told the Amish in Bowling Green MO do a very good job. How do I locate someone.

      1. How to find an Amish horse trainer

        Beth my recommendation would apply to anyone looking for an Amish horse trainer (or really any sort of Amish business). In Lincoln County looks like you are quite close to the Bowling Green area Amish. If I were you I’d either 1) drive up to the community, stop at a business or two (you should see various plainish signs, or just ask someone local where are the Amish stores) and then ask who in the community does that sort of thing, or 2) call an Amish business or two in the area and ask them to recommend someone.

        I’d think you’d probably want to meet the person in any case so you may just want to visit the community. Here’s a bit on the community itself:

        If you want an address to punch in the GPS, here is one for an Amish beekeeper who sells honey and jams:

        Hilty’s Bee Yard
        11116 Pike Rd 466
        Bowling Green, MO 63334

        Don’t see a phone number for them but that might get you started.

        My basic, old-fashioned advice for anyone looking for a certain type of Amish business is to simply find any Amish business at all in the area you’re interested in, and then ask them 🙂 It takes a little legwork, but we don’t always have a choice since finding info on Amish businesses online is sometimes difficult.

    29. doug dowdy

      southern amish Texas

      I am looking for the beeville amish or a way to get ahold of them, i am looking for a draft horse and vis a vis carriage and wanted to know if they have a shop there to build or atleast train horses.

      1. Borntrager's Combination Shop - Beeville, Texas

        Borntrager’s Combination Shop may be able to help you Doug. It’s a pretty plain community so I don’t know the story on the phone. But the address is:

        Borntrager’s Combination Shop
        4029 Gaitan Lane
        Beeville, TX 78102

        You’ll find photos and more on this business here:

    30. Dale Carmody

      Amish in the Mid-South

      I live in Mississippi just south of Memphis. My wife and I are currently own several horses that we need to get rid of due to age and health reasons. We do not want our horses going to the “killers” who buy them at auctions If any Amish would like some horses we would be willing to give them as many as they wanted at no charge. They are Arab/Quaterhorse mix and are not registered. Thanks

      1. Horses in Mississippi

        I noticed the post on horses by Dale Carmody. I may be able to find a few people that would be interested in the horses if we could get in contact with them. Vernon

    31. Sean Ford

      Henry King

      I trying to find Henry King that luves in the Amish
      Community in Cadiz, Ky
      Could you possibly get me an address?

    32. Furniture Store in Wytheville, VA

      I came across this website, and thought that you may want to add our business to the listings if you don’t mind. Our furniture is made by Amish craftsmen in Ohio. The name of our business is Dutch Boy Furniture. We are a part of the Amish Mennonite “Beachy” church here in Wythe County, VA. I had seen your name somewhere before, and appreciate what you have been posting concerning Amish & Mennonites. Thanks, Vernon

      1. Thank you Vernon, would be glad to add it. Just drop me the details (address, contact, short description) in an email (, and I’ll add it to the Virginia furniture page.

    33. Kristin Sever

      Traveling Amish

      I work for a small, outdoor resort in Missouri. We plan several activities throughout the year and were considering having an Amish day. So far we haven’t had much luck finding information. What we are looking for is just to have a Saturday of different events where Amish made goods could be sold and if possible a demonstration on making one of the goods. If there is any information that could be passed along it would be very helpful! We are located about an hour east of Jefferson City if that helps with our proximity! Thanks!

    34. Mary

      Dreams crushed by Amish Mennonite Business in PA

      I have always dreamed of having something built by the true masters of the trade.
      I would love some advice on what to do.
      On Dec. 23, 2013, I hired Custom Built Decks, LLC from Peach Bottom, PA
      First mistake, I trusted this man that came to my house. I had got a good review from a co-worker, that he did several decks for people in the building. But, that was 6 years ago. He had promised me he could have the job done in 3 days. I received drawing from him, but the county wanted another. He told me he would take care of getting the permit, and sent his wife to get it. She was also denied. All they wanted was a plat drawing. I never got a permit for the project. He sends a sub-contractor to tear down my deck
      after months of waiting. Then I don’t hear anything from him.
      Long story short, he agreed to return my deposit, which was a large some of money. I drove to PA from MD to get two checks, I deposited them. They both bounced. He asked me to wait a few weeks, then redeposit them. He told me the money would be in his account. They both bounced again. For the past three weeks, he has told me he would bring me the money, then no word or no show. I really don’t want to press charges against John, but he is leaving me no choice. This has ruined the past ten months of my life. If anyone has any suggestions, please send me a message or call me at 443-924-1967
      Thank you

    35. colleen

      Business directory by community

      It would be helpful if the business directory could be searched by location.

    36. house for sale in wisconsin

      I have 6 bed room 3 full baths home and 80 Acers vary nice farm and barn great hunting and crop land. at w14022 county line road in Lublin Wisconsin 54447 Taylor county and Clark county I would like to sell without a realtor to save money for buyer. The home was completed in 1989,if needed can stay furnished mostly Amish built. Amish built home vary nice. I lived on property for 12 years and wish I could stay with my Amish friends. Personal things are in play and must move.I am not Amish but the Amish community all treat me like one. Vary good people to live with in community always helping each other.

    37. Bill Edwards

      bus tickets

      On 03/11/15 an Amish gentleman bought 9 bus tickets from our gas station, we sell Jefferson bus tickets. The gentleman paid with a check for the tickets going from Vermillion SD to Eau Claire WI. The employee thought the check went through our system and gave the check back. The check did not go through, therefore the tickets were not paid for. We don’t want to cancel the tickets, we just need to get the check back. If anyone can help me, please email or call us at 715-223-6788.
      Thank you,

    38. JIM REID



    39. Roberta Lesar

      Road Map for Lancaster shops

      Looking to purchase a road map for the Lancaster, PA area similar to the one I got for Berlin, Charm, Sugarcreek, Millersburg, OH that shows all the local Amish shops both main street and back road. It sold in the local stores for $3.95. I would like to do my homework before my trip this summer. Is there one available like this? If so how may I obtain it? Thank You

      1. Linda

        Map of Lancaster County Pennsylvania

        Roberta, (offers a free map)
        (Interactive map of Lancaster County, shows local shops) (Would the Amish Mennonite Information Center have a map?)

    40. Betsy Kaizer

      Looking for contractors

      I am looking for someone to build a camp. I have purchased a camp in Roulette Pa recently. Unfortunately it will need to be demolished and rebuilt. I’m looking for an amish builder in the area. Thank you

    41. charlotte ka

      amish who build in Pittsburgh

      I am looking for Amish who can renovate and add one story on an artist residence and studio gallery in Pittsburgh. Thank you .

    42. Sonia Macy

      Outdoor bench


      I have a tree trunk that has been dried for the last two years and I’m looking to have it made into a outside bench for my yard. I live near Chicago Illinois and would like to know which Amish community I could take this tree trunk to to have the bench built.

      Thank you

      Sonia Macy

    43. Joan Remmie

      Other businesses

      You do not mention among your occupations and products that you raise puppies. Could you say more about that?

    44. Ethridgebound

      I am moving to Tennessee and want to move to Ethridge in particular where there is a huge Old Order Amish community. I have been there many times and love it there. I am looking for a house with a barn and acreage yet close enough to the road where I can get good views of the Amish going back and forth all day. I really want to have good views of the Amish from my front porch more than anything, but I don’t know how to search for that online because there are very few google street views in Ethridge. Can someone from Ethridge or someone familiar with Ethridge offer any suggestions?

    45. Kevin Crawford

      Resonable handyman wanted for howard county baltimore city area

      I’m interested in locating a reliable handyman to do some occasional work on a rental property I manage in Baltimore.

    46. Robert W. Pappenfort,P.E.

      Looking for 20 acres to farm or house to Buy.

      I would like to buy 20 acres of land near ,Iowa. Near Mena Arkansas or House in Pinecraft Florida or Land just east of Pinecraft. Please call 501 297-1512 Cell. For a fast response call or text.

    47. Andrea McKinney

      Looking to contact Amish fencing contractor in Halifax county, Va

      We hired an Amish man in northern Halifax County Virginia to do some fencing for us a few years ago. He did a good job and now we have an additional 1000 feet of fencing we need to have done. It is all new woven wire fencing with no old fence and on clear pasture land, no brush. We don’t have a contact phone number for this gentleman but hope someone will see this posting and let him or us know.

    48. Guy Redenbaugh

      Need to find local fabric

      I do work as an Amish taxi and on a construction crew. I dress in plain clothes I wear Stroh hats and black,a stocking cap when cold and windy.I started doing it so not to bring the English into the lives and homes of my clients and to show respect. My wife has been lucky to find women with extra fabric on their bolts to make my clothes.I need to find better sources for Amish fabric shipping is high, we live in central Wisconsin. Thank you.

    49. Ted Barber

      How do I find Amish Woodworkers?

      I live in Youngstown, OH with Amish craftsmen all around in every direction, but I can’t find them. For years I have been buying Amish made products from a wholesaler in Missouri and having them shipped here.
      There must be some way to locate local Amish manufacturers that I can deal with directly.

      1. William C.

        Ted, check with the Amish & Mennonite Heritage Center near Berlin, OH. Their phone number is: 330-893-3192 or send an email to: They did not have a directory available, but they were able to put me in touch with a few craftsmen who I could then deal with directly. I hope this helps.

    50. Brad Schott

      Sawmills in Minnesota and Wisconsin

      I understand there are a few Amish owned sawmills in Minnesota and Wisconsin. How do I find their contact information?

      Thank you,

      1. Melissa

        Also, google Amish sawmills in Minnesota and Wisconsin

      2. Sawmills

        Mahnomen County Amish sawmill , My neighbor, I’m English, call me at 507 456 0252. Northwest Minnesota for details