A $99,999 Amish Home For Sale (23 Photos)

St. Lawrence County, NY hosts a half-dozen separate Amish communities, and this week’s Amish home comes from one of them. This is in the vicinity of the town of Norfolk. Several things about this home caught my eye, including the catchy price tag.

One thing a bit unusual about this listing is that you can see what I have to assume is the owner in several photos:

As you can see, these shots were taken on a bleak day, looks like earlier in the fall, as it’s been listed on Zillow for 70 days now. Here’s the description:

Built in 2017, this very well built Amish home offers a large kitchen/dining room, very large living room, main floor bedroom and 4 good size bedrooms upstairs. The floors throughout the home are Maple hardwood and although they aren’t finished, the flooring is on premises to finish. There is a charming wrap around covered porch, a mud room/storage room at the back of the home and full walk out basement. Outside you’ll find a large 26 x 100′ barn that is partially sided with metal and an additional storage building that is 26 x 50′. This property consists of approx. 5 acres +/-. It is being separated from a larger parcel, so exact acreage won’t be known until it is surveyed. The greenhouses that are currently on the property do not stay. Buyer will need to put electric and plumbing in the home. There is approx. 40 additional acres available at $2500 per acre.

So a lack of electric is to generally (though not always) be expected with an Amish home, and the fact that plumbing needs installing tells us that this is quite a plain group. However the buggy with an SMV triangle rules out this being a Swarztentruber Amish group (the Heuvelton community in this county counts as one of those).

You can also see by the exterior there is still some work to be completed, also landing this property in something like the “fixer-upper” category for an English buyer.

On to the inside then. These next four shots give you a rotating view of sorts around the kitchen.

Many interesting details here. The kitchen is probably my favorite part of Amish homes. I can just imagine sitting down here to an early morning winter breakfast, hearing the hiss of that hanging lamp and feeling the heat of its glow.

Next, on to the living area to the right.

Three lamps at the ready. And another (the same?) hanging planter.

Did you catch the four-legged-friend in this photo?

Several of the five bedrooms.

And the basement where we find canned goods, washing area and assorted other stuff.

Back outside for a look at the front porch and the barns.

So this isn’t exactly the most picturesque Amish property (weather conditions didn’t help the photos) and some work would need to go into it to “Englishize” it – but the price, a dollar short of $100K, is certainly accessible. The home is 2,016 square feet in size.

The listing is offered by David Yelle of Yelle Realty. Hopefully these folks will be able to find a buyer soon so this family can more easily move on to wherever they’ll be living next.

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    1. Derek J_MI

      And why are no other Amish buying it?

      Seems strange to me. Seems that typically an Amish home would be sold or passed on within the family or through the Church. But this one, which would need a ton of work, isn’t. Interesting.

      1. Right, that’s what you’d think, and they usually are sold to other Amish. But in smaller communities, and especially in ones where Amish are leaving and no others moving there, they don’t have much of a market within the Amish. So you see a good number of Amish homes online due to that.