Here’s the full list of our “5 Points” posts for the last three months, in case you missed any:

five5 Jobs Done By Amish Women
5 Important Events In Amish History
5 Things Amish Children Learn In School (Not Found In Any Textbook)
5 New States Where Amish May Settle
5 Things Decorating The Walls Of Amish Homes
5 Non-Amish People Who Amish Depend On
5 Ways Amish Women Are Different
5 Tips When Visiting An Amish Community

You can also check out the posts in this series from January-March and April-June. So far we’ve done 32 of them this year.

As always, your ideas for future posts in this series are welcome. We don’t get to all of them, but even then sometimes one idea can lead to another.

And thanks as always for reading and contributing. Due to some offline projects, I have not been quite as active here on the site or in the comments lately as I’d like…though I have certainly been reading them, and expect to be able to devote more time soon. Anyway, it’s been nice as always to hear from you all.

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