Search By Air For Driver Who Hit Amish Couple On Scooters

Law enforcement in Ohio is pulling out all the stops in their hunt for the hit-and-run (aka “hit-skip”) driver who struck a scootering Amish couple on New Year’s Eve and fled. They searched yesterday by air over Trumbull County for a second time for the vehicle involved. Via WYTV:

Sergeant Ray Santiago says they are using every tool they have available to try to locate the vehicle.

This is stemming from the crash on Corey Hunt Road in Bristol that seriously injured an Amish couple. Dave Fisher and his wife Leona were riding their scooters North in the Southbound lanes when troopers say a pickup truck headed south hit them and left the scene.

Both of them had serious injuries but thankfully have since been released from the hospital.

Image: WYTV
Image: WYTV

The vehicle they’re seeking is a 2011-2013 Ford F-150 pickup truck (no color given). If you have any information please call the Ohio State Highway Patrol in Warren at 330-898-2311.

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    1. Vest

      I hope they were wearing a reflecting vest? Thats a dark country road. Plenty of colors to wear so this doesn’t happen for people who also ride bikes on country roads

    2. Amish couple

      Someone around here knows something and should speak up. I’m glad my neighbors to the north survived this.

    3. Wen

      Love the Amish but...

      When will the Amish be responsible for being on state and local roads with no lights on, after dark? How many kids are going to loose their parents because they simply won’t comply with road rules? The Amish in our area have a teeny tiny candle light for their buggy out in the midfle of nowhere its near impossible to see them.

      Its a horrible thing to hit someone let alone drive away. I never even drive the speed limit when I go out at night where Amish might be because it is so very hard to see them until you are right up close to them.

      The Amish really need to start wearing lights and have reflective stickers/ clothing or stay off the rds.

      1. Yoder in Ohio

        I agree. I’m Amish and my buggies and bike ARE lit with multiple lights and reflectors. Even walking at night, we carry a flashlight and reflective vest. Not only do I not want myself (or any of my family) hit by a car because we were not visible, I don’t want a driver of such a car to have to deal with the emotional burden of hitting someone!

        I realize there are Amish groups/ communities where decent lights and reflectors are not used. I really wish that would change!

        Common sense and courtesy on the road goes BOTH ways.

    4. John May

      Used comment Sense

      The drivers that speed on side roads or through Amish areas should used comment Sense by now. You all know by now that those areas will have buggies and people walking. So slow DOWN and used comment Sense.

    5. Pat Monti

      It's not only one culture's fault

      IMO there are too many English, etc. that don’t pay attention-use common sense…while driving and many other activities.

      However, also IMO there are too many Amish that believe everything is God’s will and could prevent at least some negative occurrences. God DID give each of us a brain!