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    Comment on The Amish and credit (November 20th, 2008 at 09:07)

    I think I communicated privately with you before about how sharp (financially) I found the young man to be that I dealt with earlier this year in the Borntrager Amish community in South Texas. This article on how the Amish manage credit just reinforces my belief that their common sense approach to managing their $$$ could be / should be emulated by more of “our” people.

    I think we in the mainstream society tend to make several mistakes with our credit. We often cut things a little too close; we tend push things to the limit & ignore some obvious truths on how real world economics work. Consequently, the first time things go “bump” we are in a bind. The Amish, regardless of which technologies they care to use, don’t tend to make these mistakes. Basically, they are fiscally conservative & don’t seem to get themselves in a financial mess as easily as some of us do. If anything, I would look for their culture as a whole to ultimately be neutrally affected or even positively affected by an economic downturn of the magnitude some are forecasting.

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