Tricycle Amish of Florida


The Old Order Amish congregation of Pinecraft in Sarasota, Florida, does not use the horse-and-buggy.  Amish in this congregation get around by way of bike as well as large adult ‘tricycles’.

Pinecraft is mostly made up of older residents and seasonal visitors.

Read more on the Pinecraft, Florida Amish. Pinecraft is also home to numerous attractions including restaurants and beaches. There are also a number of Florida Amish furniture stores, in Pinecraft and elsewhere in the Sunshine State.

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    2. Sharon Tucker

      I am a student at State College of Florida. In my religion class I am to go to learn about a religion and go to their congregation. I am doing this paper for class and would like to know if I could go to one of your meetings for church. I would very much like to do my paper on your families. Please let me know the time and place that we can meet.
      Thank you,
      Sharon Tucker

    3. Sharon Tucker

      This is in Sarasota, Fl.

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    5. Wendy Cooper

      Question about the tricycle seat

      Greetings ~

      I saw a picture of Amish Ladies seated on tricycles and found my interest being drawn to the comfortable looking seats they used.

      I have been looking for a very wide support for my personal use. I have had a strider made so that I can perform Physical Therapy to improve my abilty to walk.

      Could you please tell me about the seats? Please include information to facilitate my ordering.

      Thank you for your time.

      Wendy Cooper
      520 – 323 – 0741
      Tucson, Arizona