The Amish in South Dakota

Amish in South Dakota (13 Photos)

Contributor Tom Geist recently shared his visit to South Dakota’s only Amish community.  It was a nice post but a little short on images.  Today, the photos. Hutchinson County contains a grand total of 7,187 people (as of 2012), spread over 814 square miles, or just under 9 people per square mile.  By comparison, similarly-sized Lancaster County, PA has about 535 people per square mile….

The Amish of Hutchinson County, South Dakota

South Dakota has had a spot on the Amish map since 2010, when a handful of families from Wisconsin settled near Tripp in Hutchinson County. One of our contributors, Tom Geist, recently shared a little on his visit to the Tripp Amish community. Tom writes: I was lucky enough to travel to Tripp, South Dakota on March 12th 2014. They now have 9 families there,…

Pennsylvania Amish edge out Ohio in latest Amish population figures

Just got word the new Amish population stats are up on the Young Center Amish Studies web site. The big shocker is Pennsylvania coming in ahead of the Ohio Amish, and Lancaster County a hair ahead of Holmes County (by 25 people, which means that if Holmes County delivers more babies this week, they could retake the lead!) With the numbers at around 29,000 each, they…