Steven Nolt To Succeed Donald Kraybill At Young Center

As you might know, top Amish scholar Donald Kraybill is retiring (here is a short interview we did with him when the news was announced).

steven-nolt-young-centerIf you’ve been interested in the Amish for any length of time, odds are you have read one of Don’s many books on the Amish and other Anabaptist peoples, or appreciated his other work in the area of Amish studies, such as in the PBS film “The Amish.” His contributions to understanding of the Amish have been great to say the least.

Don’s successor at the Young Center at Elizabethtown College has now been chosen; it will be Steven Nolt, currently of Goshen College, who will take the position of Senior Scholar on July 1. From the news release:

As an author, coauthor and contributor, Nolt has been involved in the writing of 14 books, as well as more than 100 professional articles, book chapters, essays and encyclopedia entries. His books include, “A History of the Amish,” “Seeking Places of Peace: A Global Mennonite History” and, written with Karen Johnson-Weiner and Donald Kraybill, “The Amish,” a definitive study of the group’s contemporary cultural diversity.

“I’m delighted that he is joining the Young Center team,” said Kraybill of his coauthor. “He is the premier social historian of North America’s Amish and Mennonite communities. His presence and scholarship will enhance and upscale the Young Center’s contribution to Anabaptist studies worldwide.”

I know some have been wondering about who will help fill the Kraybill shoes as he shifts into the next act, and I for one am happy to hear that it will be Steven Nolt.

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    1. Barbara

      Congratualtions to Steven Nolt

      I am pleased to hear Steven Nolt will be Donald Kraybill’s successor. He has big shoes to fill, but I know he will do a good job. I have read most of Kraybill’s and Nolt’s works, and all I can say is I thank the Lord for people like this, who are willing to put the time and effort into educating us on a culture more than worthy of our respect and insight. We can all take a page from the writings on Amish Life and apply it to our own lives with positive results!

    2. Al in Ky

      Thanks for this good news. I have enjoyed reading several of Nolt’s books.

    3. Jim Cates

      I have known Steve for a number of years and remain so grateful for his generous support of time and knowledge. I wish him well in his new position. Still, he will be missed in Indiana!

    4. Loretta Shumpert

      Pleased to read this also. I have read quite a few books by both men and believe this is a good choice. Congratulations Steven Nolt.

    5. Alice Mary

      Wishing Mr. Kraybill a restful & fulfilling retirement, and Mr. Nolt the best of luck (and substantial energy) in his new, well-deserved position. I’ve learned a lot reading works by both men, and don’t doubt there’ll be some additional collaboration by them in the future!

      Alice Mary