If you hadn’t heard, last weekend (two Saturdays ago) two Amish teenagers were shot in a bizarre incident in Ashtabula County, Ohio.

The teens were picking up stereo equipment from a local English home where it was stored, as they had done numerous times before, when they were fired upon by the property owners.

The teens were driven by an English person who was interviewed by Fox 8 of Cleveland.

From the story:

The van driver, Jade Fulop, said she is still in shock.

Fulop said the van was loaded with several Amish teens.

“It was a nightmare come true,” Fulop said Tuesday. “It’s been horrible, the after effects, horrible. It was horrible then; it hasn’t changed.”

Fulop said she drove the teens, like she has done several dozen times before, to a home off of Huntley Road.

She said the teenagers stored stereo equipment in a barn located on the property.

Sheriff officials said the property owners fired shots at the van, which they thought was trespassing on their property.

“First couple shots were far away, and the Amish yelled out they were there to get the player, and after that it was open fire,” Fulop said.

She added the two were chasing the van.

“They shot up the back end of the van. My van is covered in blood,” Fulop said.

The Jamesons told officers they believed the van was trespassing and began firing multiple rounds from a handgun and shotgun, striking the van and seriously wounding the two teens.

The two victims are in the ICU unit at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland.

The victims are a 17-year-old female and an 18-year old male.  They are expected to recover. Photos were released Friday of the driver’s bullet-riddled van.

This is the second unusual shooting of Amish teens in Ohio in the past two years. A teenage girl was shot and killed in Holmes County in what turned out to be an unintentional shooting in late 2011.

The property owners, who have been charged with felonious assault, claimed the teens were trespassing. As the sheriff notes in the report, Ohio gun owners have a right to protect themselves, but not to use deadly force to protect property.

Why did the men open fire? Was their judgment impaired in some way? It is hard to fathom why they would shoot, and continue shooting, even after the Amish called out and identified themselves.

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