North Carolina Amish

North Carolina is home to a single Amish settlement

north carolina amishNorth Carolina has a limited history of Amish settlement.  Today, a single church district is found at Union Grove in the western part of the state.

The Union Grove, NC Amish

North Carolina is not known for having a large Amish population.  Amish have attempted to settle NC on a few occasions in the past.  Today, only one Amish community survives in the Tar Heel State.

The Amish community at Union Grove, a small village west of Winston-Salem, was founded in 1985 by New Order Amish from Guthrie, Kentucky.  The Union Grove settlement, like the Guthrie settlement from which it originated, is unusual in that it allows members to tap into electricity from the public grid.

amish north carolina
Amish women visiting Bodie Island lighthouse in North Carolina

Amish here use the horse-and-buggy, wear plain dress, and speak Pennsylvania German, but belong to the tiny percentage of Amish which permit public power (comprising roughly 1/3 of the approximately 60 New Order congregations in North America).  The New Order churches of Holmes County, Ohio, for example, for the most part do not permit electricity in the home.

Amish settlers to Union Grove were welcomed by the NC natives.  One Amish commenter reflected that it may have been because of positive connections locals had with Amish due to visits to the Lancaster County settlement.  The Amish newcomers were visited numerous times by non-Amish, due to reasons of curiosity, and also by “seekers”, reports the Union Grove settler.

Union Grove has not changed much in size over its quarter-century of existence.  Today the community remains a single church district in size.  Amish in Union Grove run a number of businesses, including a dry goods store and a shed-building business as well as outdoor and indoor furniture businesses (read more on Amish furniture in North Carolina).

The defunct Amish community at Yanceyville, NC

A decade after Union Grove settlement was founded, Amish from Union Grove started an unusual community at Yanceyville, NC.

The Yanceyville settlement existed from 1994 to 2001.  Yanceyville differed from most Amish settlements in that it was a bilingual community.  The Yanceyville Amish also attempted to accomodate “seekers”, individuals exploring and in some cases attempting to join the Amish church.  In fact, one reason cited for the settlement’s founding was  “a desire to help some of the many seeking families.”

Six Union Grove Amish families began the community at the Yanceyville location in Caswell County, about an hour’s drive northwest of Raleigh-Durham and the Research Triangle.

The settlement was successful in attracting seekers, and quite a few ended up joining the Yanceyville community.  At one point, half the church membership was made up of individuals of non-Plain background.  Ministers at Yanceyville gave sermons in English.  Members traveled by horse-and-carriage and dressed Plain.

Eventually, however, due to the influence of another church, Yanceyville ceased to exist as an Amish community.  The Yanceyville church was supplanted by a Beachy Amish congregation, which soon went defunct as well.

The Amish settlement at Moyock in Currituck County, NC

Besides Union Grove and Yanceyville, (and one or two failed settlement attempts made by individual Amish), the only other full-fledged settlement in North Carolina came about in 1918.  This community was located near Moyock in the area known as the “Dismal Swamp” in northeastern NC.

The Moyock community survived a quarter-century before finally disbanding in 1944.  Amish historian David Luthy gives the history of this fascinating settlement in The Amish in America: Settlements that Failed 1840-1960.

north carolina amish map
The Currituck County NC Amish community was located on reclaimed swampland

The first Amish settlers to the Moyock area came mainly from Ohio.  However, over its existence the settlement did attract Amish from a wide array of locations, including Montana, Mississippi, Kansas, and even Mexico.  Amish were attracted to the unlikely region by Ohio land developers, who drained and improved portions of the enormous Dismal Swamp on the Virginia border.

The settlement grew slowly.  The land developer took pains to accommodate Amish settlers, constructing a boarding house where immigrants would stay while constructing homes of their own.  The locale was nicknamed the “Amish Hotel”, and it was used by members of the community as a place to hold church and school as well.  Luthy notes that the Amish had plans to build a churchhouse (an unusual intention for the traditionally home-worshiping Amish), but they were never realized.

Amish here appreciated the deep black soil, and with good drainage, were able to make a living farming.  Mint was a popular crop, and one Amishman ran a business distilling mint oil.  Corn, peanuts, soybeans, and potatoes were among the other crops raised.

An unfortunate hazard of the terrain, however, was the flammable nature of the dried swamp muck.  Hunters to the area frequently started blazes by dropping lit cigarettes on the turf.  “Once caught on fire, the soil would burn until the next rain,” notes Luthy (Settlements that Failed, Luthy, p300).  Swamp mosquitoes pestered the Amish settlers as well, with an observer describing it as “a mosquito paradise” (Luthy, p300).

Thanks to a rail connection, the Currituck County Amish maintained ties with the Amish community which existed at Norfolk, Virginia at the time.  Amish would travel by rail to sell farm products in the town of Norfolk, and also buried their dead at the Amish cemetery in this community.

The settlement faced challenges.  The main issue stemmed from the lack of spiritual leadership in the community.  Amazingly, over its 25 years only one minister ever lived in the settlement, and then only for a short time.  Ministers from other communities visited only rarely, and only one group of youth was ever baptized.   The settlement seemed to experience a lot of turnover as well.  Luthy notes the comment of one resident:  ‘some came and others left all the time we were there” (Luthy, p298).

The lack of spiritual leadership damaged the community’s long-term prospects.  Eventually, Amish began moving away, with the last settler pulling up stakes and returning to Ohio in 1944.  Today, not a trace exists of the Amish settlement that once existed here-no buildings, and since Amish were buried at the community at Norfolk, no graves either.

North Carolina Amish today

North Carolina has never attracted much settlement by the Amish.  This may be due to a number of factors; perhaps its relative distance from other communities, or its particularly warm and humid climate contribute to deter potential Amish settlers.  NC has seen nothing of the Amish influx into other states such as Kentucky, New York, or Missouri, which have attracted large numbers of Amish migrants in recent years.

Today, land prices in NC would likely be a discouraging factor as well, particularly compared to prices in places like upstate New York or Colorado.  Another factor may have to do with building codes, as one Amishman from the Union Grove settlement notes that they are stricter than in some other areas when it comes to constructing school buildings.

Whatever the reasons, the Union Grove settlement remains the lone Amish community in the Tar Heel State, small but long-lived at 25 years in existence.

For further information, see:

New Order Amish Directory, 2004, pp166-172

New Order Amish Directory, 1996

“The New Order Amish and Para-Amish Groups: Spiritual Renewal Within a Tradition”, G.C. Waldrep, Mennonite Quarterly Review July 2008

The Amish in America: Settlements that Failed, 1840-1960, David Luthy

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    1. anna morris

      I think it is great having the Amish in nc. I also live in nc and maybe God is intentionally setting the Amish in nc , because we all could definitely learn how to actually live out our Faith alot better with the wonderful example of the Amish nearby. Thank you and Be Blessed, Anna

      1. Becky

        you are an Inspiration and a Blessing. God be with u Always

        I want you to know you are a true inspiration and a Big Blessing to all. We al have been Called according to our purpose. Glory be to GOD.

      2. Nancy Ottilie Bold


        We are growing in numbers we just don’t advertise it. Nz

        1. Nanz

          grapevine proucts

          Mebane nc updates:
          Some small vine supplies for weaving, baskets and wreaths. Free stand “hutchens farm” hwy south 119.

          1. Buddy Chambless

            How do I explore transitioning into an Amish Community?

            Howdy All. I am exhausted from the life of the so-called mainstream American society and seeking a simpler life at age 64. More importantly, I am seeking a happier, more close-knit community similar to that of the rural farming community in South GA in which I was raised. I have become involved with activities like vine wreaths and ornaments and miniature fairie gardens or requested themes designed in bowls, personal containers of special significance AND have taught myself how to can jams, preserves and sweet green tomato crisp pickles.

            Any response with leads, suggestions, or info resources will be greatly appreciated.

            1. Zennonite

              Joining the Amish...

              I´d say it is possible… Are you prepared to learn German? That might be an important aspect of actually assimilating…


            2. Stephanie Murray

              Need amish to break my horse

              I would like to find a amish boy/man to break my leopard appaloosa. He is 6 yr old pasture pet hes 14.1 hands. He was gelded last summer. High spirit. Just pleasure trail riding. And pulling a cart. I would like someone in union station, nc since it is closest to Marietta SC.. I know an amish man would train him well. Please contact me with prices and availability.

      3. Regina Pruitt


        What time of the year are the Amish Communities open for the public to visit them and buy seeds and vegetables and etc. from them?

      4. Wendell Ferrell

        Why not start more Amish communities?

        I’d like to start another Amish community & teach them the secrets of health. I’ve learned how to prevent & reverse ALL diseases-using natural means!

    2. Hi Anna, I agree–I am actually an NC native. It’s funny that we’ve had a community 25 years but 95% of Tar Heel natives probably don’t know anything about it.

      It is a small settlement of course, and has remained that way, which is probably a big part of why. Land is probably too expensive, but would be nice to entice some Amish to settle near the Triangle!

      1. JOHN




        1. Amish near Durham NC

          Hi John, the two closest communities to you are probably the Union Grove NC Amish outside Winston Salem, and the Halifax County VA Amish. Both are quite small communities; the Union Grove group has at least two nice stores (Shiloh General Store and Windsor Country store) and I believe you can have lunch at the Shiloh store, which mainly carries food items, jams, jellies, sweets, deli meats, cheeses, etc.

          The Windsor Country store has some foodstuffs but has a wide range of other items including books, fabrics, soaps, home amenities, etc. There are around 30 families in the Union Grove community.

          1. Richard Taylor

            Hamptonville, NC Amish

            I just recently discovered the Shiloh General Store located next to Shiloh Church on St. Paul’s Missionary Baptist Church Road off Windsor Road near Hamptonville in Yadkin County, NC. This is probably the same community you refer to as the Union Grove, NC Community. But since Union Grove is in Iredell County and the Windsor Road community (with two stores) is in Yadkin County, perhaps you should make a distinction between the two communities. The Yadkin County Visitor’s Guide mentions the Amish Community near Hamptonville, but it took talking to the nice folks (Ella and Bill) at the North Carolina Mountains Welcome Center on US 421 just east of Wilkesboro, NC to find out exactly where the store was. On my first trip down Windsor Road, I actually drove right past it, because it was sort-of hiding behind the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church on St. Paul’s Church Road, just east of the junction of Windsor Road and Shiloh Road. The actual address of the Amish owned Shiloh General Store is 5520 St. Paul Church Road, Hamptonville, NC 27020, so to again to lump this area with Union Grove may be misleading to those trying to find it. They two area may be regarded as part of the same in the broader view, but for descriptive purposes, it may be better to refer to them as two separate communities, as they are in two separate counties.

            I was very impressed by the Shiloh General Store on a March 2013 visit and bought several food items. I will return from time to time, as I travel the area. BTW, they do take credit/debit cards there.

            1. Forest

              Try the donuts, if they have them when you visit next.

              It can get a little crowded on Summer Saturdays, so we usually go during the week. It was folks from this community who started the Amish church at Yanceyville, and they were quite interested to hear that we had started another church there, even if it is a Mennonite, not Amish church.

              It’s a pretty area; we often keep going up 421 to the Boone, NC area. I’m glad you found your way there.

            2. Posy Kinsey

              Finding You.

              Spent several days looking for your store. Finally hit upon a google site that led me to you. We are coming to Taylorsville, NC the week of May 5th and will be coming up to the store during that week. Do you have a sign that points to your store on Highway 421? We thought that was how we found it the last time but no sign…so we couldn’t come and see you. Plus no one in the area seemed to know about your store. Maybe a few flyers or info in Wilksboro where we went to ask. Also Registered on the internet as an Amish Store or a Meninite store would help.

              1. Forest

                Locating Shiloh Store

                As I recall, the easiest way to get there is: From NC 421, turn south on Windsor Rd, which runs off 421 just west of I-77. Travel south, passing a couple other Amish businesses, farms, and a winery. You will come to an crossroad where ST. Paul’s Church Road will be to your left, along with a church on the corner. Turn left on St. Paul’s and the store is on the left. It is visible from the crossroads.

                1. angelina


                  Do you know the name of the winery and other business so I can google addresses? I’m traveling over 3 hrs to visit the community and stores. Is the community easy to find so you can drive thru it?

            3. Amber

              Thank you!

              This was super helpful. I want to visit the stores this weekend.

          2. Charles E. Miller

            The Miller or the Millar Family

            My name is Charles E. Miller, Jr. and my wife and I live in Chesapeake, Virginia. I am a former Southern Baptist Deacon and now belong to the United Methodist Church. My late father was born in Bertie County near Colerain, North Carolina. There are two traditions in my family: one says that our family came from Scotland; the other says we were from Germany. I was an exchange student to Germany in 1974 and speak High German fluently. My ancestor who was born in 1710 and purchase a thousand acres in 1734 that became our farm, Jonathan Miller or Millar, spelt his name the Scottish way; therefore, I think we are Scottish. However, my father said a phrase when I was a boy that indicates German influence. He would say: I am going to throw you with a rock. In High German that would be: Ich werde Sie mit einem Stein bewerfen. That is almost a literal translation. I noticed there were Amish in Moyock. Were there ever any in Bertie County? I hope you will respond. I am curious about this. If you know Hochdeutsch, please write me in that language. Charles Miller,BA,MA

          3. angelina


            Do they allow visitors to come in and see how they live? We homeschool and are studying Amish Communities and wanted to show my daughter the Amish way of living.

          4. Paulette Tillman


            We love Amish soap! We will be in Boone on Monday, and where can we buy a bag of the Amish soap? Thanks!

        2. Karen

          John Amish area

          Hi John! I lived in Yanceyville, NC & there use
          to be a store that sold bulk foods, fresh bread,
          spices, ice cream, crafts & novelty items & some
          handmade furniture made by Amish that lived
          there. It was located at the intersection of 86 &
          158. There was a store in Blanch, NC too.
          Their products were always fresh and the
          people gentle & loving. There was a place at
          Food Lion across the street to park buggies &
          tie horses!

      2. Rebecca


        I actually lived in Moyock for several years, living also in neighboring counties and as far down as Ahoskie – I had NO idea that Amish had settled in the Dismal Swamp area of Moyock, and a bit disappointed there aren’t many other communities nearby. I’ve been told that there were settlements in VA, but haven’t been able to find any more information that that. Any input>?

      3. Nancy Ottilie Bold


        Hutchens Farm Mebane NC Perma-culture refined a settlement population 2 room for more.

        1. Amber

          Room for 2 more

          What is this about? I don’t understand.

    3. Emily D

      Hi! Just wondering does this amish community have alot of converts? Because I live in Shelby NC and I was wanting to join the New Order Amish when I turn 18.(I am 15 almost 16 now) Also do you think you ould get me an amish penpal from that area? If not that is fine. 🙂 God Bless!

      1. Joy


        I was wondering why you wanted to join- that is pretty important. I am a conservative anabaptist and could answer your questions.

    4. Kenny Brandsema

      Hey do you know where this Amish settlement is? I am writing a paper on Amish religion and culture and would really like to take a trip out there. Can you give that information out?

    5. Hi i have had an interest in the amish for several yrs now love reading about them i learned about the amish close to me about a yr ago and i plan on taking a day trip there later. I just love there way of life and there cooking ofcourse.

    6. Sandi B.

      The Beachy Mennonites are still in Yanceyville, NC. They currently meet in the court house. I am a seeker and have been visiting with that group as well as the one in South Boston, VA (Ebenezer Mennonite Church) off and on for a while now. It would be great if there were more members for the group in Yanceyville. From what one of the members told me, the majority of the group relocated to Tenn.

      Humbly His:

      1. C. Hart

        Re: Sandi B. Caswell County Courthouse


        This is regarding a post by “Sandi B.” on February 1, 2011. If still active, at what time does the Beachy Mennonite group meet in the Caswell County (Yanceyville) courthouse?

        I’m not too far from there, and wouldn’t mind taking a Sunday off from my local church to drive there with some friends.

        Thank you!

        C. Hart

        1. Sandi B.

          In response to C. Hart

          Sorry for the long wait for a response. I don’t use the computer much. The Yanceyville group no longer meets at the courthouse. They now meet at the Ruitan club every Sunday. If I remember right at 10am. I might be wrong on the time. I have been visiting with the South Boston, VA group. I will have to double check the time. Both groups are related to each other and are quite nice people. Hope this helps you.


          1. C. Hart

            Hi Sandi,

            Thank you for the response! A user by the name of “Forest” posted new information February 3rd about the Yanceyville group. I hope to be able to visit there soon.

            Thanks again,
            C. Hart

            1. Forest

              Yes, 10 AM is when services begin, and usually we go for about 2 hours, including Sunday School. We generally eat together afterwards. Anyone is welcome.

              Kelvin Good is our pastor, from South Boston. The church there planted this one in Yanceyville, and Kelvin was allowed to leave as pastor there to take up the duties in Yanceyville. If you want more info, you can call me at 336-213-6111, and I’ll see if I can’t help you.


              1. jack myers

                mennonite fomer church in winston-salem nc

                my father alonzo myers sold some property to a mennonite group to build a church,being a good man,the property was sold to these good people for one dollar.they built the church off of gyro drive in winston-salem,and were there for some years,..and then something happened in the church and all the mennonites left..the church is still there and the mennonites are renting it to an african american church,the cemetary is till there and has about five people buried there,i dont know if any mennonites are buried there or not.

              2. Florence

                Life chicken

                Hello Mr. Forest,
                My name is Florence. Do you know of any Amish poultry farm please? Thank you

    7. Brandon H

      Emily D,

      I can get you in contact with them. I know some of the people personally from the New Order Amish church. Me and my family currently attend the Beachy Amish Church here in Hiddenite (Taylorsville) North Carolina. If you want further information; please contact me and God bless you.

      In Christ,
      Brandon H

      1. margaret

        i would like to learn more about their way of living.Are their any people i can talk to in taylorsville?

    8. Moses G

      To Emily D:

      Why would you want to join a closed society? Is there a reason except “I like their way of living?”
      I grew up Amish, and decided to leave so I can finish high school and attend college, and to be able to study the Bible openly and honestly.
      The most important reason for me is for the spiritual atmosphere. To be a part of that culture is to do exactly what the Bishop says, every part of your clothes, and your activities are controlled strictly by the rules and regulations he decrees.
      You would need to get rid of the computer, music, and all other forms of “world” conveniences, including cell phones except when traveling.
      The worst is that they generally do not teach the New Birth, and certainly do not study the Bible on your own. Also better learn to read German.

      1. Emily D

        Moses G

        I have not been on this website in a few years,the reason I WANTED to be Amish were for a peaceful, simple lifestyle. I am 16 now and have been in contact with several amish friends from Ohio. I have amish/mennonite family memebers. That’s why I wanted to be amish. I wanted to be like them. I am in the process of learning P.A Dutch and High German. I know eactly what I would have to give up. BUT good news for you is that I don’t want to be amish anymore. maybe Conservative Mennonite. Hope this helps you understand. 🙂 God Bless

    9. SydneyAnne many questions

      I’ve always been interested in the Amish lifestyle. Simple, self-sufficiant, and extremely spiritual. I know that they are very strict but, I think that is very much a part of the appeal. I’m unsure of the message they teach, is it a loving grace filled faith, or hard core Old Testment?
      The language barrier might be an issue but, from what I’ve seen in the media they do speak English. Would you have to speak German?
      Would they be accepting a of tattoo sporting, piercing scar having, divorcee, who can’t have children?

    10. Sandi B. many questions

      I would think it depends on the district that you chose to connect with. Each has it’s own rules and regulations so to speak.

    11. Hi Sydney Anne, there is an ongoing discussion on some of the questions you ask here:

    12. Laura Frisbie

      Amish butter

      Hello. I buy Amish butter at the Farmers Market in Asheville. Can you tell me if the cows are grass fed? Apparently grass fed cows make much healthier butter.

      many thanks

    13. Grass fed cows

      Hi Laura, I wouldn’t be able to tell you, as Amish practices vary, so may be best to just ask at the source. Some Amish do raise cows on grass but there is no hard and fast practice.

    14. Laura Frisbie

      Any idea how?

      Thank you Erik, you are so kind to reply! Any idea HOW to inquire at the source? I doubt the sellers would know or care.

    15. NC Amish butter

      Hi Laura, sorry for the late reply here, but what I meant was to ask the sellers–I would actually think they would be interested in knowing this information to tell their customers, as more and more people care about this.

      Alternatively you could try to find out where they get their product and then call/travel to the source and ask in person, but that might be more trouble than it’s worth, especially the second option. There is only the one Amish community in North Carolina, and I’d imagine this product comes from out of state, perhaps Ohio.

      1. theresa

        Salisbury NC

        We are going to be in Salisbury,NC the end of this month and were looking for an Amish Store is there on close by. thnk you

    16. Laura Frisbie

      Sleuthing I will do

      Many thanks again, and I shall certainly do as you suggest. If it IS grass fed beef butter, that is a terrific selling point.

    17. josh

      neat culture...

      I just started working for fedex and realized I drive through the union grove amish community everyday, even delievered 2 packages there. Haven’t seen much movement during the day but did pass one buggy with kids in it. I am very curious and want to learn about the community, I love driving through it. I haven’t had time to stop at general store. My ? Is are they open and friendly with visitors?? I feel so peaceful there. White means peace and that’s all I see there.

    18. Julie

      NC Amish

      There is a new couple with 5 children in my community. They came 2 days ago. Mr. Glick has testicular cancer. They came here for aggressive treatment and aggressive diet change to help that treatment. It probably is a last ditch effort for them to leave their community in Pennsylvania to travel here with nothing but hope.

      They are a young couple, Rachel is 26 and Stephen is 29. Their children are 3 months, 3, 5, 7 & 8 years old.

      I was wondering about someone in my area with the same background to give them fellowship, if that’s the right word. They will be here for a month. We are trying our best, but nothing is like being near people from the same culture. I’m probably saying this all wrong but my sensitivity is true.

      I can drive them or bring someone to them. Or, a church or a family near them or something, just something they may have in common with others.

      Any help or suggestion will be much welcomed.

      Gastonia, North Carolina

    19. Kim Anderson

      Amish penpal

      My husband and I just got back from Lancaster,PA.
      I loved it and would like toget a penpal from there.
      Can you help me?

    20. Mark Biernat

      Amish bucking the trend of north to south migration

      Only one settlement in NC is amazing. North Caroline has great farmland and rolling hills. I think the Amish like to be buck the trend. When the whole USA is moving south, the Amish are settle up new settlements in the North, and I do not mean North Carolina.

    21. I visited that community many times when I used to live in Winston-Salem. They have a great store there called Shiloh General Store and most in that community are very nice people. They have had a few converts, in fact, the family that used to own the store were converts who recently retired and sold it. They still live in the community. As a matter of fact, David Luthy who Erik mentions in this blog, has a son who lives in this settlement.

      As for those seeking penpals, your best bet may be to write an open letter to The Diary or Die Botschaft asking if anyone is interested in being a penpal.

    22. Sandi B.

      Web page maintenece

      For some time now I keep having the “subscribe to” column of articles showing down the top middle of your page in one long strand. It was on the left hand side of the screen. I could not find anything out of place on my end, but it is still there. Sorry to post the request to fix it here, but I could not find a contact phone or email. It blocks almost all of the pages of your website and I am unable to read the articles. I wasn’t sure if anyone else was having it pop up on their screen as well. Could you or someone else pass this along so it will get fixed. Thank you.

    23. Solution for column in middle of page

      Hi Sandi, the reason you are seeing the sidebar column in the center of the page is probably because you are using Internet Explorer version 6.

      From what I understand IE 6 has created a wide range of problems for web people b/c it demands many special fixes to properly display web pages that would view normally in any other browser. It was apparently a pretty buggy version of the browser.

      As I understand many have stopped supporting it altogether. I just read that US usage of IE 6 is only around 2% and dropping.

      I wish I had a quick fix for this but I don’t know enough about web coding to fix IE 6 issues (I am near-Amish when it comes to solving computer bugs 🙂 ). I will ask someone who helps me with this but in light of the low % of IE6 users I don’t know if I’ll get a response.

      I would recommend upgrading to IE 9, the latest version, and the problem should disappear. Firefox and Chrome display the site fine as well. Upgrading will probably eliminate any other display issues you might encounter on other sites as well.

      1. Sandi B.


        Thanks, that did the trick. I don’t always know when the versions change. That was all it was. 🙂

    24. Joseph


      I would like to learn more about the amish life style, im so sick of the technocratic society. I live in Greenville NC. I’m 20 years old. is it too late? i’m very intelligent and willing to pass on knowledge and unite with like minded people.

    25. Katia Singletary

      Good evening

      I found this website online. First, I apologize for my English as it is my second language.
      I am attending the Art Institute of Raleigh Durham as a photographer. I have a final project in my editorial class where I have to produce a National Geographic magazine.
      I thought about during a photo essay/documentary on Amish people in North Carolina.
      Would I be allowed to come to the community? Would I be able to photograph people there? Would I be able to spend some time with the same family to really get to know them and how they live?
      This assignment is for the purpose of school only. It will not get published and I would not put anything on my blog unless I get authorization from you.
      This is a subject who interested me profoundly and would love an opportunity to tell a great story.
      Let me know if that would be something I would be authorized to do. I have gone and travel to many differents countries like Malaysia, Costa Rica, Italie, Spain, and I know how to respect people while photographing. I could meet with someone prior if someone needed to meet me in person.
      Thank you for letting me know!

      1. NC Amish photographs

        Hi Katia, Amish do not generally consent to photographs up close or posed, but photos from a distance, unposed, or when one’s face is not visible are generally tolerated, though not all Amish would agree to that either.

        See these two posts for more:

    26. Kim Anderson

      Reply to letter

      My husband and I go to the Amish town alot,I don’t know if the Amish would let you photograph them or not.They are very modest people.

    27. bobby harris

      amish in NC

      hi erik. i am in statesville born here in this historic civil war town i seen some amish a few days ago but now i see they are wearing bright color clothes they used to wear blue and black i dont know why or whats happen but i always have been afraid to say hi or anything i have never spoken to anyone amish. or got close enough to them i dont know if we have amish in statesville area or not i like to visit and learn more about them see how they live and what they do. it would be a way to understand who they are i have alot of respect for them. where will i find them or how can i learn more about them and meet them without being afraid of going near them

      1. Amish in Statesville area?

        Hi Bobby, there is no need to be afraid of the Amish, they are human too. As to your question about Amish in Statesville area, see the article on this page, this will give all the info on that topic–it’s why I wrote it 🙂

    28. bobby harris

      amish in NC

      thanks erik for that information somehow you said about an article i cant find it on the page you mentioned can you direct me where to look and maybe i can find it. i want to know more about them than anything i can think of

      1. Bobby by article I just meant this very web page on North Carolina Amish, just start at the top.

    29. Vickie Brannon


      What would be the nearest Amish community near Jacksonville, NC? Also, do you think they would allow someone interested in converting to stay/visit for a week? Where can I go to find out about this and who would I need to speak to? Thank you.

    30. brianne valentine

      i am from pennsylvania living in nc so i have seen them and been around them very nice people i so miss the food my stomach is growling just thinking about it i would love to visit the amish great food great ppl great followship what more could u ask for

    31. Crystal Blaisdell

      settlementment suggestions

      Hi Erik,
      thank you for all the information on the Amish in North Carolina. I, personalty, did not realize that there where different settlements and store located here. Where I live in the small town of Zebulon, mostly Wake County, but I actually live in Franklin County, the taxes are cheaper and the land prices are reasonable.around here, it is mostly country life and is about a 25 minute ride to Raleigh.
      I sincerely hope that this information is helpful to any Amish looking to settle here in North Carolina.
      Thank you.

    32. bobby harris

      amish in NC

      hi erik its been a while since i been on here well here is one thing i watched a tv program two of them about the amish in several places i found so interesting about them, and one tv program called amish out of order wow what a life these young guys did they took off from thier communities to experience smoking cigarettes and drank beer i thought HUH… noway they would be shunned from their families, another tv program called amish the life and faith of the people very good one. it should be seen by those here who posted about wanting to be amish they need to watch these programs again when they put it on tv it will give them that inside idea of life in the community before they choose to become amish. i still have not been able to talk to some of the amish i seen lately guess they were busy shopping and head home to thier farms oh well maybe next time it might happen hope all are doing well take care and stay in from the terrible heat out there

    33. Shylie Sagar

      NC Amish Communities

      I lived in both the Union Grove and the Yanceyville communities as a young girl. In fact, I was in 3rd grade on the first day of class for the Yanceyville Amish school when it first started, probably in ’94 or ’95. I have so many wonderful memories of both communities and it was a very sad day when the Yanceyville community and church disbanded. Stumbling across this article made me smile – it’s nice to know that these communities have been acknowledged! 🙂 Thank you!

      1. Glad you found it Shylie…I am from Raleigh originally which would have made this the closest Amish community to my hometown…unfortunately the Yanceyville group was gone before I began learning about the Amish. Interesting to read what Bill writes below.

        1. Amber

          So are they still in the union grove area? I would love to visit, Face to face is so much better than articles. That’s if they agreed

        2. Shylie Sagar

          That is unfortunate! I have no doubt you would have greatly enjoyed getting to know the Amish in Caswell County. A lot of wonderful people! They started with some solid ideas and had a great thing going at first. They had many Amish critics and many naysayers because of things such as bikes being allowed; English used during church services; and openness to outsiders joining (such as my family!) It would have been so nice if all of them could have been proven wrong. 🙁 I am still in contact with quite a few former members there and although it is sad that they are scattered all over the states both in plain and non-plain environments, they are all still really great people. 🙂 I did not know that the few remaining in the Yanceyville area were making any efforts towards a new beginning. That was neat info!

          1. bobby harris

            amish in caswell county and Yanceyville area

            to shylie sager..thats wonderful to hear that i have never spoken to anyone who is amish because i was not to sure if i should even have said anything to them so i stayed back i am from statesville and is saw some come into walmart and i was surprised to see them around i thought HUH amish here in statesville my aunt told me there was some up out on union road so far as i know i havent seen any zi have got some of the amish jelly i gotten at a store near me and there is a amish store out near salisbury nc called Yoders market wow never been there got to go sometime well if you are attending thier church keep going to it well for now i will wait until i am able to go out when its a little warm then see where some amish are near statesville i wont go near them but see from a distance. for now merry christmas and happy new year

    34. Bill Rushby

      Caswell Now Mennonite Settlement

      There is a current effort to gather remnants of the Yanceyville Amish and other interested persons into a new Southeastern Mennonite Conference church at Caswell. The new congregation is meeting regularly, and is linked to the Ebenezer Mennonite Church at South Boston VA.

    35. bobby harris

      amish in the carolina area

      hi i heard that if anyone amish goes into mennonite church they are almost related to amish ways almost the same but differs however they are on strict code too same as amish do, they can get excommunicated or shunned same way. now i have never visited a amish or an mennonite church to learn what they do how they do things differently i would like to but dont want to go alone i feel sensitive about going alone i dont know why… i live in statesville area in iredell county and i see amish come into walmart quite a few times i tell you they wear light color with black some just have light colored wear with women wearing the white hair cap or bonnet to cover the back of head i think its interesting with people but amish and mennonites i think sounds different to me what is the most common now these days with the groups that we have out there.

    36. Amy Padgett

      Union Grove Settlement

      Union Grove Township was established in 1865. It has been around a lot longer than a quarter-century. I have lived near there all my life. It is a beautiful place.

    37. Forest

      For anyone interested, Caswell Mennonite Church meets every Sunday at the Central Caswell Ruritan Club at 820 County Home Road, which runs off NC 86 in Yanceyville. Sunday School is at 10, worship at 11, and we generally have a meal afterwards, fixed by the ladies in the church. Currently about 30-45 attend on any given Sunday, depending on who is visiting, sick, or out of town. Just last month we were given regualr congregation status by the Southeastern Mennonite Conference, and are now their only chuch in NC (the rest are in Va. and WVA.) Everyone is welcome, and I do mean everyone. We’d love to see any of you.


      1. Forest thanks for sharing this. You’re not too far from my NC home; I probably ought to visit sometime.

        1. Forest

          We’d be glad to have you. Call me at 336-213-6111 if you need more info

    38. Bill Lamb

      Greenhouse, Amish built, Statesville area

      My wife and I had looked at a few small greenhouses at Lowes and Home Depot. Size 6×6 to 12×12 A friend has an Amish built tool shed he purchased in Union Grove, I was wondering if anyone built Amish quality small greenhouses in my area that were affordable. Thank you.

    39. Wayne Ritchie

      Amish Wagon in need of repair

      I own an Amish Wagon that was built in 1973. It is in need of some repairs. to the front left side and the windows. I live in Rocky Mount NC and was wondering if there was anyone in my area that could help me fix my buggy. Thank you Wayne Ritchie

      1. Teresa S

        Sam Yoder's Store :)

        Sam Yoder’s Store
        Miller Bakery
        Thomas Peachy dairy
        John Esh was the Bishop
        Rufus and Mary Ann Hosteller where our wonderful neighbors (they had chicken house’s)
        Peachy’s baked also
        Esh’s built the Gazebo’s you could see them from the highway

        Living in the heart of the Amish community was the most peaceful time in my life.

        1. Shylie Sagar

          Teresa, you must have lived there sometime around the same time I did because I recognize all these names and businesses you mention. 🙂 Your post has brought back such wonderful memories! 🙂 Although we first met the Amish there around ’90, we didn’t move there until ’92. We left in ’95 and followed John Esh, as well as quite a few other families, to what was then the new church/community of Yanceyville. My family lived very near the Thomas Peachey family and my mom worked in their bakery for a time. I stayed overnight with them so many times that I got in the habit of waking up at 5 am with the Peachey children to go out and help with the milking. We are still in contact with them today, after knowing them for a total of 21 years now. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your memories and reminding me of mine. 🙂

    40. Monica

      Mooresville NC area

      My friend and I will be in the Mooresville NC in May and are wondering if there are any Amish stores that anyone can recommedn in the area.

      We wouldn’t be opposed to driving a distance but are more interested in trying to find something in the Mooresville, Kannapolis or Concord area.

      Any help would be much appreciated.


      1. Richard

        Amish Store in Concord, NC

        Dear Monica: Yes! Try “Pike’s Amish Country Store” at 796 Concord Parkway North, Concord, North Carolina 28027, phone: (980)248-1455, website: Nice selection, but I hate that they no longer carry “shoofly pies” or “whoopie” pies. They do have locally-made “schnitz” or dried apple pies (“Mauldasche” in the dialect), but for real schnitz we go out to a country store. The area was settled in the 1700s by Pennsylvania Dutch Lutherans and German Reformed, mostly from Berks County, PA, and “Dutch” food traditions still remain. The meat market next door has great “zidderli” (souse) and “panhas” (scrapple/”liver pudding”), some ring bologna, but no Lebanon bologna, alas!
        “Frohes un’ g’segnetes Oschderfescht!” (“Happy and Blessed Easter!”)

        1. Monica

          Thank you!

          Richard – thank you so much for the information! We will certainly check out Pike’s Amish Country Store when we get to NC in May. I’ll let you know how we like it. REALLY appreciate your help. If you can recommend any other places in the area, I’d be interested.

          We used to go to Country Boy’s in Mooresville, but haven’t found a place for fresh veggies since they closed that we like.

          Hope you and your family have a Happy and Blessed Easter also.

    41. Forest

      Musical Program May 19

      Hello All,

      I know this is not strictly regarding the Amish, but it may be of interest to some of you. On May 19, Sunday, at 5 PM at the Caswell County Civic Center at 536 E. Main St in Yanceyville, NC, the Shenandoah Valley Chorus will be preforming. It is free and open to the public. If you care to make a donation it will be accepted. Most of the chorus is made up of conservative Mennonites from the Harrisonburg, Va area, and the event is sponsored by the Caswell Mennonite Church in Yanceyville. We welcome everyone to join us in worshipping the Lord in song, and feel very fortunate that the Chorus has decided to stop through here as it travels.

      If you have any questions, let me know and I’ll tr to answer them.

      1. Nancy Ottilie Bold


        thanks for the share I am glad you were able to keep your church in Yanncyville

        Hutchens Farm Herbals
        Mebane NC 27302

    42. David Stanion

      Intro & info request

      I am a 71 yr old, disabled American Vietnam veteran,(I wear spinal supports to stand erect; knee supports to walk properly); I have 2 Honorable Discharges from the Navy; 1 Honorable Discharge from the Air Force; 20 year member of The American Legion; last post commander of now defunct Post (Seven Lakes); member of Disabled American Veterans; member of Veterans of Foreign Wars; Worked documentation in government lab after college; Married under NC Civil Code 50-1; 2. Religious & common law) prior to recent additions to law that invalidated such marriages; never allowed to be a husband to her due to bigotry towards former Catholics; political writer of 4 books & 15 booklets; regular & political poet & songwriter; former member of the New York Academy of Science; member of EAA; Creator of the Zer Nuler number system and manuscript & lexicon; presently work 40 weeks & drive 500 miles weekly to work; professionally trained security officer, now only able to work as security guard; and more, but I tire of this self praise.

      I am interested in learning more about the Amish Community in Randolph County, NC: religious beliefs, ceremonies, community lifestyle; religious services; and Amish people in the county. I would love to visit some time.

      Lastly, I am curious as to why the Amish are listed as being Menonite. I am on the verge of leaving Christianity; have read the Koran, and am seeking cause to remain within the Christian community. There is a 38 year history of being held guilty of a crime I was never even informed I was accused of committing; no charges were filed, no trial, no conviction. Yet Christian communities, especially the Quakers, made life hell for me with their condemnation without notification of any accusations. I am seeking to join a Christian society that practices Christian beliefs, rather than using excuses & silence to play god condemning the innocent to horrid ostracizing and police hounding (Police cowardly go around in the community using bogus PIN printouts to isolate, alienate, and force out their victims, who are targets of the Gavin de Becker Corporation of stereotypers (Profilers). Enough said. Your turn.

    43. John


      Do you know why the Lowders came to Caswell County, NC? Were they part of the now defunct Yanceyville Amish community? Are they in some way responsible for it being defunct? They don’t seem Amish. They use all the technology, have live-in girl-friends, are racist, etc.

    44. David Stanion


      What is your source of information against these people?

    45. Timothy Coblentz

      I am looking for a amish girl for a relationship. Do you have any information like website for this one??? Thanks.

    46. Don Wilson

      Looking for an Amish or Mennonite carpenter


      I live in central North Carolina. Can anyone refer me to an Amish or Mennonite carpenter?

    47. Bonnie

      Amish horse and pony trainer

      I am looking for an Amish trained pony. I met someone at An Amish horse sale from Rockwell, nc, but cannot find his card.

    48. Patty Vasquez

      There is a new Amish settlement they are trying to establish in Cleveland County/Rutherford County. I am guessing along the county lines. In Polkville NC at the crossroads of hwy226 and Stagecoach Road they have been selling baked goods and butter for at least the past few months. The young man selling the baked goods(which were made by his wife and sister in law- and were delicious) said they were from Tennessee. He trains horses and there is a furniture shop. He lives in Rutherford County and said some families live in Cleveland County. I hope they are sucessful in getting well established.

      1. Thanks for sharing this info Patty. Any idea how many families and how long they’ve been there? And did you have any idea what affiliation they might be? (Tennessee has several communities with the largest being the very plain Swartzentrubers at Ethridge).

        NC is my home state and has had only a limited Amish presence, so this is quite interesting to hear.

    49. Patty Vasquez

      Though the Amish gentleman was very friendly I was hesitant to ask too many questions. I had heard Amish were selling goods at the crossroads in Polkville on Saturday mornings, he referred to it as a park but basically a it is a large shaded lot where folks are permitted to set up yard sales etc. He had traveled by horse and wagon, other Saturdays a black buggy was there.
      A friend who has friends in the area told me some Amish had been looking to buy land and Amish have been seen shopping at Walmart in Shelby.

      I love visting the Amish Country in Ohio and the Union Grove area here in NC. It will be interesting to see how this develops.

      1. Thanks for the additional details Patty. This will give me even more reason to make a road trip detour on the way to say Ohio or even a day trip by itself coming from Raleigh. I was last in Union Grove in 2014. Nice little community.

      2. 16 Families Now in Rutherford County

        There are now at least sixteen families between Ellenboro and Hopewell. They are plowing fields, building houses and barns and selling produce on Saturday. A few also doing horse shoeing, are breaking horses and selling tack.

    50. Al in Ky

      I don’t have any specific details, Erik and Patty, but I do know that in The Budget newspaper June 21 edition, a scribe from Ethridge, Tn., wrote that one of the Amish bishops from the Ethridge area plans to move to Ellenboro, N. C., by August. I looked on the map and Ellenboro is near Polkville. So, I’m thinking that this may be the same group you are referring to, Patty. If so, they would likely be Swartzentruber Amish.

      1. And thanks Al for the additional clues here – you’re on the ball as usual! So sounds like it may be Ethridge people.