We’ve got a winner today for the subscription to the Pinecraft Pauper.  Sorry it’s a bit later in the day than normal-I’ve been laid up with a fever trying to get healthy before Xmas (unfortunately, the weather where I live is nothing like Florida’s!).

But first, if you didn’t catch them, we had some interesting comments from “Pinecraft insiders”:

Susan wrote:

My husband grew up in Sarasota. He lived there for 50 years. Last winter we visited and I was able to see the Pinecraft community. It is very unique. It is like stepping into a small city right in the middle of a very large city.

Michelle shared:

I have lived in Sarasota for 45 years. As a child I remember seeing the old horse and buggies going through Pinecraft. Pinecraft is a peaceful place with big hearted people that have their soul in the right place!

And Pauper editor Sherry Gore offered this tidbit:

One aspect I like best about putting this paper together is the diversity of its readers. Among our subscribers are several New York Times best selling authors, professors, truck drivers, a Kentucky Derby race horse owner, Old Order Amish farmers, homemakers, Amish Mennonite bishops, a nanny, a historical library in Ontario, a publisher in Brooklyn, NY, and at least one Amish parochial school teacher. You get the picture. It would be safe to say approximately ninety-eight percent of our local readers are Old Order Amish.

sarasota siesta key beach

Pinecraft is full of "beachy" Amish. Siesta Beach is a 15-min drive from Pinecraft

I have tallied up comment entries (1 per entrant) and extra votes via Facebook and blogs, and have run the random number generator at random.org.  And the winner:

Comment #58, Monica

Congratulations to you Monica.  Let me or Sherry know where you’d like your subscription sent.  For anyone who didn’t win, here is how to get ahold of the Pauper:

The Pinecraft Pauper is published twice per month, and sells for $1.  There are 10 issues, beginning December 15th and running through April 6th, 2011. For subcriptions send $12 to Pinecraft Village Publishers, P.O. Box 50231 Sarasota, FL 34232 (single issues are $1.50).

Finally, a short excerpt from the latest issue of the Pinecraft Pauper:

Soul Searching

Four preachers were discussing the merits of various translations of the Bible.  One liked the King James Version best because of its simple, beautiful English.

Another liked the American Revised Version because it is more literal and comes nearer to the original Hebrew and Greek.

Still another liked Moffat’s translation best because of its up-to-date vocabulary.

The fourth minister was silent. Finally he said, “I like my mother’s translation best.  She translated it into life, and it was the most convincing translation I have ever seen.”

Do people see a convincing translation when they see us? What do we do with the Bible? Do we apply it to ourselves or do we apply it to others only?

We should all be a living testimony that people can see through us. This is possible with the help of God. What an awesome God we serve.   John Troyer

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Siesta Beach photo by Sherry Gore


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