Amish Stand Robbed At Gunpoint

When you see a crime report about an Amish roadside stand, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking it was someone stealing money from the honor system cash deposits that a lot of these stands use.

amish money slot flower stand

Not in this case, though. From WBKO:

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) – The Simpson County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an armed robbery that occurred Thursday, Nov. 30.

According to a press release, two white males pulled up to an Amish produce stand and requested produce. The Amish man went to retrieve the requested items and when he returned, he was presented payment.

Police say, when the victim made change from his wallet, the passenger pulled a gun and demanded the victim’s wallet.

The suspects fled toward Logan County. The suspect vehicle is a dark, 2-door sports car with a spoiler and dark tinted windows with no registration plate.

The Simpson County Sheriff’s Office asks anyone who sees a vehicle matching the description to contact Detective Duke at 270-586-7425.

 The majority of the crime against Amish homes and businesses does not involve guns, which makes this story unusual.

Example of an Amish produce stand in a different community. Photo: Don Burke

If I had to guess, this sounds like it might be a robbery to fuel a drug habit. Maybe not…but how much cash would you expect to get from a roadside Amish produce stand? Feels like a pretty desperate act. No license plate, but that car seems like it would be pretty easy to identify.

The county is Simpson, but the community appears to be in next-door Logan County (Auburn area). Close to 300 Amish live there, so it’s likely the case that some of the Amish live over the border in Simpson County. This happened in the area of New Salem Road, in the northern end of the county. I would guess these people will be caught sooner than later. Here’s the brief station report:

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    1. As Sharp as a Dull Pencil

      Robbing an Amish person at gunpoint is like using explosives to force your way into a bank when the door is unlocked because the bank is open for business. Yes, these two guys might be high on drugs to do something so foolish, but they are also unaware of the Amish culture. I know criminals don’t plan on getting caught, but using a weapon while committing a crime can add years to a prison sentence.

    2. Central Virginian

      License Plates

      They may put some license plates back on the car when they’re done robbing people.

    3. Non-thinkers

      In all likelihood the “robber” was a dumb local. The vehicle in question was not stolen – simply because the license plate(s) wouldn’t have been removed; why would one bother? The reason, I say dumb is because “it is easy to identify the vehicle in question.” Any straight thinking person wouldn’t pull a robbery stunt like that. Only a dummy, like one on drugs would do something like that!

    4. Joe Donnermeyer

      a study of Amish crime experiences

      Over the past couple of years, I’ve compiled about 250 crime experiences of the Amish from scribe reports in The Diary. Recently, I presented those results at the annual meeting of the American Society of Criminology. The manuscript is now under peer review. If accepted and when published, I will alert everyone who may be interested in the results. The three comments I’ve read so far reflect a general pattern — that is, the Amish are victimized a great deal by people who live in the area. There is a criminological theory called “routine activities” that posits three conditions for a crime to occur: a motivated offender, an attractive target, and a perceived opportunity (also known as low “guardianship”). This Kentucky incident demonstrates all three conditions, in my opinion.

    5. tim

      amish theft

      whether its amish or not…people are having no respect for each other. what has happenned to our countrt..

    6. Beverly

      Today’s world is filled with evil and it is not limited to evil against the Amish. We live in a retirement community and teens & criminals are constantly preying on these communities. Stealing holiday decorations, deflating and puncturing tires, steal packages that have been delivered, following seniors from the bank and robbing them. In many cases, the police consider these minor offenses (except for robberies, cut rarely are they caught…?) & do little to assist or add security to the older communities.
      One day these evil folks will stand before God, & justice will be delivered.