…in case anyone doing last-minute filing might be wondering.

(Tax day, by the way, has been extended from the traditional April 15 to April 18, because Washington DC celebrates Emancipation Day a day earlier than usual this year).

Amish pay all taxes you and I do, but are exempt from Social Security.  They do not collect from the system, though.

However, in at least 2 situations, Amish business owners actually end up paying Social Security.  And in one instance, even Amish employees may still have to pay.  You can read more here: Do Amish pay taxes?

Amish have their own accountants, too.  A few years back I had a look at an Indiana Amish directory and wrote a post on unusual Amish occupations.   At the time of the directory’s printing, the settlement had 3 Amish accountants.


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