Amish Children Build 30-Foot-Tall Snowman

I do believe this is the largest snowman I’ve ever seen. Amish children in Geauga County put together a towering snowman – about 5 or 6 times taller than the tallest child – over the course of several days. Via FOX8:

Resident Hannah Willis said the kids used ladders, shovels, buckets and plywood to create the flat surfaces.

Their creation stands more than 30 feet tall. To give you an idea just how big the snowman is, the nose is a traffic cone.

Image: Scott Reed

That’s some snowman. Quite a feat of snow-engineering. And the vision it took to come up with an idea this bold. At that size, he might still be there in May. Well done children!

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    1. Emily

      Way to go!

      What a large and fun project!!

    2. Lara


      This snowman is absolutely fantastic! Well done Amish kids.