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Finding Amish stores and products

Amish Product DirectoryFrom modest roadside stand selling canned goods to vast retail showrooms harboring acres of Amish-made household furniture, Amish products can be found in a wide variety of venues.  You may have encountered an Amish product while on vacation in an Amish community.  You may have purchased furniture, quilts or other Amish-made goods online.  You may be searching for businesses in a specific community, or the nearest provider of a certain good to your home.

As you travel in Amish communities, you’re sure to notice roadside signs pointing the way down long farm lanes to workshops, retail stores and bakeries often housed adjacent to the Amish home.  Others will refrain from visiting Amish settlements, instead searching for Amish business signs pointing the way to venues selling Amish products online.

Shops Amish Country
Shops in Amish Country

Geographically-ordered listings in the guides included here (organized by state) are meant to make locating a seller of Amish products fast and easy.  The businesses listed here are both Amish-owned (noted when known) and non-Amish dealers of Amish products.  Addresses, phone numbers, and websites, when relevant, are provided.

Some Amish companies may have a web presence thanks to cooperation with English partners, or may rely on an English-owned website to retail their goods. The non-Amish companies listed in these directories typically maintain close relationships with Amish manufacturers, allowing them to cooperate to produce goods in response to changing tastes.

Amish quiltmakers for example create quilts in both traditional styles, but also in more modern designs, as well as related products that have become popular among English customers, such as quillows or patchwork bags.  An Amish furniture craftsman can design a new line of furniture in response to feedback given directly to him by customers, or if he is a wholesaler, channeled via a non-Amish retailer with whom he works.

In this manner Amish companies not only craft products aligned with Amish tradition, but also adapt to satisfy demands of their often highly non-Amish clientele. Interestingly, even those businesses which may seem to be strictly Amish-oriented in fact do a fair share of work for non-Amish.  For example, an Amish buggy shop may also do some restoration of turn-of-the-century era cars (a time when the “horseless carriage” wasn’t so drastically different in design from today’s Amish buggy).  Harness shops may do work for English horse owners, and horse-drawn equipment makers produce implements both for Plain farmers and English hobby farming enthusiasts.

Amish Businesses across America

The landscape of Amish occupations looks markedly different than it did for Amish forefathers of the 18th and 19th centuries.  While agriculture remains a mainstay in many Amish communities, today thousands of Amish households provide a number of goods and services via home-based businesses.  Amish business is a relatively recent phenomenon with roots in the mid-20th century, developing a full head of steam through the 1990s and into the 21st century.

Amish Cottage Business
Cottage businesses such as this bookstore support a growing Amish population

Home enterprises have filled a gap which has arisen due to high land prices and large families pricing many Amish out of the market for traditional dairy farming.  New generations of Amish business owners who, unlike their predecessors, never grew up on a farm, are founding businesses and taking over family firms in what is becoming for some a generational family tradition of entrepreneurship.

An Amish business may be as unassuming as an Amish housewife crafting candles in spare moments between taking care of household and children, to large Amish mini-factories employing dozens of workers and dedicated marketing and sales teams.

Most Amish businesses lie somewhere in the middle, existing as a small-scale means of providing a living for a single household.  Amish businesses may be owned and operated by males, females, or both in husband-wife partnerships.  Most commonly Amish men steer enterprises which employ family or neighbors in a locally-oriented environment.

Hershbergers Amish Bakery
Hershberger’s of Holmes County, Ohio is one of many thriving Amish bakeries

Common among Amish companies are businesses in the woodworking, construction, and manufacturing sectors.  Market stands thrive in the Mid-Atlantic region, typically operated by Pennsylvania Amish in and around large metropolitan areas of Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Jersey and beyond.  Crafts remain a strong sector for Amish females, with Amish women doing skilled craft work such as clothes making or quilting in their spare time and in some cases operating full-fledged full-time companies.

Some Amish businesspeople operate in more obscure fields as well.  Taxidermists, house movers, electricians (yes, electricians), accountants, health store owners, bookbinders, beekeepers and casket makers are all among the less-common enterprises occasionally seen on the Amish landscape.  Though they restrict formal education, Amish have shown a knack for entrepreneurship often coming up with creative ideas for business ventures.

When you buy Amish-made products and services, you are helping to support Amish families who have adapted to a new entrepreneurial tradition likely to persist for generations to come.  Likewise, many Amish-made products will last for generations themselves, offering value for decades to come.

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Photo credits: US Map: NinJA999/flickr; Amish worker figurine: Curious Expeditions/flickr; Quilt: maryfrancesmain/flickr; Amish woodworker: taratara69/flickr; Amish roof construction: wcn247/flickr; Amish scooter: Claude Robillard/flickr; Steev Hise/flickr

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    1. Nancy

      Looking for Fence maker to do job in pittsburgh, pa

      1. Windows by Dave LLC

        Window Cleaners

        We are in desperate need of men to help run our business. We need window cleaners. They need to not be afraid of heights and must be able to handle 32foot ladders. We clean residential and commercial windows. Please call 717.413.5296 and ask for Dave in the Lancaster Pa area. We are a family-owned business and have been in business for 36 years

    2. Glen Miller

      Building construction contractors

      I am looking for contractors –

      1. To construct a shop/barn on an existing 18′ x 30′ concrete foundation.

      2. To erect an onsite kit of 60′ x 70′ hybrid (steel frame/ wood) shop/barn on existing concrete foundation.

      Location is at Pyrmont, IN, 5 mile northwest of Rossville, 15 miles east of Lafayette.

      Thank you.

    3. Matthew

      100% flax linen textiles, socks, bedsheets, kitchen towels, curtains

      Classic beige brown linen fabric, textiles, plain or prints. Sold from Eastern Europe by the meter, can ship large quantities. Great Prices (around $4/yard of fabric). Honest, individual with direct contact to factory. Respond to comment and I will write back or write this email: eastlinen … (at) …

      1. Judith L Hatt

        I can’t see the website or anything about purchasing?

    4. Marie Hanna

      Bathroom Remodel

      Hi all,
      I am looking to remodel my bathroom in Twinsburg, Ohio.
      Thank you.

    5. MIke Rivera


      Looking for 2 walls added to a rental home and installation of a 3/4 shower stall. This will be needed in Denver/Aurora Colorado. Please advise of any
      that can help me with this project.


    6. Grace

      Computer Desk

      To Whom It May Concern,
      I would like to know if it is possible to have a computer desk with hutch made to order. I can’t find anything online with the dimensions I need. If at all possible, can you let me know by email?
      Thank you

    7. Please have references

      Looking to build home liberty kentucky, having trouble finding contractor.

    8. Tim

      Tree Service and Removal Contractor

      Looking for a tree removal contractor at Indian Lake, Central City Pa.

      Thank you.

    9. Melanie A Lawrence

      Boat Upholstery

      Looking for upholstery work to be done by the Amish in Schoharie County or surrounding area.

    10. Wendy

      Harness Shop

      Several years ago we traveled to Liberty, KY to an Amish harness shop. The gentleman who owned the shop made biothane bridles and dog collars while you waited. He also had a large inventory of horse related items. I would live to have his address or phone number. We have lost his business card.

    11. Blair Lear


      Looking for a fence builder for 4200 ft of 3 board fence.

    12. Activley looking for one or more seamstress to sew on bags, purses, and other items

      I am actively looking in the SE Wisconsin / N. Ill area for seamstresses to do sewing work repairing items. Can work in own home/shop. My business is growing and I am looking for a seamstress that no how to do quality work. My family has used Amish construction help for a year in Central Wisconsin, hope this resource can help with this need as well. I am happy to send pictures / bring samples to show what I need. This work would be on all types of materials often including very expensive leather items.
      Hope some can help.

    13. J. H. Thomas

      Seeking builder

      I live in E Lansing, MI, and am seeking a builder for an “on-site”built shed—dimensions: 14 x 18. Site pad is installed. Yard features will not accommodate delivery of prebuilt shed. Shed will have windows and 2 doors-front opening, side double doors for ramp.

      Please call:

      Thank you,


      1. Sister Su

        Barn near East Lansing

        I recommend that you contact BC Barns- Bontrager Construction. They are only about 20 miles away from you, near the village of Shepardsville. I used to be part of their church before I moved out of state, and I can highly recommend the quality of their construction. Their family was a wonderful blessing and help to me in many ways. If they are not able to help you, they will know who else in the community who refer you to. They were raised Amish, although the Ovid-Elsie Amish community dissolved close to 20 years ago now. I am not sure I have the most recent phone number, but you can get some information here:

    14. david

      contractor / Builder

      I am looking for contactor to build a barn and also excavator to make a path or area with gravel or limestone for my sheep’s, I am in Lapeer , MI

    15. looking to do business with local Amish communities in Niagara county NY

      I have heard that certain Amish communities have embraced some technologies like battery operated tools. I am looking to make contact with local Amish communities to see if we can mutually benefit each other. We operate a boatyard and marine service shop in Olcott, NY. I am looking to learn from the Amish, which my family has some roots in and to offer whatever I can that interests them. I am also looking for resilient businesses and operations that can help me continue a tradition of creating hand made products from readily available materials and moving away from our catastrophically failing modern supply systems and economy…

    16. Anna Skaarvold

      Southwest Virginia Sewing Machines


      I have 2 sewing machines in working condition (1 treadle, 1 electric) I want to donate to a local community of Amish. The treadle it a 1900’s Singer, I restored and have used to sew a few items on. The electric is a Kenmore made in Japan (in a nice cabinet). It has cassettes for stitch work, but is a work horse with straight stitch. I restored this machine as well.

      I live near Blacksburg Virginia.

      I do not know how to contact an interested party.

    17. Paul

      Fence on 10acres

      Ready to hire Amish Crew to build my fence in Kaufman, Texas

    18. Larry McIntyre

      I am looking for a roller mill for horses that is operated with a gas motor

    19. Linda Worth

      Cleaning lady in Otsego County, NY

      I am looking for a cleaning lady for our house in Otsego County, NY. It would be for vacuuming, dusting and light cleaning twice a month. 1 bathroom, no bedrooms to clean. Thank you!


    20. Rebecca Denhoff

      Amish Windmill Builders

      I am looking for an Amish business to construct an Aermotor windmill and tower to pump water from my well. I am located on a farm in western Virginia about 3 hrs or so from Lancaster Pa. The people at Aermotor said that there was probably someone in the Amish community who could do this and might be interested in this project. Please call at 540-529-5188 or by email at
      Thank You

    21. Judd Van Dervort

      Walnut Tree Removal in Central Virginia

      I have heard there may be Amish tree removers in central Virginia (Lynchburg area) who would place value in having the wood from 4 large walnut trees and so might price the removal of these accordingly.

      Thank you,

    22. Kelly


      Hi, good afternoon.

      My husband and I are looking for puppies to join our family. Would prefer something smaller. Mixes okay. Don’t want to spend too much, can have a transporter pick up. Thank you for any leads. Can email me

    23. Connie Smith

      Looking for Flemish Giant RABBITS

      in the Windsor MO area. Looking for a trio of breeding age. Papers not necessary. Call 417-644-3309, send a PM. or write Connie Smith 460 east patterson st, sulphur springs, ar 72768

    24. Robert Steele

      Hand-scraping hard wood floors

      I am looking for someone to handscrape the existing floor on the first floor of my home in Pittsburgh, PA

    25. Change in UPS pickups for Amish Community

      Good morning,
      My name is Faith McKinney and I am with USPS. I have customers in the Amish Community whose businesses have been dropped by UPS for pickups for their packages. I am with United States Postal Service. I would like to know how to work with business owners in the Amish community who need pickups for their businesses. My phone number is 317-919-9467 or 1-833-877-7249 ext. 63837.

      Thank you,
      Faith McKinney
      USPS Inside Sales Rep.

      1. Ricky Weaver

        Fake Scam

        Dont fall for this scammer, they call and email folks pretending to be with the USPS when in reality the USPS doesnt call or email folks!

    26. Joanie

      Home Care Aide- North Jackson, Ohio 44451

      Looking for female long-term home care aide for elderly woman 6-8 hours/day ,5 days per week. Cooking, bathing assistance is needed. Light housekeeping/laundry.

      dated: 11/30/2022

    27. Amish in Australia.



      Please note, I live in Australia. Years ago I knew of a very small Amish community in Nabiac, NSW, here in Australia. I bought some of their items, which were very well made. I want to buy more of their items but they have moved from Nabiac. Does anyone know their current Australian address, or have they returned to live in America, please? Does anyone know and can they (you) advise me here, please?

      Andrew D’A. E. Bush.
      3/518 Armstrong Street North,
      Soldiers Hill. Vic. 3350.

    28. Interior Doors 32"x80

      Years ago I was on a job and we installed beautiful window made by, m I think, Eli Esh from Elizabeth Pa.
      If your still working please contact me,
      Thank you!



      1. Sister Su

        Advice for Jacob Cline re tents


        If you really want to get a reply regarding your tents, I would recommend going in person to the Amish community you mention, stopping at any Amish business and speaking with them in person. They will be able to direct you much better to the people who can help you. Most Amish people do not use the internet, and especially most of them do not use this website. So I’m sad to say that your very specific notice here is just not that likely to be found by the people you’re searching for. It’s rather like the needle lost in a haystack. You’ll have much better success if you directly contact any Amish business in the same area or community where those folks live. This website does provide business listings for many Amish communities, and that could probably help you find some nearby addresses. But I have had success just driving to local Amish communities and looking for their business signs. They always put signs out front saying what they have for sale, or what they make.

        Another option would be to put an ad in the national edition of The Budget newspaper, printed in Sugarcreek Ohio. That is a weekly newspaper read by almost every Amish household. If you choose this option, make sure you have some method of contacting you that is not email. Most Amish would prefer to contact you either by writing you a letter, or secondarily by making a phone call. Most Amish homes are still not allowed to have phones, but some Amish businesses are allowed. Every community is different in this, and things are slowly changing. I hope you have success in finding the help you need!

    30. Harold Goodman


      Your directory is excellent.
      However, none of the categories tell me where I can buy Amish related books by and for the community.
      You could also mention the Budget and similar things.

    31. Ruth Aquila

      tree removal

      i looking to have a big tree removed. can you do that.

    32. Joe

      home repairs

      I would like to get a quote on siding and windows. I live in Mayville wi. That is located in Dodge county Wi. But I would like to have the Amish do the the work.

    33. Thomasanna Hail

      Linen Fabric

      Are you still selling this?

      1. NAVYA

        Fabric of your need

        Hello, we are manufacturers from India and have been exporting Linen and yarn for Amish since last 20 years.
        We look forward to know your demands for linen??

    34. James McGregor

      Hickory Nuts

      Looking to buy shelled and in-shell hickory nuts. Please email if you sell or know someone selling. Thank you.

    35. Loretta Dorce

      Antique cushion machine & Antique shoe last for sale

      My dad was an upholster & I have his antique cushion machine. It makes cushions for chairs, couches, boats, RVs, & up to twin bed. Its done manual. I have my grandfathers shoe last he had a shoe shop. These are both over 100 years old & in excellent condition. Please call or email me if your interested. I live in Arizona. 928-565-7375 I don’t have a cell or text.

    36. Labels for packaging and promotion

      Kansas Labels is a growing company distributing an expanding variety of labels for your branding and packaging needs. I would love to quote a project and do business with you! – Donya

    37. Jjuuko Michael

      I want join Amish people, I have been reading about them when I was still high school, I like farming and in expert and experience in organic vegetables farming.

    38. Pinky

      Looking for a machine to open nuts

      Looking for a machine to open fibrous nut. Was told that Amish community has such machine.

    39. Gary

      Sheeps milk and cheese.

      Is there a Amish community in OK that sells sheep’s cheese and sheep’ milk.

    40. Kevin O'Donnell


      Senior couple looking for housing on an Amish farm. We don’t smoke or drink and have no pets.

    41. Carroll Cradock

      Loom repair

      I need someone to repair my 8 harness floor loom–it is not too complicated–I just cannot do it. I am in the West Loop of Chicago 60607

    42. velma craven

      looking for carprn6ters

    43. Pattie Johnson

      Soap with tallow

      Can you tell me where to buy this?

    44. Robert Bruce Bergdahl


      I need someone to make 15 sets of exterior shutters for my 1847 farmhouse. I have the mounting hardware. They will have two flat panels in each of them as the original ones did.

    45. Melissa


      Hello I’m looking to add an addition n garage to my home. I’m a foster mom and I just took on a few more kidos and we need room bad. Thanks you

    46. Daniel Herschberger

      Job seeker...

      I’m looking for a temporary job for about 3 or 4 weeks in Pinecraft Florida. I’m 22yr old , Amish, and have worked on a construction (mostly roofing,polebarns,decks,ect )crew for 6+ years. Would be open to about any kind of work.
      Arriving in Florida around Feb. 1st.
      If someone knows of any temporary job opportunities, could you please let me know?
      Thank you!!

    47. Cliff Worden

      In search of

      Looking for someone in the Pontotoc Amish community that makes custom made Gloves for Men.

    48. Lisa P

      Driver Available for Lancaster

      Hi I’m a fairly new driver serving the Aminsh Community and families, based and located out of Lancaster County, PA. In willing to accommodate for any and all of your requests needs. I am always available for you no matter the time of day. Please contact me for further details, information and rates 484-787-4510

    49. David W.Reese

      Trying to locate an Amish cobbler near me in Watertown, NY……would like contact number or their email address.
      David W. Reese

    50. J.J. RODRÍGUEZ

      Hay Amish sabáticos en Hispanoamerica?

      Estoy interesado en contactar con Amish sabáticos en Hispanoamerica; si los hay en el sector del Mundo mencionado.

      Reciban un cordial saludo desde España.