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Illinois is a state long home to the Amish. As of 2020, there are 20 Amish settlements in the Land of Lincoln, with a total population near 8,000.

By far the state’s Amish population is dominated by the Arthur community, centered around a small town in central Illinois not far from the cities of Champaign-Urbana as well as Decatur, and likewise within a reasonable drive of Springfield and Peoria.

There are also other Amish communities throughout central and southern Illinois (though relatively few in northern Illinois in range of the Chicago area).

However, Amish builders will commonly travel for work. The “norm” is in the range of up to 90 minutes to 2 hours in one direction, though it may vary by business.

Amish building companies in Illinois

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Note: If you are a Chicago-area homeowner in search of an Amish builder, there are Amish communities in southern Wisconsin and northern Indiana which are located closer to Chicago than most of those in Illinois. In that case you can check our listings for Indiana Amish construction and Wisconsin Amish builders.

Amish construction companies typically do all manner of building work, including general construction and contracting, framing, masonry, roofing, siding, remodeling, building garages, storage buildings, pole barns, and more.

As in other sectors, you’ll find that companies specialize in one or two areas, though there are some that will provide the full range of building services for new projects, either completely in-house, or often with the use of subcontractors.

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Amish Construction – Illinois

Central IL (Arthur, Illinois Area)

The Arthur area is home to Illinois’ biggest Amish settlement. The local community, founded in the mid-1800s, has a population today approaching 5,000 in size, making it the nation’s eighth-largest.

The settlement is centered around the pleasant small town of Arthur, spreading out for many miles in each direction across the flat lands typically farmed for corn and other crops. The area holds an annual Amish Country Cheese Festival, for over four decades running now. You’ll also find auctions held in this community.

While farming remains as an occupation for some, the Amish in the Arthur settlement are highly entrepreneurial, with furniture and cabinet shops common. There are also a good number of construction-related companies.

Here are several which you can contact for services. Some do general construction, while others specialize in areas like concrete and roofing.

Schrock Builders & Roofing
Reuben Chupp
370 N. CR 200 E.
Arthur, IL
(217) 543-2707

Willard Helmuth Construction
Willard Helmuth
1702 CR 2300 N
Arthur, IL
(217) 543-2730

An Amish buggy makes its way down the road in the Arthur, Illinois settlement.

Wilson’s Kitchens & More
Willard Helmuth
1702 CR 2300 N
Arthur, IL
(217) 543-2408

Jess Concrete
Myron Jess
2589 E CR 1450 N
Humboldt, IL
(217) 235-2166

Other Central IL

There are a number of other, much smaller Amish communities in the central Illinois region.

Pinecrest Construction
Emanuel Gingerich
9721 E. Lasswell Rd.
Cuba, IL
(641) 664-1379

Beachy’s Custom Windows
Simon Beachy
801 15th St.
Smithshire, IL
(309) 325-7195

Southern IL

Southern Illinois is also home to a number of Amish settlements. While none are nearly as large as the Arthur community, you’ll find a number of Amish builders in the region. Here’s the info on several Amish construction firms in southern IL:

DW Construction
David Wickey
177 CDE Ln.
Murphysboro, IL
(618) 684-6790

Huston Construction
Noah Huston
445 Westerman Rd.
Campbell Hill, IL
(618) 571-2321

Mast Construction
Merlin Mast
970 Rubach Rd.
Campbell Hill, IL
(618) 318-1554

Amish businesses in Ava, Illinois. Photo by Don Burke

Finally, the Ava community is another in southern Illinois where you’ll find a variety of Amish businesses, including construction-related companies.

Shawnee Building Solutions
Richard Jess
132 Bonnie Rd.
Ava, IL
(618) 426-3070

If you’re looking for roofing work specifically, check out our IL Amish roofers guide.

Image credits: Amishman – Wayne Camlin/flickr; Arthur sign – Greg Schechter/flickr; buggy – Castaway in Scotland/flickr

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