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    Amish stores (July 23rd, 2014 at 11:16)

    Amish stores

    What about typical Amish “general” stores? Such as:
    East Drumore Foods
    Little Britain rd
    Quarryville, Pa 17566


    Pleasant Valley Store
    429 Sproul Rd
    Kirkwood, Pa 17536

    I shop store like these quite often, I know listing Farms that sell eggs and produce and such is impossible,We also shop at Amish nurseries too, like:

    Maple Shade Road Greenhouse
    451 Maple Shade Rd
    Kirkwood, pa 17536

    Would be nice for these types of businesses were also listed, not just the tourist trap markets.

    Amish stores

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      Smaller PA Amish stores (July 23rd, 2014 at 12:23)

      Smaller PA Amish stores

      Bill I agree the smaller Amish stores need to be listed as well, though probably in a different section.

      Right now we have a mix of markets/stores above, though a lot of them are of the PA Dutch market model with a number of Amish vendors under one roof–though a few might fit the description, I’m not sure “tourist traps” is an accurate description of a lot of these places. Ideally this would be just the PA Dutch farmer’s market listings with those smaller free standing stores going somewhere else.

      If you or anyone else would like to compile such as list of smaller Amish food category stores I’d be glad to use it to build a new page. I have that on the list of things to do but have not gotten to yet.

      Anyway I appreciate the comment; the reason I deleted the other comment you left is because it was identical info as this, and since these are PA businesses, would rather have it posted here than in the general market section.

      Smaller PA Amish stores

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