New Issue of JPAC (Volume 3, Issue 1) Now Available

Joseph Donnermeyer shares word that the latest issue of the Journal of Plain Anabaptist Communities (JPAC) has been released. If you wanted to make it to the Amish conference at Elizabethtown College this past summer but weren’t able to, this issue ought to be well-received – it features articles from the conference, as Joe explains:

The new issue includes articles on population growth and new settlement formation that were presented at the 2022 Young Center conference “The Amish and Their Neighbors.” (other papers from that conference, on other subjects, will appear in future JPAC issues.) In this new issue, readers will find a description by Edsel Burdge of the so-called Michigan Amish Fellowship, an affiliation of Amish settlements that now stretches beyond the borders of the Wolverine State. Geographer John Cross examines landownership patterns in Wisconsin, while scholars from West Virginia State University, led by Corey Coyler, report in detail on demographic patterns across multiple affiliation in the Greater Holmes County, Ohio, settlement, and Henry Troyer charts fertility across Holmes County affiliations. Thomas Meyers provides a comprehensive demographic profile of the Elkhart-LaGrange Old Order Amish settlement based on his work with decades’ worth of settlement directories. Finally, Mark Dewalt mined Amish publications to determine Amish mortality rates in the twenty-first century. Plus, there are a number of reviews of books about subjects pertaining to various Plain Anabaptist groups, including a history of the Amish and Old Order Mennonite schools and a book about the life and ministry of Mennonite bishop Aaron M Shank.

Access the latest edition of JPAC (Volume 3, Issue 1) here. You can also view previous issues here.

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    1. Emily J


      I love JPAC! Such interesting articles and reviews, including one of James Cates’s excellent “Serpent in the Garden”. I’m always glad when I get the alert that a new issue has published.