4 Children Dead, 1 Missing After Buggy Overturns In Creek

A tragic story out of Kentucky yesterday:

BATH COUNTY, Ky. (AP) — Authorities in Kentucky say four children died, and one is missing, after a horse and buggy carrying an Amish family was swept away while trying to cross a low-water bridge over a flooded creek.

Kentucky State Police say all six people were swept away when the buggy overturned in the muddy brown water in Bath County.

Police say the adult in the buggy was able to reach the bank of the stream and call for help.

Four bodies were found Wednesday and personnel from multiple agencies are still searching for the last missing child.

Image: WYMT

Further details:

Investigators say the accident happened around 4:20 p.m. in the Salt Lick Community near Adams Road, north of Interstate 64.

KSP says an Amish family of six tried to cross a low water bridge when their horse slipped, causing the buggy to overturn. The lone adult was able to get out of the water, but the five children were swept away.

Update: article has been removed on source site.

According to troopers, they entered the water and found it deeper than expected. The horse lost its footing as they were backing the buggy up.

This report is from earlier in the course of events, when only one child had been found. It describes heavy rains earlier in the day. There is a more recent report here but it’s not embeddable.

A local resident described the scene:

Missi Mosley and her boyfriend rushed to the scene on their ATV after hearing the call go out on the scanner.

“It was devastating,” Mosley said. “The waters are so swift and the rain was pouring down. It was just a somber feeling.”

Mosely says at one point there were about 35 people helping search. They plan to search throughout the night.

A 4 AM story update confirmed that crews were still searching for the missing child.

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    1. Elizabeth Ingersoll

      And the horse? Did someone help the horse?

      1. It sounds like the horse was rescued by Missi Mosley and her boyfriend on arriving to the scene.

    2. Geo


      This is a breathtaking tragedy. All because of the unappreciated danger of rushing water. Not only can moving water be unexpectedly powerful, it is impossible to know by looking how deep it is.

    3. Walter Boomsma

      My heart aches...

      Such a tragedy… a time for quiet reflection and compassion. Please, let’s not play the blame game or make comments to prove how smart we are. That’s the norm on Facebook but it doesn’t have to be here.

      1. Geo


        Yes, snarky responses are way out of place.

      2. Overturned buggy

        Mr. Boomsma: It can’t be repeated enough that one should never attempt to cross a flooded river, creek, etc. It ends badly more often than not.

    4. Walter Boomsma

      Yes but...

      Janice Reamer: Since you addressed your comment directly to me, I will reply just once to note that I would not stand up at the funeral of these children and remind people not to cross flooded rivers, creeks, etc. Their deaths are a powerful enough reminder without comment–there is no need or benefit in exploiting the tragedy–intentionally or otherwise. My focus is and will remain compassion and reflection.

      1. Overturned buggy

        Mr. Boomsma: As you said, my comment was made directly to you. It would never occur to me to stand up during the funeral and remind everyone about crossing a flooded river. I was not “exploiting” the tragedy in any way, since it was directed at one person. Your sanctimonious response to my comment was a little over the top. Have a blessed day!

    5. What a Terrible Tragedy

      Our hearts go out to the remaining family members. This is so disturbing.
      I know the other Community’s feel as I. Please reach out to us if there is anything we can do.
      We Pray for you all. God Bless

    6. Debbie

      Tragic beyond words.

      Oh, Lord have mercy on this family! May the blessed children Rest In Peace & may God grant peace & healing to these parents! This story pains my heart.

    7. Loss of Amish children

      May God wrap his loving arms around this family give them peace that only he can give. Praying for them from Ohio..