Have you ever heard anyone make a claim like “the Amish are against technology”, or that they “shun” modern conveniences? There is even the idea that Amish think technology is “evil”. I recall the video for the silly Weird Al Yankovic song, with Amish feet stomping on a pile of gadgets in one scene.

These ideas are out there, and they get perpetuated by television programs, memes, and other media on the Amish. It’s often the first thing that comes to mind when people with casual knowledge think “Amish” – the people that don’t use technology. “Amish” even becomes shorthand for a person in society who is anti-technology.

I find this to be a pretty common misunderstanding/oversimplification.

Image: S.I.

So I just made a video on the topic (I started a YouTube channel for Amish America about 2 months ago – more on that in an upcoming post).

In the video I discuss whether Amish think tech is evil, why they use technology differently than non-Amish do, and differences in different Amish communities.

I also look more closely at one particular example – the car. Why do (most) Amish ride in cars – but (generally) don’t own or drive them?

You can watch the video below, or here. It’s been a fun experience making these, and I hope to get better and better at it (I’m about 18 videos in at this point). I’ll share some more on all that in future. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy.


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