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Amish-made Wagons OHAmish handcrafted wagon are made for different uses. “Little red wagons” are crafted in particular for children to play with and ride in.  Other wagons are used as a decorative accents in the garden, often filled up with flowers, collectibles or pumpkins, making nice eye-catching decorations.

Amish-built wagons typically boast solid construction, crafted with special attention to detail. Sellers of Amish wagons in Ohio can be found in the areas of the Holmes County and Geauga County settlements, within range of Ohio cities such as Columbus and Cleveland.

Ohio Amish Wagon Dealers

PO Box 270
Kidron, OH 44636

4779 Kidron Road
Dalton, OH 44618
Lehman’s provides a range of hand-made Amish products, from kitchen or garden accessories to Amish toys, books and natural goods. Their wagons selection includes four wheel steered wagons, garden decorative or pumpkin wagons perfect for carrying wood, garden produce or children’s toys.

Claridon Barns
13065 Mayfield Road
Chardon, OH 44024-9802
(440) 285-2509
Claridon Barns features Amish-made gazebos, storage buildings, furniture, stoves and kids’ items including red wagons, available in different sizes.

Note to OH residents: Please double-check business hours of Amish wagon dealers listed here. Business locations and availability can change. Amish-owned businesses will always be closed on Sundays; non-Amish wagon dealers may be open. Not responsible for changes to the above information.

wagon photo:Mitchio/flickr

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    1. Juanita

      Steel wheel wagon

      I’m looking for a good used steel wheeled wagon, pioneer wagon or a steel wheeled manure spreader! I would even consider just buying a steel wheeled frame with the running gear intact we can build the wagon floor and sides if need be! Thank you