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Virginia is a state which has seen its number of Amish communities, and overall Amish population, grow in the past decade. As of 2020 there are 9 Amish settlements across the state, primarily in central and southern Virginia. Finding an Amish contractor for your job takes a little effort but can be worth it. To help with that, we’ve put together a guide to Amish communities and building companies in the state.

While this guide is not exhaustive, the good news is that the Amish have generally been attracted to Virginia and the state has seen its Amish population as well as number of settlements rise at a good clip in recent years. Amish builders will travel for work (usually a two-hour range from home is the norm, though that can vary).

Virginia Locations

This puts Amish builders within range of a good number of Virginia regions and cities, including Richmond, Charlottesville, Roanoke, Blacksburg, Lynchburg, Danville, and others. The nearest Virginia Amish community to both Washington, D.C. and the Virginia Beach region is about three hours away, but that does not completely rule out finding an Amish contractor for your job, depending on the project and the builder’s flexibility. That noted, those living in this region might be better served by a more closely-located Amish builder from either Maryland or Pennsylvania.

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We do not represent the Amish builders listed on this page – this is purely for informational purposes. We encourage you to contact the builders listed directly, and be aware that there are more Amish construction companies in the state than those listed on this page. We hope it is of some help in locating an Amish community in Virginia and ultimately a builder for your successful construction project.

Amish Custom Kitchens - Virginia
Rocky Pines Cabinet is located in the Amish community in Charlotte County, VA

Amish do a range of work, including residential and commercial building, roofing, decks, siding, garages, carpentry, additions, renovations, and more. On this page we primarily have companies represented who do general construction, masonry, concrete, and painting, among other services.

Working with an Amish building professional

You might have some questions before hiring and working with an Amish construction-related company. First of all, how do Amish do their work – do they use modern technology? Despite what some people might think, Amish do not do all their work “by hand” – that is, they use modern tools. In an Amish workshop, not on the public electric grid, these are often powered by alternative sources, including hydraulic and pneumatic power.

On the job site, Amish will use conventional electric tools like saws, drills, and so on, plugging into available power sources as needed. This is permitted and normal in many Amish churches. Amish have adapted to the realities of business and providing services effectively for their customers. If you’re curious, you can read more on Amish and the use of electricity.

Amish builders image: Bruce DeTorres/flickr (cropped)

You might also wonder how Amish get to the job site? Typically Amish building companies will have a non-Amish driver as an employee. He may be a part of the builder’s crew, but also responsibly for driving the work truck. This is what allows Amish to travel well beyond typical buggy range and is acceptable in many Amish churches, except for the most traditional.

Amish builders take payment in the form of cash, checks, and in some cases credit cards. Most have phone numbers where they can be reached directly, and increasingly, Amish builders will use cell phones and smartphones, to be more easily accessible for their customers. The arrangement in some Amish churches is that these phones are used for business purposes only, and after the work day is over, they remain somewhere outside the house and out of access.

VA Amish Builders

Here is a listing of Amish builders in Virginia, primarily in the state’s largest and centrally-located community in Halifax County. There are general construction companies as well as businesses specializing in specific services like masonry, painting, and concrete.

Byler’s Painting
Henry Byler Jr.
1048 Talley Loop Trail
Halifax, VA
(434) 454-7052

Coblentz Construction
Joe Coblentz
2064 Cloes Ferry Rd.
Nathalie, VA
(434) 454-1190

J & M Concrete
Jesse Gingerich
4097 Hunting Creek Rd.
Nathalie, VA
(434) 454-7478

Construction lumber - VA Amish
Nathalie Metal & Lumber in the Amish settlement in Halifax County, Virginia.

Miller’s Construction
Joni Miller
2196 T.N. Snow Rd.
Nathalie, VA
(434) 454-6969

R & R Masonry
Robert Coblentz
1010 Morton Ferry Rd.
Nathalie, VA
(434) 454-4102

R Gingerich Masonry
Robert Gingerich
4145 Clarkton Rd.
Nathalie, VA
(434) 349-9656

Nathalie Metal & Lumber
1158 Doctor Merritt Rd.
Nathalie, VA 24577
(434) 349-9070

Rocky Pines Cabinet
2638 Germantown Rd.
Charlotte Court House, VA 23923
Custom kitchens, cabinetry. 

Where do Amish live in Virginia?

Besides those on the list above, you might look for an Amish builder in another community in the state. Amish are found in several locations throughout the state. The oldest Amish community in the Old Dominion lies in Giles County, tucked away in the mountainous region near the town of Pearisburg. Amish from Maryland began moving to Charlotte County in 1997 and now comprise a small but thriving community. These Amish would drive the same gray top-style buggies as the Amish of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

As mentioned above, the state’s largest community, with around 70 Amish households, can be found in Halifax County. The aptly-named Farmville in Prince Edward County has attracted a rapid influx of Amish from Lancaster County in the past several years, and as a result has grown to two congregations in size. Virginia has several other small Amish settlements, including a New Order Amish community in Pittsylvania, and a small settlement in the unique Burke’s Garden valley in the Appalachian western end of the state. You can find more extensive information on Amish in the state here.

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