Amish Bird Houses – Ohio

Amish-built birdhouses and birdfeeders in Ohio

OH Amish Bird HouseBirdwatching is a favorite hobby of many Amish, and Ohio is home to many Amish birders.  In Ohio you’ll also find numerous Amish businesses producing bird houses and feeders.  Some Amish sell their products direct to the public while many market their products through retail outlets.  Find an Amish birdhouse/feeder seller in Ohio in the directory below.

Amish Bird Houses and Feeders – OH

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Akron area

Cedar Outdoor Furniture & Gazebos
8229 Old Canal Lane Northwest
Malvern, OH 44644
(800) 488-2588
Cedar Outdoor Furniture & Gazebos features a wide array of products such as gazebos, outdoor furniture, bird and animal houses and feeders, including some Amish-made.  Amish made models including hanging, fly in feeders, double dine and drink feeder, bluebird feeders, blue bird houses, wren houses, eastern nestboxes, downy woodpecker nest box, owl, robin, wren nest boxes and more.

Online Amish Furniture
141 South Kansas Rd.
Orrville, OH 44667
Online Amish Furniture carries a full line of Amish furniture and woodworking. Some hand-woven bird houses available.  Online sales.

Berlin area

Berlin Gardens Gazebos
5013 Somerset Road
Berlin, OH 44610
Bird feeders available.

Cincinnati area

Hillside Birds Nest, Fabric & Books
35 Port Road
West Union, OH
A broad choice of bird accessories including birdhouses available.

Cleveland area

Claridon Barns
13065 Mayfield Road
Chardon, OH 44024-9802
(440) 285-2509
Claridon Barns provides Amish-made yard products including birdhouses, lighthouses, chicken coops, rabbit pens, windmills, log cabin bird feeders, bridges, arbors and more.

Amish Avenue
36393 Mills Road
North Ridgeville, Ohio 44039
This store carries an extensive selection of Amish made birdfeeders and bird houses available in dozens of options. Gazebo, covered bridge, barn, lighthouse, mercantile, or primitive barn shaped bird feeders available as well as birdhouses such as church shaped, birdhouse with porch, outhouse, plain, moose shaped, log cabin, 3 room cottage birdhouse, red barn or cedar roof varieties.

Detweiler Woodworking
17621 Nauvoo Road
Middlefield, OH 44062
Some Amish-made products including birdhouses and bird feeders.

Columbus area
21431 State Route 278
Nelsonville, OH 45764
A vast array of hand-made birdhouses and feeders available, from small rustic wooden hangings to large bird feeder & storage combo models. Birdhouses with many rooms for bird families available as well.

Mansfield area

Jollie Primitives
322 Garver Rd.
Mansfield, OH 44903
Unique handcrafted birdhouses and feeders available in a variety of styles including nautical lighthouse shaped birdhouses and feeders, the potato pitchfork birdhouse, country church barnwood birdhouse and more.

American Made Treasures
322 Garver Road
Mansfield, OH 44903
(419) 756-1941
American Made Treasures provides a broad choice of hand-made birdhouses including the century old barnwood church birdhouse, woven bird house with copper roof, one-hole two roof barn wood birdhouse and many more.

Ohio Handcrafted Accents
2850 Biddle Rd
Crestline, OH 44827
Ohio Handcrafted Accents features a nice selection of birdhouses and bird feeders, available in a variety of designs such as the Amish country Rustic log cabin bird feeder with stone rock chimney, Amish buggy birdhouse with cast aluminum wheels, galvanized functional birdhouse hat, and more.

Amish Wares
322 Garver Road
Mansfield, OH 44903
Amish Wares provides a range of Amish made products including bird houses and bird feeders, such as the small pine wren bird house, slant roof birdhouse, rustic hanging bird feeder, rabbit birdhouse, finch Birdhouse, Amish handcrafted covered bridge birdhouse, log cabin bird house with rock chimney, acorn bird house, galvanized functional birdhouse, Amish Country wren house, mailbox butterfly birdhouse and many more.

Tin Barn Star
mailing address:
322 Garver Rd.
Mansfield, Ohio 44903
Tin Barn Star features only on-line sales. They carry an extensive selection of Amish-made products including birdhouses and feeders that come in a broad choice of designs such as the primitive bluebird birdhouse, A-framed barn wood birdhouse, outhouse birdhouse, farm barn and more.

Note: Please verify business hours of Amish birdhouses dealers listed here. Business locations and availability can change. Amish-owned businesses will always be closed on Sundays; non-Amish bird houses dealers may be open. Not responsible for changes to the above information.
bird house photo: davidwilson1949/flickr

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    One Comment

    1. Belinda L Renny


      I so enjoy my birds. We fee all year. I finally have nesting wrens but the birdhouses are not their favorites, store bought and I think it is as a last resort the Male Wren sings until the female relents to a lesser made birdhouse
      I like the white loft and estate loft birdhouse with the acid treated copper roof (patina colored).
      I live in Bowling Green Ohio so I’m not sure if it’s something I need to come and purchase or order. Thank you.